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    Moms Get Hung Up On Teens Hanging Ten (incest, mom/son, slow, subtle drug)

    Moms Get Hung Up On Teens Hanging Ten
    by DiscipleN

    Chapter 1

    "I gotchu, Mommy! I gotchu!" Arnold Michaels tugged on his yarn lasso. Holly Michaels was surprised more by her son's behavior than the simple loop he had dropped over her head and shoulders. "You're fifteen, Arnold." She reminded him but giggled saying it. His silliness was infectious.

    "He's so adorable." Jean Peralta squeezed the handle of her tea cup as she gushed with unexpected frivolity.

    "I'm 'dorble TOO!" Race Peralta popped his head out from under the table cloth. He had been hiding from Arnold. He was the Navajo. The three youngest boys present: fifteen, fifteen, and fourteen, had taken classic roles.

    In addition to the native, Arnold was the sheriff, and Oscar was the bandit (not so secretly waiting to ambush anyone who dared to go from the dining room to the living room). The fourth boy, Jeffery, wasn't anything. Seventeen, he sat at the table, drinking hot chocolate, thinking that his brother and friends looked ridiculous playing a silly kid's game. He was listening to the mothers chatter. They sometimes talked about sex stuff.

    The mother of Jeffery and Oscar Hughes, Carol, gave Arnold a tiny smile below heavy eyelids. "What are you going to do your Mommy, now that you got her, Sheriff?"

    "I'm gonna 'rrest her!"

    Jean, Race's mother, joined the pretending. "What for? What crime did your Mommy commit?" She winked at Holly.

    "Uh-" Arnold pouted while he thought. His mommy was really good and nice.

    "Mommy!" Race tugged on the hem of his mother's knee length skirt. "What about me?"

    Jean didn't skip a beat. "Shhh. Navajo are silent hunters, Race. If you make a fuss, the sheriff will catch YOU!"

    "I want to be the sheriff." Race grumbled. He wanted to arrest HIS mom.

    "I got this, Jean." Carol bent down and lifted the dangling tablecloth. She peered beneath, across from the kneeling boy. "Race, there's a wildcat stalking about under here. Only a Navajo can flush it out. You'll win your Mom's heart if you can catch it and pet it."

    Race looked behind him. Carol was a real pretty lady, not as pretty as his mother, but his eyes zeroed in on the cleavage revealed as Ms. Hughes bent down, boobs dangling behind her thin, yellow linen blouse. His mouth formed an involuntary O.

    Above the table, Arnold had remembered. "Mommy won't let me eat any more cookies!" Upon arriving, he'd gobbled six from a jar Carol had presented. His mother cut off his supply with a curt, "Leave some for the other boys."

    This time the women were meeting at Carol's home. Holly and Arnold had arrived minutes behind Jean and Race. The mothers tried to chat in person as often as twice a week.

    They had first met on a research forum for parents of children with a specific, genetic anomaly. The forum included parents from all over the world, and the forum software utilized the most advanced, real-time translation technology to help facilitate their serious discussions.

    Although the anomaly was identified in the '90s, its expression wasn't researched until recently. Other, more dire and less political, genetic traits took priority. When funds were finally made available to study the anomaly, the majority of scientists involved shared the opinion that the odd DNA sequence, found only in a Y chromosome, was more puzzling than dangerous, but the researchers who had male children were more motivated to figure out just what it was doing besides the obvious. The gene, known as "1473194115" was critical in the production of testosterone and other androgens.

    In short, "1473194115" made testicles grow twice as large. The penis was unaffected according to the original study, but some researchers worried that the original scientists had been pressured to keep measuring tools away from that naughty bit. Nobody could deny that the testes were oversized, but because the penis wasn't affected as obviously. Studying it was discouraged.

    The other piece of the "1473194115" puzzle was, puberty was delayed by a couple years. This sounded an alarm in the medical community and among world leaders frightened by declining fertility and birth rates. The new study conducted a world-wide screening of DNA samples to identify pre-pubescent children with the trait.

    Carol, Holly, and Jean received emails from their various insurance agencies, inviting them to join the program. They were three out of a dozen parents in their city who logged into the study's online forum. The majority were asked to record their sons' behaviors and take measurements of testes and sperm production, the latter only for the first year of puberty. Semen samples could be dropped off at participating hospitals, but that was entirely optional. A subset of the test population were asked to bring their sons in for monthly exams.

    As a social group, the participating parents were largely shy. Most were embarrassed to be on the forum and contributed only the information requested, submitted privately. Many asked questions on the forum. All had joined out of concern for their sons. A brave and bold few took to building community among the members - through empathy, optimism, and humor. That upbeat minority included Carol, Holly, and Jean. When they discovered they lived in the same city, they immediately sought to meet in person.

    "Oh, so you're going to arrest me in order to get more cookies?" Holly gave her son the stink-eye.

    "Um, it's too late for that, Mommy." Arnold beamed. "I have to take you to jail now."

    "You can use the hall closet. There's just some old coats hanging there." Carol raised her hand from her bent down pose and pointed in the closet's general direction.

    Holly rolled her eyes but played along. She stood, careful not the tear the yarn looping the top of her bosom. Her son lead her away from the table, beneath which Race finally stopped ogling Ms. Hughes' cleavage.

    "Wildcat?" He looked around.

    "Be very sneaky, Race." Carol put a finger to her lips. "You don't want to spook it."

    He shook his head no. But where was it? He wanted to make his mommy happy, and for her to be proud of him. Race's pout alerted Carol to his dilemma. She pointed to Jean's legs, then she spread her knees slightly as an example.

    An O returned to Race's lips, this time from epiphany.

    When small, warm hands touched her bare legs, Jean suspected her good friend hunkered below the other side of the table. "Carol?" She called unhappily.

    The gathering's host popped back up, smiling. "Yes, my dear?"

    "Why is Race reaching up my skirt?"

    Carol made a shocked face. "Could it be because he's looking for a pussy?"

    GACK! Jeffery almost spurted hot chocolate when he heard his mother's saucy reply. He froze up, embarrassed.

    The women blushed. That didn't stop Jean from retorting, "The cat seems to have caught your son's tongue."

    "POW! POW!" Little Oscar shouted, pointing his finger gun at Arnold. "I shot you, Sheriff!" He had leaped out, ambushing Arnold and his captured mother on their way to the hall closet.

    Arnold squawked, "No you didn't! The sheriff is the good guy. I'm supposed to shoot you!"

    Oscar fought back a youngster's tears. His lower lip trembled. "That's not fair."

    "Sheriff Arnold." Holly told her son. "You were shot, fair and square, but it doesn't have to be the end of the story. Now fall down, and maybe some fair maiden will heal you." She raised her hands in surrender to the wicked bandit, Oscar Hughes. "I am your prisoner, Mr. Bandit."

    Arnold grumbled at first, but when his mother mentioned a fair maiden, he thought that could be fun. Maybe not as fun as taking his mom to jail, but he glanced into the dining room, where two, better than fair looking women were blushing. He sank to the carpet and sprawled wounded across it. "Aaarrrggghhh!"

    Jean squeaked when she felt her son's hand reach between her thighs just above the knees. He was trying to spread her legs. A giggle squashed her concern. Silly boy. She patted his head.

    Carol's attention had snapped to her youngest son when he declared, "…not fair!" She witnessed Holly defuse the situation and watched Arnold fall to the carpet. Whereupon, he glanced at herself and Jean. It seemed as if a fair maiden was needed. Carol winked at the prone Arnold. She stood from her chair to attend him.

    "Damn." Jeffery regretted not playing with the younger boys. They sure were getting a lot of sexy attention from their mothers. He wondered what they had spiked their coffee with. He tried to get himself to join the fun but felt like an outsider wishing he hadn't thought he was above their silliness. One other thing compelled him to avoid his brother and the other boys, but he didn't have a name for it. Certainly, it wasn't cowardice. Jeffery was the oldest by well over a year, and he was strong and athletic, a far cry more manly than the other boys' and their slightly delayed puberty.

    At Jeffery's right, around the table, Jean squeaked and squirmed in her chair. His mother, Carol, went to Arnold and leaned over the teen's sprawled form. "Oh my! The sheriff is wounded!" Arnold opened his eyes and smiled. He saw two big boobs dangling within Ms. Hughes' thin, yellow blouse. The attractive woman reached down and pulled his wrist. "Let's get you somewhere where you can heal." She indicated the living room's couch.

    Oscar had tied yarn around Holly's wrists, adding to the lasso around her shoulders. Holly cried softly, "Where are you taking me, you villain?"

    "To my secret cave." He led her into the hallway, to the closet, and abruptly, what was suppose to have been a jail became a cave.

    "What are you going to do with me?"

    "I'm gonna pillage you, Ms.Michaels."

    "Oh dear, that sounds devastating!"

    Oscar opened the door for her, and Holly put on a brave face before entering the dark recess.

    "I have to rescue Mo- uh, my prisoner!" Arnold lurched up from the couch, but Carol pushed him down upon its cushions. "Sometimes, the sheriff doesn't get there in time. You're still wounded." She sat beside his head, raised him up and scooted her butt so he could lay his head in her lap. Her two boobs were suddenly a lot closer, and Arnold weighed rescuing his mom against possibly touching a woman's chest. "Uh, how will I get better?" He asked Jeffery and Oscar's mother.

    "You need some nutrition, Sheriff. You ate a bunch of cookies earlier, but haven't washed them down with milk, yet." Carol grinned and gently shook her shoulders. Not constrained by a bra, her breasts wobbled enticingly. "Do you know where milk comes from?"

    From cows? He almost asked, but then he remembered. A couple weeks ago Carol had said she was donating her milk to a charity. Race had asked where she bought the milk from, and Carol had briefly hefted one of her boobs. Arnold had been amazed to learn that women made milk in their chests! And Carol was special because she continued to pump milk from her boobs years after Oscar had stopped nursing. Suddenly Arnold's sheriff predicament made total sense! Nurses healed people, and milk was nutritious. "Can I nurse on your milk?" He looked up eagerly.

    "Really?" Jeffery overheard Arnold asking his mother to nurse on her. He couldn't believe his ears, and almost got up to confront his mom in the living room, but he noticed Jean had closed her eyes, and her lips made a tight line as if she was in pain. She whined as if she was. Jeffery had to peek under the table to find out what Race was doing.

    The hidden boy's elbows spread his mother's legs on her chair. He was reaching into her skirt with the glee of an Olympic winner. "I think I see you, wildcat." Jean's hands pressed on her son's head to keep him out of her loins. Race giggled. "Navajo hunter is gonna catch you and pet you."

    From down the hall, Holly cried out, muffled through a closet door.

    Jeffery ducked out from under the table and shot up to his feet, pushing his chair away with his thighs. "Mom? What's going on?" He strode into the living room.

    There, his mother had pulled down the vee of her blouse to reveal her left breast. A white dot seeped out of its aureola before the two boys' gazes. Arnold puckered his lips, about to clamp them around the inviting, dark bud of her turgid nipple. Jeffery's unexpected question shook sense into Carol, and she covered up her breast and gulped. "Whoops."

    Another cry from the hall closet sent Jeffery to investigate, having succeeded in preventing his mom from letting Arnold nurse on her. He jerked open the closet door and found Oscar madly kissing Ms. Michaels! His hands were gripping and groping her large bottom cheeks through her pale lavender slacks.

    "Who are you?" Oscar pouted, breaking away from the fun he was enjoying.

    Holly turned bright red, redder than she had been when the fourteen year old had grabbed butt and kissed her on the lips! Despite embarrassment, she found the right words. "Jeffery is the stage manager, Oscar. It's time to stop pretending and go home."

    "No! I don-wanna!" The boy stamped his foot.

    His exciting captive escaped his groping hands and his secret cave. "Sorry, Sweetheart, but that's show business." Holly felt terribly guilty. She avoided meeting Jeffery's stunned gaze.

    Arnold jumped up from the couch, "Mommy!" He too blushed, out of guilt for not rescuing her. They embraced in the living room.

    A minute later, Jean was still struggling to keep her persistent son from grabbing her pussy. He had managed to pull aside her plain cotton panties, shouting "Caught you!" Upon his first but dark glimpse of his mother's thick, brown pubic thatch.

    "Ahem." Carol cleared her throat. She stood in the dining room entrance. Beside her, three blushing boys and a red faced Holly Michaels watched Jean resist her son's hidden actions.

    "Oh, my!" Jean cried and jumped away from the probing fingers, nearly tipping over in her chair. She landed on her feet and Race's pout appeared from under the tablecloth. "Drat." He huffed.

    Little was said between then and a half hour later, when the two visiting mothers thanked Carol for hosting and drove away in separate, crossover SUVs.

    Texts flew between the parents that evening after dinner.

    "What happened? What did you put in the coffee, Carol?" -Jean

    "It's the same coffee we had three days ago." -Carol

    "Did anyone else think it was strange that our boys would suddenly play a kid's game?" - Holly. Her son, Arnold was fifteen.

    "I wouldn't be surprised by anything that teenagers did. When I was fourteen, I was playing a lot more seriously with boys." -Jean. Her son, Race, was also fifteen.

    "They acted and even sounded like much younger kids." -Carol. Her Oscar was fourteen, and Jeffery was seventeen.

    "I kinda liked that. It reminded me of when they were much younger, so animated and playful." -Holly

    "Slut!" -Jean

    "She meant that in a good way, Holly. And I know what you mean. I had fun too, pretending, but we got carried away." -Carol

    "You started it, by telling Race he could find a cat between my legs." -Jean

    "You could have jumped away at anytime, Jean. But you waited until you were caught." -Holly

    "I still want to know … WHY? Could it have something to do with our sons' condition?" -Jean

    "Jeffery was the only boy who didn't play. He doesn't have it, right?" -Holly.

    "Only Oscar has the condition." -Carol

    "I just feel like it affected us, somehow." -Jean

    "We should mention this to the researchers." -Carol

    "What are we going to tell them, that we got all flirty with our sons? Don't either of you DARE." -Holly

    "We've been getting together for more than a month. Why now?" -Jean

    "Good question, Jean. Maybe the effect takes time to build up. As far as I know, we're the only participants who are getting together physically." -Carol

    "Three special boys in the same house for couple hours, two or three times a week, I doubt that's ever happened. The condition is so rare." -Holly

    "It took a special research program to bring us together. You're probably right." -Jean

    "Sooo, when are we getting together again?" -Holly.

    "Are you kidding?" -Jean

    "How about, tomorrow?" -Carol

    "How do we know something worse won't happen?" -Jean

    "Think of it as an experiment. It's not like we got all mind-controlled. We just got a little carried away. I'll tell Jeff to snap us out of it if he sees it happening again." -Carol

    "I can host. Gavin will be inspecting a meat packing plant a hundred miles away, and he'll stay in a hotel overnight. I won't have a car. -Holly

    "Good. I think he made a pass at me after you hosted last week." -Jean

    "You think all men make a pass at you." -Carol

    "Because I'm worth it. <winking emoji>" -Jean

    "He probably did. Gavin and I are in a rut. I honestly wouldn't hate you if you hooked up with him. As long as I got equal opportunity with some hot guy." -Holly

    "Eeew! Puleeze, Holly. Gavin? Gag me. He's nice and all, but I go for less nice when I can get it." -Jean

    "Must be nice to be single." -Carol

    "Oh no, Carol! Are you in a rut with Ricardo?" -Holly

    "We sex-up just fine. I'm lucky to have that, but my libido is a lot stronger. I wear out dildos regularly." -Carol

    "Maybe that's why you were the first to crack." -Jean

    "Stop it, Jean. Pointing fingers isn't our style." -Holly

    "Sorry, Carol. I didn't mean it like that. I'm single, lonely, occasionally sex starved, but I'm glad horniness doesn't haunt me. Friends?"

    "Kiss my wedding ring, and I'll forgive you. <smug emoji>" -Carol

    "Kiss my <butt emoji>!" -Jean

    "It's settled. Drive over to my place, after you pick up your kids from school tomorrow." -Holly

    It would be only the second time that the three moms had gathered two days in a row. None of them suspected it as a sign of things to come. be continued...

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    Re: Moms Get Hung Up On Teens Hanging Ten (incest, mom/son, slow, subtle drug)

    Chapter 2

    Carol had the longest drive to Holly's home, longer if you counted picking up her boys from separate schools. She felt oddly trepidatious about today's get-together, driving slower than normal and giving the finger to other drivers less often. Oscar and Jeffery bantered while their mom contemplated her behavior the day before.

    "I think I dig a girl in my English class." Oscar tried to impress his brother. "She's into old-school metal and Fortnite."

    "Fortnight is getting tired. You should try Valheim. That's punk."

    "Hah, Valheim is just Minecraft with better bricks." Oscar countered.

    Jeffery persisted. "I'm telling you, it's a whole other experience!"

    "You just don't have a girl you want to ask out." The younger boy cut deep.

    "I've dated hotter, real chicks than those wifus you pretend with, but you can't soil a tissue if your life depended upon it." Jeffery played his ace card, his brother's delayed puberty.

    "Not today, guys!" Carol demanded. "Change the subject, NOW."

    Her sons quieted. She had put them in the back seat together to prevent them from fighting over who got shotgun. Sometimes she regretted it.

    Oscar wanted to show that he was ready to get serious with girls. "You'll see. Gwen is a real sweetie. I'm going to ask her out tomorrow."

    "Well, I wish you luck, Brother." Jeffery could be gracious when his mother was present.

    "So." Carol took advantage of the moment when the hurricane's center passed over her boys. "Do you remember what we talked about our guests yesterday afternoon."

    "Yeah, Mom." Jeffery droned. "About why you all got goofy, and I had to pull the plug on your game?" He hadn't so much as pulled it as tripped over it. He hadn't been feeling his usual age advantage over the boys.

    "What did I say about today?"

    "Don't talk about yesterday." Oscar remembered taking Ms. Michaels into the closet and kissing her. It was real exciting, better than the two girls he had actually kissed before yesterday. Oscar had wanted to do more, but his brother triggered the end game before he was ready.

    "Yeah, what was it with you and Arnold and Race? Fricking Cowboys and Indians?"

    Oscar shrugged. "It was just a game. You're just jealous because you didn't get to kiss one of their moms."

    "You were acting and talking like a five year old!"

    "More like ten." Their mother cut in with her estimate.

    "And you had your ti- er, boob out, Mom."

    "Sue me. Should I apologize again?"

    "Ignore him, Mom." Oscar defended. "Why is he even coming? He's not really part of The Experiment." The boy used capital letters to play up the current special attention to his condition. Oscar hated being reminded that he couldn't cum yet. He comforted himself with the thought, "But when I do! Wow!" His outsized testicles supposedly would produce twice as much semen. He didn't want to admit that he had acted childishly, but privately, Oscar had enjoyed the feeling of being a dumb kid again.

    "I didn't want to get dragged into Mom's lame 'talks' either." Jeffery was actually proud that his mom had recognized his 'heroic effort' to stop their shenanigans yesterday. She wanted him around as a safeguard. High school boys live for that kind of validation. And maybe one of the other moms might show a boob, he hoped. Neither were as endowed as his mom, but Holly and Jean had plenty hanging from their racks.

    Girls and video games. Carol's sons returned to the only two subjects they seemed to care about. Driving half way across the city, she had to intervene twice to stop random escalation of taunts. Typical.

    Jean and Race arrived at Holly's place, before the Hughes.

    "Don't ring the bell yet, Mom, please?" Race had cold feet. After yesterday's circus, his mother had sat him down and explained what happened wasn't his fault. He accepted her forgiveness, on the surface, but having groped his mother's pussy, guilt had sunk deep. The worst was remembering how it felt to be as playful and free as a child again. He was a freshman, and the twin stresses of earning peer approval and preparing for college gnawed at his confidence.

    Actually, Race fit in well with other ninth graders. He earned high scores and had started to make friends. However, he couldn't risk them finding out he had played Cowboys and Indians like an elementary school kid. He would have absolutely died if his classmates knew about his delayed sperm production.

    Jean watched her son's internal conflict. She had explained yesterday's silliness as generously as possible. He wasn't broken or weird. She even confessed that what he'd done had impressed her somewhat, for having been so bold. She told herself, tomorrow she would discuss the importance of consent. Jean blamed herself for letting Race get as far as he had between her legs. It hadn't amounted to anything more embarrassing than a few fingers brushing her pubes. Having not said anything and not escaping, could be misinterpreted as consent, but she knew the moment had been a highly subjective moment between good touch / bad touch.

    Jean put on a grin and reached for the doorbell, to tease Race back to reality.

    "Mom!" Race grabbed her arm.

    "Are we turning around and driving home?" The possibility didn't depress Jean.

    "No." The young man scrunched his lips to one side. "I just want to ask, what would have happened -- if Jeffery hadn't broken the spell?" It had felt like playing under a magical aura.

    Jean wanted to answer, In your wet-dreams, Son. After quelling the urge, she told him, "I would be the one responsible not you." She tapped his shoulder. "It's not going to happen again." She assured him.

    Race nodded and rang the bell for her.

    "About time." Holly answered the door a little too quickly. "I was afraid you two were going to drive back home."

    "Watching us through the curtain?" Jean stepped inside, Race following.

    "My stoop. My privilege." Holly shut the door behind them and led them to the living room couch. She had brought in chairs from the kitchen, and her coffee table was laden with pastries, nuts, sliced fruit, and cookies. A tall pot of coffee rested on its heated base. She poured a cup for Jean and asked Race, "Want some?"

    "Um, okay." The teen had tried coffee, didn't hate it. He guessed that all adults felt same way about coffee. It was a useful drug. He wanted to keep his wits sharp, to avoid falling into yesterday's trap.

    Arnold entered the living room from down a flight of stairs. "Hi, Race." He would have said more, except he was fighting embarrassment about the way he and the other boys had acted.

    "Hey, Arnold."

    "Hello." Jean greeted him.

    "Ms. Peralta." Arnold nodded at her. "Mom, can I have some coffee?"

    "I thought you didn't like the taste."

    "Maybe I'll learn to." He'd overheard Race accept his mother's offer of coffee. He sat on a kitchen chair, and Holly poured a cup for him after serving Race.

    Holly and Jean were quick to talk about the latest gossip posted to the forum, boring stuff about why so many members were shy about participating in the website's social discourse. Race and Arnold discussed the latest Switch games.

    By the time food on the coffee table had shrank by a third, the Hughes arrived. Carol, Jeffery, and Oscar joined in with equally guarded behavior. Jeffery was happy to get hot chocolate instead of nasty tasting coffee. He mostly watched the women, wondering what had caused yesterday's mayhem. When one of the younger teens asked a question, he was slow to respond and answered curtly. They tended to exclude him for the same reason he felt superior to them. Jeffery was seventeen, two years older than Arnold the oldest boy.

    The three moms felt like they were going through the motions of communing. While one of them talked, the other two discretely studied their son's behavior. While talking, each felt like they were holding back. It was an uncomfortable first hour. Their talks were typically quite lively.

    Holly took her responsibility as a host, seriously. She jumped up from her chair and howled like a coyote. "What the fuuuuuuu!!" She stepped up onto her seat and swung an accusing finger between her friends. "This is shit, Bitches!"

    The three youngest boys gabbing on the couch froze. Jeffery's jaw opened at Ms. Michaels' last swear.

    "Take it off!" Carol suddenly hooted at Holly. Holly was right. They had been talking poo.

    Jean set down her coffee and shared a high five with Carol. "Bitches got busted."

    Holly didn't pull up her top, but she did wriggle her hips to silent music. Her pleated, purple skirt brushed against the back of her chair. She stuck out her tongue at the boys. "Arnold, take your Nut Mates out back to talk or play or give each other hand jobs. Us ladies need to smoke weed and burn our bras.

    Jeffery's jaw slackened further. He thought their private name for themselves was a secret. Even though he didn't have huge balls, the other boys had granted him special dispensation to be a Nut Mate.

    Arnold gulped at his mother's display but wasn't shocked. He'd seen worse, individual acts from all of the women during their 'Ball Boys Bitching.' Like mothers, like sons. He shrugged and lead the boys outside.

    "Mom?" Jeffery asked after getting up to follow. He paused, having been tasked to keep an eyes on their shenanigans.

    Carol waved him away. "It's not like we're going to have an orgy."

    "What?" Jean looked suspiciously at her forum sisters. "Not one of us is a part-time dyke?"

    An unexpected snort burst from Jeffery's left nostril. He went outside with the other boys.

    When the glass, back door shut, the women quieted in chorus. A heavy silence descended. Holly stepped down from her chair and sat.

    "Oscar's a good kisser, Carol." Holly unexpectedly confessed.

    Carol felt a weight topple from her fears. "I WANTED Arnold to suck my oozing nipple."

    "I fucking orgasmed." Jean huffed.

    "I-is anyone else a little turned on, right now?" Carol dared to ask but hedged. "Yeah, yeah, I'm the biggest titted slut of the three of us."

    "You meant, biggest slut, right?" Jean teased.

    "That too."

    "Could the boys have affected us again?" Holly asked.

    "They weren't acting like children, this time." Jean observed.

    "Girls, I asked my question first." Carol disrupted the more pertinate discussion.

    Jean glanced at Holly. When Holly's eyes met hers, the two women saw it. They were a little turned on, but each knew that Carol was soft pedaling her level of arousal.

    "If this keeps happening, one or both of you is going to call the cops on me for molesting your boys."

    "We'll have to stop meeting." Holly felt tears form under her eyes.

    "We just don't bring the boys." Jean stated the obvious.

    "We can try that next week." Holly felt a little better but didn't like the idea.

    "I'll host. I can send Jeffery with Oscar to a movie." Carol offered.

    "It's my turn." Jean asserted.

    "You can't send Race out to fend for himself."

    "But you shouldn't have to lock him in his room." Holly asserted.

    "He's just one boy." Jean hoped aloud. "Maybe it takes all three of them to mess with our libidos."

    "We can try meeting with just one boy present." Carol relented.

    The back door slid open and shut. Race had stealthed in, eyes darting about. His mother challenged him. "We're talking here, Race."

    "We're playing hide and seek. Maybe Jeffery won't look in here." His young eyes shined a plea to let him stay.

    "Uh," Holly blinked. "I'll hide you." She got up and took her son's arm. "The shower stall in my bedroom should do the trick." Holly escorted her son up the stairs.

    Several minutes later, the back door opened again. Jeffery entered the living room, looking oddly reserved. "Did Arnold come inside?"

    Carol looked at Holly's empty seat and bit her lip. "No, Son. Now go back outside." Her son left without pressing the matter. Jeffery was usually more persistant. When Holly didn't immediately return, the two women stood up and climbed the stairs.

    Holly shut her bathroom door while her son hid in the shower stall. She had shut herself in with him, leaving the shower door open between them. "Arnold, were you really going to suck on Carol's breast, yesterday?"

    "Mommy!" He blushed at the memory.

    "It's okay if you wanted to. Heck, I was kissing Oscar. That's just as bad." After the incident she told her son that he shouldn't blame himself. They had been playing a silly game which had gotten out of hand. That's all. There was nothing to forgive except themselves, and the event was a learning moment for all involved. She had poured bullshit on top of bullshit to help her son feel better about their laspses in judgement.

    Holly didn't recognize the urge within her as she stepped into the stall with her son and began to unbutton her blouse. "If this is what's required to convince you…"

    "MOMMY?" Arnold gasped! "You're taking off your clothes." He said it as if it was a secret between them. His peter lurched in his pants as blood engorged it.

    "Just my top, Honey." Holly unfastened the last button and spread her top open. She was wearing a C-cup, violet tinged bra with a tiny bluebird embroidered on the strap between her breasts. "I want to prove that I wouldn't blame you for sucking a tit." Her mind had decided that her breasts would make the best example.

    She reached behind her back and deftly unhooked the back-strap of her cute bra. "Are you afraid, Arnold?"

    The boy had been shocked when Ms. Hughes offered her milk oozing tit to him, but the experience hadn't prepared him for when his mother shrugged off her bra and presented her beautiful breasts within the starkly lit interior of a shower stall. "N-n-no, Mommy." His voice broke into a higher register. His legs quivered.

    She wasn't much taller than her fifteen year old son, but to reduce her presence, Holly bent her knees until they touched the hard plastic floor. She looked up and lifted both of her boobs to him. "You can suck on Mommy's titties. Would you like that? Mommy wants you to."

    Arnold was captivated. His mother's firm breasts were youthful mounds that added sexy curves to her fairly slim body, slightly wider than her hips. Her areolae weren't especially dark, but against her fair skin, they contrasted nicely. Arnold watched the tips of her nipples harden.

    "It's okay. You don't have to. Mommy will dress and leave you in your hiding place if that's what you want."

    The idea of being alone, abandoned by his mother after offering her firm breasts, felt like the worst option. "Mommy." Arnold fell into his mother's arms and sucked up one of her turgid nipples. Tasting the nub with his tongue was just as exciting as holding his mother's naked torso. His aroused penis solidified in his pants, and his hips pressed it into her knees.

    Holly gasped. "That's wonderful, Sweetheart! You're making Mommy feel so appreciated." She noticed his state of arousal. "Is that your pee pee between my knees? Did it get hard for me?"

    Arnold could only gurgle and hum passionately. He hugged his mommy tighter.

    She didn't press him for an answer, feeling incredibly aroused herself. She wanted to masturbate, but this moment was for her son, to prove that he mustn't blame himself for getting aroused by Carol's larger breasts. Not that she felt that hers were inferior, just different. Holly was confident that she got just as much satisfaction from nipple play as her big titted friend. She cooed from the warm, wet suction from her son's tongue and tight lips.

    Her hands moved on their own accord, however, reaching for the top snap on Arnold's jeans. She had to see it! Every month, she measured his balls and submitted the data privately to the experiment's researchers, but she didn't recognize her transgression in the moment. Holly would have also measured her son's penis, but Arnold was so embarrassed when measured, his penis retracted fully into his groin. This was her chance to see it erect. "Sweet Arnold, you're sucking me so good! Mommy loves how you're making her feel."

    The boy licked, sucked, and gave gentle bites to see if his Mommy's tit could seep milk into his mouth. It didn't, but he was too delighted to notice the top of his trousers part! But when his mother unzipped them and reached within to tug down his briefs, Arnold pulled his mouth off of her breasts and gasped. "Mommy?"

    "Oh, Baby, I-I'm sorry, I can't help myself. Please let Mommy see it, just this once?"

    Arnold felt that he owed her, because she had shown her breasts and had let him suck them. She wanted to look at his wee wee, asking as if doing so was important. Arnold didn't want to deprive her, however much it would embarrass him. He helped her shove down his trousers and underwear.

    Two intruders crept up to the master bedroom's bathroom door. Carol and Jean debated for only a second or two when they heard Holly shout, "MY GOODNESS, ARNOLD!"

    The two moms burst in to help in case there was an emergency. Before either could ask, "Is everything all right?" Their jaws froze open at the sight of Holly and her son crouching in the half shuttered shower stall.

    The instant when Holly sighted her son's fully engorged penis, her hand reached out to verify what her eyes couldn't believe. Arnold's prick was nearly the size of her husband's. What had made her gasp though, was her son's balls. They had expanded beyond their special, double size, as if they were made of erectile tissue - which they shouldn't be! His scrotum strained to contain them, and Arnold actually yipped when his testicles pulsed larger!

    They were at least fifty percent bigger than when Holly last measured them. "That's impossible." Her hand pulled her son's penis to one side, so she could get an unobstructed view of his engorged testicles.

    "No way." Either of the two intruders could have said it. Who didn't matter when Holly finally noticed them. Her head twisted painfully quick to confront them. "CAROL! JEAN!"

    "MOMMY!" Arnold squeaked louder. "They hurt!"

    "What are you doing?" Carol suddenly shouted.

    "Get away from him!" Jean commanded.

    Holly's mental fabrication which had justified her actions, unraveled in that instant. Her hands flew away from her son's crotch, and she leaped out of the stall. "Gods, I don't know!" She answered Carol's question. Holly's bare tits wobbled guiltily. Her son's spit made their nipples shine in the harsh lighting.

    "MOMMY!" Arnold was crying tears, pushing out his hips as if he wanted his balls to drop off of his body. "They really really hurt!"

    "I'll call our research doctor." Jean reached into the pocket of her sweat pants. She had worn them because they weren't a skirt (in reaction to what her son had done the day before) Her phone had a special number to call, in case of an emergency regarding their sons' condition.

    "I-I'll race him to an emergency room." Holly's wits returned as adrenaline rushed into her bloodstream. "My baby!"

    "NO!" Carol unexpectedly rushed into the stall and fell to her knees before little Arnold. "I have to try this! I just need a minute." She looked up at the hurting boy and grabbed his rigid dick. "Auntie Carol's gonna help you." She told him and dove her open mouth over Arnold's jutting cock.

    "AAAA! Mommy, what's she doing?" Arnold surrendered himself to the passionate woman's wicked embrace. Carol began sucking, bobbing her head, and masturbating the boy at a furious rate.

    "CAROL! Get the hell away from my son!" Holly intended to scratch her friend's eyes out! But Jean grabbed her arm. "I think I understand. She's not hurting him." As a neutral party, she noticed that Arnold's last outburst lacked any hint of suffering. She struggled to restrain Holly and asked, "How does that feel, Arnold? Tell the truth."

    "My boy!" Holly slapped Jean's arm, but her friend was much stronger. Jean actually used her gym membership.

    Arnold watched the two woman struggle and would have blamed himself if his mommy got hurt. But he spoke the truth, as his mental state was that of a much younger boy. Children were supposed to speak when spoken to. "It's helping, Mommy. Auntie Carol's naughty mouth is taking away the pain." In fact, the surprise attack on his impressive erection was starting to feel as good as when he masturbated.

    Holly struggled less to free herself. Jean, sensing her friend's uncertainty, released her grip on Holly's arm. "Let Carol finish, Holly. I'll tear her off of your boy if she hurts him in the slightest. Look. It's just a blow job!"

    Holly wailed, "Arnold!" Tears flowed. The boy's mother was struck by competing emotions. She worried that Carol had lost her mind, and her boy would ultimately suffer. Holly also felt a jealous rage. SHE should be the one sucking her son's torrid prick!

    "Oh, Mommy, it's not hurting at all." Carol's frantic sucking was now feeling a LOT better than masturbating. His body was tensing up, readying for orgasmic release. It was going to be a big one, Arnold knew.

    "Th-that's good, Honey. I'm sorry I made you hurt. It's my fault!" Holly sobbed. Her brain concluded that she was an awful mother compared to the unflappable, resourceful, and big-titted Carol Hughes.

    Jean took her friend into her arms. "This is uncharted territory. It shouldn't be happening, and you MUST NOT blame yourself, Holly." Jean emphasized her message.

    "Mommy!" Arnold gasp, his body trembling uncontrollably as the sensation of Carol's sucking mouth and pounding hand drew out the biggest orgasm of his young life. "MAA-AAAHHHH!!" His pelvis lurched, launching his large prick right through Carol's hand. Her fingers peeled away from the shaft which shot fully into her mouth. She gagged on his thick member as its head forced into her throat. Abruptly, globs of semen sprang down her gullet. The hole spraying the boy's hot cum was too far past her taste buds for them to catch any of its flavor. Carol choked and gurgled on the spitting prick. She fought desperately to resist pulling away. She could handle this much from a big cock. She had the experience to believe in herself. Men appreciated a woman who suffered to give good head.

    Two things surprised Carol. First, the boy wasn't supposed to be able to cum. The three friends shared everything they learned from taking their boy's monthly measurements. None of the boys had reported cumming when they masturbated. Second, when Arnold's unexpected ejaculation began, Carol feared the boy might drown her! His special balls when operational were suppose to produce prodigious amounts of semen. Yet, when Arnold's snake stopped spitting, she estimated it was less than her husband's average production which in her experience fell on the low end of ejaculate.

    Holly burst with fresh tears when her friend finished her son's first blow job. He had cried out as if it was the greatest experience of his life. She wanted tear off her clothes and pull his amazing member deep into her body, to prove that she was the woman who would take away future pain from her son's balls.

    She hated herself for needing Jean's hug for consolation. Holly had been ready to go to jail after speeding her son to the hospital. The doctors were certain to find out how she had inflamed her son's special balls. Carol had saved not only her son but her as well. The least Holly could do was mentally stamp out her intense jealously. "Thank you, Carol." The words tasted bitter, but she knew they were just.

    Carol finally pulled off of Arnold's mouthful of cock. She inhaled sharply to save her lungs, and she saw the boy's delirious expression. He must have climaxed like never before. Her heart pulsed with love, upon realizing that her surprising solution had actually ended his suffering. "It was a gamble, Holly. I deserve nothing. I could have hurt the boy worse."

    But she hadn't.

    Jean petted Holly's long, auburn hair while holding her friend warmly. Jean needed a good fucking after what she'd witnessed, and none of her toys at home seemed suitable to satisfy her need. She would no doubt have a sleepless night after achieving a few, weak orgasms.

    "Mommy!" Arnold stepped out of his fallen clothes and ran to her. "I'm sorry!" He joined the hug. His mother told him, "I love you so much!"

    Carol blushed deep red when she exited the dry shower stall. To avoid her friend's amazed eyes, she went to the sink, gargled, and drank.

    "Let Mommy see." Holly looked down. Arnold blushed, but both women had watched Auntie Carol get naughty with her mouth on his penis. He straightened to reveal a half boner and a ball sack which had shrunk to its usual, double size. Holly sighed with relief. "How does it feel?"

    Arnold's orgasm lingered through his senses. He answered slowly. "It's okay." The great stretching of his ball sack, which had hurt so much, was gone.

    "I suspect congratulations are in order." Jean presented a sly smile to Carol's image in the sink mirror.

    "What do you mean?" Holly had missed a critical clue to all that had happened.

    "Your son came down my throat, is what she means." Carol smirked, taking perverse delight from receiving of Arnold's first ejaculation. She coughed again to underscore her achievement.

    Horror and hope conflicted once more in Holly's heart. "Arnold!" She exclaimed. She wanted to throttle Carol, but Holly threw her arms around her son, smothering him with her still naked breasts. Her eyes threw daggers at the woman who had stolen her child's first cum. Carol chuckled.

    "There you are!" Jeffery stood outside the open bathroom door, pointing at Arnold. His arm went limp upon full observation of the scene. Carol and Jean stood calmly but amused. Holly was hugging her son while he gently sucked on her pert breasts. Jeffery backed out of sight of Arnold's balls which were twice Jeffery's size. He felt oddly out of place - unlike his usual habit to confront the younger teens.

    Still his brief presence alerted the women to their responsibilities. Holly buttoned herself up and made Arnold dress. Jean and Carol went to fetch their boys. Each needed time to puzzle through their experience before discussing them. Until his mother told him they were leaving, Jeffery sat in the living room alone, in a confused daze.

    That evening, after dinner, texts flew.

    Congratulations and heartfelt wishes, Holly, on your son's final leg of puberty. -Carol

    I will destroy you, Carol. -Holly
    However, you saved my boy from suffering, so I'll leave you mostly conscious. -Holly

    Hello! Big picture calling out to slut-brains. How the fuck are we going to tell the researchers what happened? -Jean

    I worried about that until I realized, we just lie. -Holly

    I love a good story. -Carol

    I'll tell them that Arnold came to me with inflamed testes. I asked him to try masturbating in private, and not only had did the swelling go away, he ejacuated for the first time. -Holly

    I don't like it, Holly. The reason I signed up was to learn the truth -- and for the bonus money from Race's monthly exams. -Jean

    She's right, Holly. We can't know what information they'll need to discover the underlying cause of the boys' and our behaviors. -Carol

    Factors like - you turning into a horny slut. We found you nursing your teenaged son! -Jean

    Yeah. Well. I'm not proud of that. -Holly

    Why didn't his balls expand yesterday when he was aroused? -Carol

    Just because you have big tits, doesn't mean he was aroused as much as he was today. -Holly

    And he was talking childish again after playing with Race and Carol's boys. -Jean

    They were playing Hide and Seek. -Carol
    As we were leaving, Oscar was acting like a little boy, but he snapped out of it along the drive home. -Carol

    Race was the same. After you two left, I had to slap his hand twice for trying to sneak into my sweatpants. I sent him to his room, but when I called him to dinner he was acting normally. -Jean

    They weren't the only ones affected. -Holly

    You said a mouthful - Hee! -Carol

    I'll make you crawl before me, Cocksucker! -Holly

    So are we going to test if being around only one of them will mess with our heads? -Jean

    I can't imagine it. Individually, we're around one of them all the time. -Carol

    But we're their mothers! -Holly

    …who dangled their udders at the first excuse. -Jean

    …says the single C-cup to double Cs. -Holly

    Children… <eye-roll emoji> -Carol

    How about Tuesday, my place? You both said you could leave your boys to their own devices. -Jean

    Fine. -Carol

    Okay. -Holly be continued...

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    Re: Moms Get Hung Up On Teens Hanging Ten (incest, mom/son, slow, subtle drug)

    Chapter 4

    An hour after school, in the middle of the week, Carol Hughes answered the front door and was greeted. "Hi, Ms. Hughes. I'm here to see Oscar." The teen stood with a mellow expression and was wearing a stuffed backpack.

    "Race?" What was he doing at her house? The Peraltas lived several miles away. "How did you get here? Does your mother know?"

    "Didn't she tell you?" Race suddenly suspected a setup. "Jeffery said you were cool if I slept over. I took the bus from school."

    "He did?" Something smelled foul in the Hughes's home. Carol made a decision she would later regret. "Well come in." She didn't want to make the boy ride for another hour right after arriving. "Oscar's in his room. You know where it is. Um, I'll be in Jeffery's if you need anything."

    "Thanks, Ms. Hughes." Race ambled past her. He felt like he was entering unfamiliar territory. Sure, he knew the Hughes' home's layout, but he'd never slept over before, and Ms. Hughes had been surprised to see him. He wanted confront Jeffery, but she had staked that claim already. So he went directly to Oscar's room.

    Carol swept into her older son's room. "Masturbate all you want, Jeffery. I'm coming in."

    "Mom?" He had been reading about mods for Valheim. He jerked up at her entrance, annoyed by her jerking off comment.

    Carol closed his door behind her. "Did you tell Race to come over and spend the night?"

    "Yeah. Is there a problem? You let my friends crash when we party here."

    "That's because your friends sneak booze in. You know that I know, that you know I know." Carol acknowledged the layers of deceit. "I can't have them crashing their cars and bicycles after partying in our home."

    "Then what's the deal? Oscar's pissed off at Arnold for getting into a fight with me, and I thought, maybe Race will smooth things over."

    "Are you sure you didn't throw the first punch?" Holly's side of the story said he had. Oscar refused to talk about it.

    "I told you, I made a stupid remark about him finally getting a nut, and he went bonkers."

    Carol suspected her son was lying, but it was her job to take his side until proven otherwise. She looked forward to getting a chance to ground him. Not that she often lacked reason to. She smelled a Machiavellian play. However, Carol had a different kettle of fish waiting, which if she didn't fillet soon, would fry her. "You stay put in here. I'm grounding you for the evening - for no other reason that I can't deal with you right now. We'll talk again after dinner."

    "Fine. Whatever." Jeffery pretended to go back to reading. Shit. He'd wanted to shadow her, to observe what happened when two of the Nut Mates got together. His mind churned out scenarios of seeing her big tits or maybe even touching or sucking them. Had she really sucked Arnold's dick? It sounded like a kid's lie meant to provoke, but his mom's sex positivity spurred his imagination to its teenage limit.

    Next stop was Oscar's room. Carol took a deep breath and wondered if she should wear her husband's SCUBA gear before going in. Ricardo would arrive in the next hour or so. She could certainly control herself until then. She ended her internal wrestling with a confident snort. Carol knocked and called, "I need to ask something. Can I come in?"

    "Sure, Mom."

    She found the boys poking through a pile of family board games in Oscar's closet. Her sons had largely forgotten them with all the computer games they could download and play for freemium. (Which is why she denied them access to the family's credit cards, and their online accounts were separate from hers and their father's.)

    The boys turned their heads to her. "Can I stay, Ms. Hughes?" Race asked.

    "Please, Mom?" Oscar didn't want to deal with his brother after Jeffery had punched Arnold. Race's appearance had been a nice surprise.

    "You can have supper with us, Race, but I'll drive you home afterwards. I just wasn't expecting it."

    "Jeffery's a liar."

    "Hush, Oscar. Don't dis your brother."

    "Would you like to play, um…" Race grabbed the top game box from Oscar's closet. "Monopoly?"

    It was another turning point where Carol took the wrong turn. "I need to start dinner."

    "Monopoly sucks with only two players." Her son frowned.

    "We'll let you start with extra money."

    The house mom took it as an insult to her board game savvy. "I don't need a handicap to take you boys to the cleaners."

    Seconds later the three gamers were sitting on the carpet, in a circle. Oscar was unpacking the game. She told them, "We're only playing the original rules, dudes. No Free Parking money stashes." Carol had once heard that mod rules only made the classic game take longer to play. But even a short game would switch the meatloaf she had planned for dinner, for plain baloney sandwiches. If her husband complained, Ricardo could make his own supper.

    "Sure, Mom."

    Carol checked her mood but couldn't sense any sexual arousal in her future. Monopoly was an anti-fetish for her - board games were battles! She checked the boy's maturity behaviors and consoled herself. It's not like they were playing Candyland. She would have run from that mindless horror, to prevent the boys from taking advantage of her while she trembled helpless before it's childish colors.

    Half an hour later, Carol was down to her last two hundred and twenty three dollars. She blamed the boys for conspiring against her by trading only with each other to obtain sets of properties. She'd called foul, each time, but they just giggled. Instead of admitting certain defeat, she doggedly hoped that the dice would save her, like a problem gambler. She threw the dotted cubes and moved her metal race car.

    "Vermont Ave!" Race exclaimed. It had four houses on it. "You have to pay four hundred dollars." To him!

    "Would you accept my get out of jail free card instead of rent?" Carol offered.

    "That's a dumb deal, Mommy. I wouldn't take it."

    "I'm the landlord, Oscar. I get to decide what Auntie can do to pay the rent."

    Race's declaration sent a mild hot-flash through Carol's flesh. "Oh?" Carol inquired with sultry words. "What do I have that you want, Mr. Landlord?"

    Race suddenly blushed hard. "Oscar said you showed your, um, boobs to Arnold, last week."

    "It was one boob, Race. I was being silly, and it happened so quick I doubt he knew what it was." Carol lied. Something nagged at her. Jeffery had stopped her from getting nursed on, that day. She felt his presence was needed, right now. Was it to save her again? That couldn't be right. She had grounded him. Let him stew by himself. She was having fun!

    "I dunno, Auntie Carol. Four hundred is a lot." Race intoned.

    "How about I show both boobs for eight seconds but only to you. Oscar has to leave the room." That was fifty dollars a second, way more than top shelf whores earned. She blushed at her son, but giggled to herself.

    "Aw, Mom." Oscar complained but stood up. He exited and shut the door. Of course, his mother knew he'd glue one ear to it.

    "Can I touch them?" Race asked when they were alone. He loved to press his luck.

    "That's not the deal."

    "I haven't accepted." He stuck out his tongue.

    "Fine, one hand, and only for eight seconds. Do you accept?"

    "Sure!" They shook hands. Race's was a little clammy.

    Carol didn't waste anytime. She had plenty of practice disrobing when the kids were elsewhere and she was alone with Ricardo. Race gaped for a second when Auntie Carol pulled open her unbuttoned top and revealed her large breasts. That was one second that he hadn't felt them.

    Carol expected the worse, but for all Race's excitability and daring, he simply stroked one side, hefted that boob briefly then traced a finger around her nipple. She flinched but was impressed by the boy's careful consideration. It was almost respectable. Her nipple hardened under his gentle touch, and Carol sucked in a breath. "Whew." She eventual puffed. Neither had counted the seconds, but Race got the hint.

    "You're beautiful." He breathed heavily. His hand trembled after letting go, and his dick swelled slowly in his pants. Carol felt her heart soften to the boy. He had called HER beautiful, not her tits. Maybe the boy respected that she was more than two oversized mounds of fat and milk ducts. She had pumped her breasts just as her sons' schools were letting out. Her nipples wouldn't weep again for several hours. Race's hand was as dry as his mouth. "Golly."

    She grasped her blouse's front panels over her bare chest and began buttoning. "You can come in, Oscar." She called him softly. Her son re-entered in a heartbeat. He only managed to catch a glimpse of his mother's cleavage. He had seen that much many times already.

    Oscar got his chance to make a deal a few rounds later. His mom's race car landed on St. James Place. It had three houses. "That's $550, Mommy." He bit his lip, and waited anxiously. His mom had bought Electric Co. last turn, and her cash was down to less than a hundred dollars.

    "Drat!" Carol knew she should just go bankrupt and start dinner, but she kept telling herself, the dice would make things better next turn. This was not her usual behavior. She knew that gambling was fool's game. Then again, this was a pretend game with pretend money. Unfortunately, her altered mind couldn't allow herself to have pretend pride. "I'll give you State's Avenue. With it, you'll have more control of this side of the board."

    "Mommy, you had to mortgage States a while ago." Oscar frowned, but his heart skipped a beat. Race's heart sped up. Would his friend's mother make another special deal?

    "Then what do you want?" Carol waved her hands at her five properties and tiny cash pile.

    "I want you to suck me, Mommy." The youngest blurted.

    "Don't be ridiculous."

    "I'm the landlord. You either pay your rent, or I'll kick you out on the street!" Oscar had seen more than one porno with the premise. He pretended to be as menacing and unyielding as he remembered from those videos.

    Unexpected fear welled up Carol's spine and entangled her heart. Her own child was going to throw her out on the street! "You wouldn't."

    "You have to pay. Take my deal or pack up and leave, Mommy."

    Carol's internal fortitude crumbled. She had lost all connection to her knowledge of how the boys could affect women. Her thoughts were filled with fear of being homeless. "I-I'll kiss it. That's all."

    Race's blood raced. Would Auntie Carol actually kiss her son's dick? He started feeling cheated by only touching her boob. "I'll pay the rent!" Race exclaimed. "I-I-if you kiss my wiener."

    "Race!" Oscar unleashed his abrupt sense of betrayal.

    "Now that - is the offer of a gentleman." Carol stuck her tongue out at her son. Oscar got even angrier. When his mom noticed Oscar was about to lose it, and it hadn't been so long since her youngest would flip over whole game boards, she sighed. "That's really sweet of you, Race, but I'm not worthy of your generosity. Oscar, you have to accept my deal."

    Oscar couldn't believe his luck. "Okay!" His mommy was going to kiss his dick! He would have bargained harder, maybe get his whole, stiffening penis in her mouth. But Race had spoiled that chance. "Race can't watch." He declared. His mother blushed. "Of course."

    Race took it better than expected. "I'll get a drink." He figured it wouldn't take long for Oscar's mommy to give him a special kiss. She didn't really want to. What mommy would? He shut them behind him and passed through the dinning room. Race remembered how his mommy hadn't really stopped him from fingering her pubes not two weeks ago under that very table. His dick grew a little harder, but it didn't show much behind his jeans.

    "Well." Carol dared her son. "I'm not going to open your pants."

    Young Oscar's red face darkened. He was determined though. Too excited, he had trouble unbuttoning the waistband of his shorts, but he unzipped them easily enough. The boy stood up on his knees and stepped around until there was room for his mother to kneel in front of him. "You have to kiss it six times." He told her as he pulled down his pants and boxers. The boy's penis wobbled out not fully hard but growing fast. His balls were almost as large the other special boys, but he was a year younger.

    "That wasn't my deal."

    "You didn't say how many times."

    "Why six?" Curiosity ate Carol's dignity.

    "Because you can't kiss it five and a half times." One hundred dollars per kiss, he implied.

    Carol felt fresh shame but also unreasonable pride that her son would prize her kisses as more valuable than the most expensive whore's. She suddenly wanted to do more than kiss the pretty thing raising it's one eyed head and decided to make each kiss special. Carol crawled around the game board and lowered her head to see her son's erecting peter up close.

    It would have been small for a man, but she was impressed by its size for Oscar's age. She knew, fully inflated, the length her son's penis was about four and a half inches. Today it looked much thicker and slightly longer than she remembered. Carol wasn't shy about taking all the measurements of her son's genitals, each month, going as far as having him stroke his dick until it was full of blood. It took no more than ten strokes, and Carol blushed each time, because her son would gaze at her while pumping his penis.

    "Mommy's going to kiss you." She gave him a chance to back down. His eyes were both nervous and excited.

    "Do it, Mommy." He rasped.

    Peck! Oscar's penis twitched and got a little harder and a little bigger. Carol pulled back.

    "That wasn't anything, Mommy." Oscar had liked the feeling, but he felt cheated.

    The mother was adept at deciphering her son. She dipped her head forward and wrapped her lips around the front half of Oscar's dickhead. Carol withdrew, causing a "pip" when her luscious lips left the tip.

    "Wow." Oscar exhaled hotly. That was more like it. His dick was straining now, unable to grow further. An unexpected sensation accompanied his penis' reaction to his mother's tiny, tip suck. His large balls felt a little heavier than usual.

    "That's two." Carol leaned forward again. KISS! She pressed her lips forcefully against the soft head and waited a couple seconds before retreating.

    "Mommy." Her son breathed. The warm pressure of his mommy's full lips' third kiss, distracted him from the odd sensation in his ball sack.

    Her next kiss lasted as long but she tickled his pee hole with the tip of her tongue. "Four." She counted and planned what she would do for the next one.

    "Mommy?" Oscar spoke with slight concern when his mother kissed his boner again. Her lips took the head completely into her mouth and her tongue licked all around it. It felt great! Except his balls had begun to ache. "Something's happening."

    "Are you going to cum for Mommy?" Carol's attention had been so focused on her son's peter, she hadn't noticed his problem. If Oscar came, he would beat Arnold's first ejaculation by nearly a year.

    "I don't know, but they hurt, Mommy."

    Carol's eyes sprang wide. The word 'hurt' sent them darting at her son's scrotum. His balls were expanding, just as Arnold's had. They weren't yet straining the sack but their discomfort was already troubling her son. "OH, GODS! Oscar, Mommy's so SORRY!"

    "What do you mean?" His mommy had only been giving him pleasure. How could his inflating nut sack be connected? Oscar's lower lip trembled.

    "Oscar, that doesn't matter. Mommy will take care of the hurt, right now. You have to trust me and let me do what I need to."

    The fright in his mommy's voice scared young Oscar. He'd do whatever she told him. "Yes, Mommy, make it stop hurting!"

    Carol opened mouth and fully engulfed her son's turgid prick. She used one hand to cup her son's balls and fingered his taint, hoping to increase the pleasure. She sucked and licked Oscar's twitching penis, and she began bobbing her head up and down.

    "Mommy, you're sucking me!" For the first couple seconds, surprise distracted Oscar from his pain. Without thinking, his right hand patted the back of his mother's rocking head. Her lips and tongue sent bolts of pleasure into his groin as they slipped up and down his sturdy shaft. "It helping, I think." The pain in his scrotum was quickly matched by the joyous pulses created by his mother's sucking mouth.

    Carol hoped her effort would prevent his balls from getting any bigger. My son. My son! Her heart quailed, and she dared to press her hand further between Oscar's hips. She then fingered her son's young anus.

    "That's nice too!" His mommy's next surprise caused his loins to spasm. His hidden pucker really liked being tickled!

    In fact, Carol had not stopped her son's balls from growing, but the pleasure her mouth and finger elicited from opposite directions, masked the ache in Oscar's stretching nut sack.

    The bedroom door opened and Race halted at the sight before him. His hand lost its grip on the glass of soda with ice. It fell on the carpet and splashed its contents everywhere. His young jaw fell open nearly as far.

    "RACE!" Oscar gasped!

    Carol froze but for less than a second. Fuck, Race, she thought. Her son needed her! Race's hostess sucked and fingered her son as fast as she could. Oscar needed to bust his first nut. She was unreasonably sure that he would actually cum.

    Between pain and pleasure, Oscar felt incredible shame! He gaped at his surprised friend. Race's eyes had locked onto his mother's bobbing head and didn't blink. He wanted to say something, for his mommy's sake, but there was nothing to say that Oscar could live down no matter how long he lived. The words, "My nuts!" squeaked from the younger boy's mouth. "Something's wrong with them!" He whined.

    Race had no words to address his friend's outburst. He couldn't seen anything wrong, except Auntie Carol was cocksucking her youngest child. His half hard peter grew a bulge in his jeans.

    "Oh, Mommy! I-I'm feeling something - new - between my nuts and dick. I'm afraid."

    Carol suddenly wished her friends were here to encourage her son to cum. She didn't dare stop to assure him that the new sensation was a very good thing. Carol suck-stroked as hard as she dared along the nearly five inches and surprisingly thick cock. Her head bobbed madly, and she took a final risk and plunged her finger up his dry asshole!"

    "OH MOMMY!!! I'm cumming!" Oscar used the word to mean his orgasm, not the event which had never before coincided with it. When the finger in his anus pressed upon his prostate, Oscar's hips humped forward, thrusting every millimeter of his saliva coated rod into his mother's face. The muscles around his seminal bulb, spasmed, shooting its pressurized contents out of the meat hose meant for filling a pussy. Cum squirted into his mother's mouth, and being an inch shorter than Arnold's dick, dumped sperm on the thickest part of his mother's tongue.

    Hot cum soaked Carol's largest taste buds. She was immediately keen to know what Oscar's semen tasted like. It was yummy! The tangy and salt highlights made her savor every squirt. "Mmmmm." She could hardly wait to tell her son how delicious it was! But first she had to drain him dry, and hopefully reverse the painful swelling in his already abnormally large balls.

    Oscar felt something pulse through the prick clogging his mother's mouth. He didn't at first, realize what it was. He was pretty sure it wasn't pee, because that didn't pulse, pee flowed. Through the haze of his incredible orgasm, he figured it out. "Race, I'm cumming - REAL CUM!" It had to be that!

    Race Peralta managed to pulled his eyes away from the cocksucking housemom. He greeted Oscar's announcement with renewed shock. It wasn't fair that the boy, half a year younger, could cum when he still couldn't! Yet he was happy for his friend. Not that he could acknowledge it in front of the boy's mother who was obviously gulping down every drop. He did shift his now fully erect penis to better hide it behind his jeans. He almost retreated to the bathroom to jerk off, but he couldn't stop staring at Auntie Carol as she continued to suck her son's spitting prick. She must know that he was watching, but she never slowed. In fact upon his arrival she had speed up! It gave him hope that she might be as kind to him someday.

    Carol mentally noted each spurt of her son's ejaculation. At the end of his cum, she guessed that the total volume wasn't much, compared to an adult. Her son's semen volume was probably a bit less than Arnold's. However, this was the first of the boys' cum that she had actually tasted. Arnold's longer erection had dumped its load directly down her throat! Oscar's flavor was very nice, but a little thin, as if her son had produced mostly pre-cum, not the true, sperm filled stuff. When she thought Oscar had finished ejaculating, she wrenched her head off of his blood filled penis. Her eyes darted to her son's scrotum. It was swollen but didn't look terribly stretched. "Are you feeling better?" She looked up at her son.

    "Mommy! You made it stop hurting!" Oscar fell upon his mother and grabbed her into a tight hug. His drained penis struck her chin as he descended.

    I'll bet she did. Race thought in the doorway. Suddenly, he realized that they weren't alone in the house. Where was Jeffery? He jerked his head and eyes every which way, but the hall was empty. The boy stepped over his spilled glass and shut the door. "Should I leave?" He prayed that Auntie Carol wouldn't rake him over hot coals for his accidental intrusion.

    "Race!" Carol exclaimed. Incredible things had happened since agreeing to her son's rent demands! Now she had to deal with the fallout of being discovered by Jean's son. She shifted away from the puddle of soda which had soaked most of her deeds and play money. That was the least of her worries. She answered the stunned boy. "Not just yet, Race. Please give me a chance to explain."

    "What's there to explain, Ms. Hughes? You were sucking Oscar's dick." Race managed to say it with only a hint of accusation.

    "I told you she was helping me!" Oscar defended his mommy.

    "Maybe so." He didn't want to piss off his friend any further.

    "He's right, Oscar. I was sucking your dick. Why doesn't matter." Carol turned to her guest. "What are you going to do about it? Are you going to blackmail me into sucking yours? Is that the kind of teenager you want to be?" She growled. "I mean, I'll do it, but you'll never get another Yule present from me."

    Race got her meaning. He would be dead to her. Was a blowjob worth that? His hard dick said, YES!

    "You're certainly hard enough." Carol pointed at the not very well hidden bulge in Race's trousers.

    "Please, Ms. Hughes. I don't want to cause trouble. I don't know what to do or say, just please don't hate me. Oscar and Arnold are the best friends I've got." He continued to talk like a much younger boy.

    There was that. Carol backed off. The kid was trying to deal with a crazy situation. A little more empathy on her part might go a long way to getting on Race's good side again. "Sorry. You haven't experienced the pain Oscar was feeling. Explaining how I helped him would be wasted breath. Thank you for not crumbling into an idiot. You may leave or stay. My offer of dinner and a ride home still stands. She surveyed the mess. "I do think we're done playing."

    Race's erection refused to go down as Ms. Hughes defused the situation. She was still a MILF with saliva on her chin, sitting on her knees. Her son's dick was drooping in plain sight, but he couldn't detect anything wrong with his balls. He dared to tell her, "I-I want to masturbate, Ms. Hughes, uh- um, while you watch. Please, I won't do anything else, but I've never felt this hard."

    Carol would have brushed off such an obvious cliche with a cutting remark, but she couldn't brush off the fact that Race was one of the special boys, and his balls might be just as susceptible to painful engorgement. "Oscar, pull up your pants and go fetch a roll of paper towels. Bring back some dish soap and two cloth towels from the linen closet."

    Oscar and his mommy didn't owe their teen guest anything. Oscar didn't want his mommy to watch Race jerk off, but his friend had apologized. "Don't suck him, Mommy."

    "I can't promise that, Oscar. It's best you get what I told you, and be sure to knock! Let me decide if you can come in."

    "But it's my room!" He pouted.

    Carol ignored Oscar's empty if passionate argument. She tried to console her son. "Mommy won't let Race make me do anything bad."

    A deep mope framed Oscar's pout. "Okay." He stepped over the spill, opened the door, flashed Race a threatening look, and stomped out, shutting the door behind him.

    Race couldn't believe what was about to happen! He often pushed the limits of a situation, usually failing, but happier for having tried. This time he was going to jerk off in front of one of the sexiest women he knew.

    "Step out of that mess, Race." Do you want to do it while sitting on Oscar's bed. I'll stay on my knees. You want me to be sexy right?" There weren't many things more sexy than a MILF in a submissive posture, and Carol was woman confident in her allure.

    Auntie Carol was always making jokes. Race couldn't tell if she was serious or trying to make him feel foolish. He blushed and went to the bed. Silence was probably the best reply.

    "I'll undo your jeans and underwear. You'd like that, right?" Carol was enjoying teasing the boy. However, she wouldn't let him leave her son's room until he had shouted lots of vowels and made scrunchy faces.

    "hh-Yeah." Race sat and leaned back on his hands. His dick begged for release. Auntie Carol walked on her knees, up to his splayed legs. She held one of her hands behind her. There was a soft "plop" before she used both hands to unfasten his trousers. It didn't take her six seconds to open his fly and pull down both jeans and boxers. His dick flopped out like an inflatable superhero display dummy.

    "My my." Carol cooed. "That must have felt pretty tight in there."

    "Yeah, it kinda hurt." Race couldn't believe he could talk to a sexy adult woman, right after his five inches had sprang in front of her! Her initial, impressed reaction, made him feel sexy, but his choice of words deflated Auntie Carol's encouraging expression.

    "Where does it hurt?"

    Auntie's sudden mood change troubled him. He deliberately considered her question. Released from its tight confines, his dick felt cooler and less cramped, but there was something else. An odd sensation lurked inside his testicles. Now that he was paying attention, the mysterious feeling worried him. "I feel a little pain in my balls, Auntie."

    It was happening. Carol didn't waste time congratulating herself for preparing against the worst. She grabbed the phone she'd dropped behind her and speed-dialed Jean.

    "What are you doing? Taking pictures?" Race feared she was trying to blackmail him!

    "Hush, Race. Let Auntie know if it gets any worse."

    "Carol?" Jean was surprised to get Carol's call.

    "Your son got here fine, Jean, but some things have happened. They're not important right now. I called to say that Race may be experiencing what what Arnold went through." Carol spoke rapidly.

    "Are you kidding me?" Jean had fallen for Carol's pranks too many times. "This better not be a ploy to get Race's cock in your mouth."

    Carol switched to speakerphone. "Tell your mommy what you're feeling, Race."

    "Mommy?" The boy tensed up. Was this a video call? Could his mother see his erection? All sorts of fears gripped his brain. They eased a bit when he remembered that his mother's phone was too simple for video calls.

    "Tell me, Race. Don't let that harlot seduce or frighten you. She's not worth it. Are you in pain?"

    Carol muttered, "Thanks, 'Friend.'"

    Race answered, "Just a little, Mommy. Why are you and Auntie so worried. I-I got kinda hard in my pants. It's a lot better now that, um, I let it out, but my balls aren't feeling great.

    Mommy? Auntie? Her son had let his hard dick out of his pants? Jean knew if she broke every speed limit, she couldn't save her son from Carol's voracious, sexual appetite. The situation was clear but perhaps not yet dire. Together, her son and Oscar had started regressing and was stimulating Carol's ever ready libido. "Honey, don't be macho. I need to know how badly you're hurting."

    "It kinda aches." He admitted, and the ache was getting stronger.

    "His balls are growing, Jean." The normal wrinkles in Race's scrotum began stretching.

    "You better not be shitting me, Carol." Growing fear constricted Jean's patience.

    When Auntie mentioned his balls, Race stared downward. They were getting bigger, and the ache worsened. "Mommy, I'm scared."

    "I'm here, Race. I won't hang up. You have to trust Ms.- uh, Auntie Carol. She can help you." Fucking slut! Jealousy nearly upended Jean's fright. She hated herself as much as Carol, because she wasn't with her son in what must be an awful moment for him." Jean wept but refused to let her voice falter. "She's going to help you ejaculate, Race. You have to let her do whatever she thinks is best for you." Her sentence ended with a sob before she could cover her mouth.

    "Jean," Carol could feel her friend's self and other loathing. "I want him to try masturbating. After all, a cum is a cum."

    "I'm surprised your mouth isn't already glued to his crotch." Jean couldn't prevent the venom in her voice.

    "I forgive you." Carol spoke then to Race. "Go ahead. I promised I would watch. I'm going to do better than that. Hold your dick and do that thing you do so well.


    "Please, Race. Do it for me- Mommy. Jerk on your nice big prick for Mommy." Jean struggled to keep her tone seductive.

    "Okay." Race grasped his dick, and in spite of the pain growing in his balls, he began jerking on it.

    Upon his first strokes, he saw Auntie's hands working at her blouse buttons. They fumbled awkwardly from haste.

    "I can hear your hand slapping, Race. You're being Mommy's good boy." Jean prayed that her inane regressive speech would help her son's arousal.

    When Auntie's tits hung in the open again, Race couldn't help but gasp. "Auntie!"

    What the hell was Carol doing? Whatever it was, Jean had to go along with it. "That's right, Race. Auntie's there to help you. Mommy wishes sooo much that she could be there, but I promise I'll make it up to you when you get home. Until then, let Auntie do what she has to." Jean's last words tasted sour in her mouth.

    Race increased his pumping hand's pace upon seeing Carol's titties. They were so big and beautiful. Their wide, soft nipples were like works of art on canvases made from tanned skin. But Auntie had only begun her show. She next teased her nipples with a hand for each of them. Little drops of white liquid seeped out. It was her milk!

    He remembered his mommy talking to the other mommies about how Auntie pumped her milk for babies who needed it. It looked really tasty. The ache in his balls increased slower, and his cock was starting to feel good.

    "Would you like to taste it?" Carol growled sensuously.

    Ignore her. Ignore her. Jean started an internal mantra. Ignore her. The less she knew about what was happening, the less she would hate her friend later.

    Gulp! Race nodded, afraid to say aloud how much he wanted lick or maybe suck Auntie's milk!

    Carol got up from her knees and stood on her feet. She swayed her hips as she approached the rapidly masturbating boy. Her dangling udders swung like hypnotist amulets. Milk dots ran down her titties. "Get ready, Honey. You can have as much as you want." She leaned towards Race's astonished face and her boobs craned forward.

    "Auntie." Race gasped softly when suddenly he had to choose from mirrored options hanging before his mouth. She held back her long, dark brown hair while she offered her milk teasing nipples to a friend's son.

    To fight her anxiety, Jean bit into the meat of her left thumb. "Nghh. Are you working hard, Race?"

    The boy couldn't have blushed harder when his mother encouraged him. To avoid answering, Race shot his head forward and sucked in Auntie's right, white stained nipple. His hand missed a beat but recovered quickly, and the warm taste of fresh, human milk caused his penis to twitch with greater pleasure. The ache in his balls remained but had stopped increasing.

    "You need to work Auntie's nipple with your lips, Honey."

    Jean suffered silent agony. The horny cow was feeding tit milk to her son! In any other circumstance, Race's mother would have stuck a hand in her pants and fingered her clit. Jean had to admit, the bitch knew how to stoke a fire.

    "MmMM." Simply sucking on Auntie's tit didn't produce anything. Race tried her suggestion and began massaging her nipple with his lips while his hand beat hammer strokes along his throbbing cock. At first, he got a few drops which he could hardly taste, but he persevered, milking it in different directions and intensities.

    Jean's haze of jealousy faded as she heard her son murmur and hum with delight. The earlier sounds of pain in his voice had abated. She sighed and cried. Her spirits lifted. She even had a silly idea, to tease Carol back. "You're my son, Race. You're making Mommy proud. It may seem like Auntie is in charge of you, but that's not true. Mommy's going to tell you the truth now. Auntie Carol is a submissive slut whore. She lives to be told what to do by strong young boys. Be strong, Race. Take charge, and she'll submit to you. Make her YOUR whore." Jean managed to not giggle.

    Abruptly hot milk sprayed into Race's mouth. He swallowed the rich, surprisingly strong flavor and repeated what he'd done with his lips. Another hot spurt rewarded him. He listened to his mother's 'truth' as he milked Auntie with his lips and tongue. She groaned with approval. He loved the hot spurts he got for a little, precise effort. The flavor was a little challenging. It reminded him of liver. However, figuring out how to get what he wanted from Auntie's teat, fit perfectly with his mother's narrative of making the rest of Auntie's body submit to him.

    Carol Hughes had groaned when she felt the boy's lips draw the first solid stream of milk from her nipple's pores. "Oh yes, Race, you're doing it!" Carol exclaimed. Jean was saying something about her being a whore, but the aroused woman dismissed it as a silly rant. She felt sorry for Jean. Carol would feel awful too if she was on the phone and a woman at the other end was helping Oscar to masturbate away painfully engorged testicles.

    Race's level of excitement couldn't get any higher unless he orgasmed. He was jacking fervently on his cock and sucking milk out of a sexy MILF's big tits. He believed, soon, she WOULD turn into his whore. "OHHHHHHH!!!" Milk spurted from his lips. Race's hips wrenched upwards on his friend's bed. The image of making Auntie Carol crawl up to him and beg to suck his cock was more than his heated thoughts could handle. His ejaculatory muscles clamped down, and a stream of hot cum shot a foot into the air, striking Auntie's naked belly!

    Race roared with joy! His clambering balls quieted, and the sight of his first cum shot, splattered over the woman's tanned torso, made his groin convulse again. A second jet struck her cum stained skin.

    "Your doing it, Race. You're cumming!" Carol cheered!

    "I love you, Son!" Jean cried. Her imagination of the scene was fairly accurate. "Cum all over that big-titted bitch! Mark your slut with cum, Race!"

    The daring boy acted on one final impulse as his cock bubbled and spurted additional hot globs. His hands shot up and grabbed the hair on both sides of Auntie's head. He jerked her downward and commanded. "Suck it, Bitch!"

    Carol's sympathy for Race's plight would have ended at that precise moment with a mighty slap across her assailant's face. But she wasn't in her right mind, having sucked down her son's cum and used her body to bring Race to his first, cum blowing orgasms. Carol was so horny, she fell upon his gooey dick with relish, sucking its length into her face and lapping it with her tongue. His prick was a little longer than Race's. It was to be expected, given his age. But it seemed to fit perfectly into her mouth. His cum tasted richer than Oscar's too. But again, there wasn't all that much. However, he did surprise her with a last jet of warm goo that coated the back of her throat.

    He'd done it! Race felt his groin lurch one final time when Auntie's mouth sucked in his pulsing cock. She gulped the head of his fully jammed prick, and that felt amazing too! He had made Auntie his whore! "I did it, Mommy!" He squealed.

    "What about your balls, Honey?" Jean zeroed back on the important thing.

    "They don't hurt, and they're shrinking."

    "You go wash up, Race. Mommy's coming."

    Really? Carol misunderstood. Had Jean been masturbating on the phone while she, Carol, had driven the woman's son to an incredible orgasm? Carol mulled the indecent thought as she cleaned Race's 'milk' off of his expended weapon. She couldn't resist sticking a hand into her skirt and rubbing her erect clit through her panties. "Uuuhhhhh. Mmmmnnnggg." She moaned on the hard cock stuffing her jaws.

    Seconds later, frantic words blared from Carol's phone. "I'm rushing out the door, Sweetheart. Mommy's coming."

    Before another minute passed, "I'm getting into the car. I'll be there as soon as I can!" The cell connection blooped closed.

    The last thing Race wanted to do was wash up. He noticed Auntie's hand, quivering inside her skirt. "You're mine, Slut." His erection didn't feel like it would shrink down anytime soon. "I want you to get on the bed and let me fuck you."

    Carol had to resist bursting out laughing. Race wasn't joking. He'd really believed all that shit his mother had told him. How could she let the boy down gently? She forced herself to pull her hand out of her skirt.

    Pulling up her skirt, pulling her panties down, and spreading her legs for Race, on her youngest son's bed, was not an option. Or was it? She felt a great yearning to be pierced with cock and drilled madly. She stood on the precipice of capitulating to her passion, and there was nobody who could save her!

    KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK! "Mommy?" Oscar had waited as long as he could with the cleaning supplies in his hands. When he heard Race roar with joy, he stamped his foot and waited the eternity of two minutes. He didn't want to embarrass his mommy - or himself. "What's happening?"

    Carol slapped Race's hands out of her hair, pulled her head off his dick, and cried, "OSCAR! It's okay now. Come in."

    "Drat!" Race scowled, but when his friend entered, he smiled sheepishly while dressing frantically.

    "Wad up a paper towel and toss it on the bed, Oscar." His mother stood up fully but didn't turn around. When the wad landed on the bed, she snatched it up, un-wadded it, and wiped Race's cum from her tummy.

    Oscar navigated the spill on the carpet and hugged his mother from behind, too late to feel his friend's cum on her body. Carol pulled the front panels of her blouse over her milk stained nipples and quickly buttoned up. Then she returned her son's hug. Race had zipped up but sat embarrassed.

    "What happened, Mommy?"

    "Sit with me, Oscar." She guided him the bed. She sat when he did, between the boys, and put an arm around both. "I need to explain. What happened today could happen again. It happened to Arnold, last Friday. He was in terrible pain when his testes swelled up worse than yours. Fortunately Ms. Peralta and Ms. Michaels were there to figure out what to do."

    "You sucked me, Mommy, to make the pain go away." Oscar remembered Arnold's outburst at the park. At the time, Oscar had thought it was just an angry taunt. "You sucked Arnold."

    "I did, Honey. He was hurting so bad, and I took the initiative. In any other circumstances, what I did was wrong, but because I took that risk, I knew what to do today. I just helped Race masturbate when his balls swelled up too much."

    "It didn't hurt too much." Race boasted, although the pain had frightened him.

    "Did you cum?"

    Race nodded but didn't say where it landed.

    "Race's mom is driving right now to fetch him. Before she gets here, I need to tell you something really important, and please don't tell Jeffery. He's doesn't have your condition and wouldn't understand."

    "What, Mommy?"

    "If your testicles ever swell up again, you have to immediately take care of it. The best way is to masturbate. Race was able to avoid greater pain, because we took care of it right away." Carol took a deep breath. "Now here's the part that you absolutely cannot tell Jeffery or anyone."

    The boy's waited, eyes wide.

    "If I'm anywhere nearby, and you start to feel that pain. Come to me, and I will help. I will do whatever it takes to make your pain go away."

    Race glanced to judge Oscar's mood. His friend seemed to be in an agreeable state. Race took an awful risk, but he had to know. "Auntie would you even be my slut whore?"

    Carol stifled her indignation. She looked at her son. "I would even be a slut whore, if doing so would save you from suffering. Today my help saved both of you from Arnold's awful experience. I wouldn't want either of you to feel what he suffered."

    "Whoa." Oscar's respect for Arnold grew.

    "Yess!" Race hissed triumphantly.

    "Mommy, what's a slut whore?" be continued...

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    Re: Moms Get Hung Up On Teens Hanging Ten (incest, mom/son, slow, subtle drug)

    Chapter 5

    Ricardo Hughes arrived home just as Ms. Peralta was driving away with Race and her boy's pumped up ego. He was greeted at the door with a kiss and hand that reached into his pants. Carol whispered seductively. "I gave Jeffery a credit card and said he could order anything he and Oscar wanted for delivery. In our bedroom you'll find plenty of meats and cheeses that you're going to eat out of my pussy."

    "What'll you eat?" He grinned at his incredibly sexy wife.

    "Whatever you put in my mouth."

    That night, the women's usual exchange of texts failed for the lack of an initiator.


    Over the following two weeks, the research forum mothers met five times, always leaving their boys at home. There were no incidents of swollen testicles nor childish behavior. They spoke of many things:


    Jean swallowed her pride to tell Carol, "I owe you one."

    "No." Carol objected. "I owe you, for not calling the police."

    "I think we're beyond that possibility, Ladies." Holly used "ladies" when she wanted to annoy them. The three women then agreed. Whatever happened in the future, they wouldn't alert any authority unless one of their sons was having a serious health emergency.


    "What do we now know about the boys when they're together?" Holly asked.

    "From my afternoon with Race and Oscar, it seemed like they hadn't regressed as much. They said, "Mommy" a lot, but their other words, and sentence construction, could have been those of twelve year-olds.

    "What about you?" Jean wanted to know EVERYTHING.

    "Yes, I got horny, and I sucked off Oscar, but if I felt like a frigid bitch, I still would have gotten on my knees to save him. I slutted myself to speed Race's masturbation, and he surprised me by pushing my head to his crotch - to lick up his cum. I admit I could have kept my mouth closed, but I had just tasted Oscar's, and I wanted to compare."

    "It sounds like you were affected, but not as greatly as when all three boys are together."

    "Speaking of cum," Jean wondered. "Have your boys cum since their first time? Race will sometimes leak pre-cum but then nothing when he orgasms."

    "Arnold can cum occasionally. I really thought it would be a regular thing for him by now. He's quite disappointed with himself."

    "Oscar hasn't issued a drop of anything except pee." Carol wasn't worried. Boys with his condition didn't usually begin to ejaculate for another year or longer. "My theory is, our sons' ejaculation were a side effect of their swollen testes."

    Holly took a wilder guess. "Could it be that their balls swell up only when they're together?"

    "Why should it happen now? We were meeting regularly for a couple months with all of them together." Jean wanted to know, "What changed?"

    "Maybe we changed." Carol drummed her fingers on the table.

    "The first time we got horny, was the day they were playing Cowboys and Indians. That was the beginning." Jean asserted.

    Carol huffed. "But if that's when this mess started, which came first? Us getting horny or them regressing?"

    "I still think it was the coffee." Jean blew a kiss to Carol and winked.


    "I'm taking Arnold to the research doctor, tomorrow."

    "Doctor Vassarkik?" Jean asked. Once a month, Jean took Race to the research doctor. "She's got a head on her shoulders for science and medicine." Jean didn't mention the rack on her backside. "And her heart's in the right place - she's professional but not cold."

    After the meeting, Race came out of his room. "Are they gone?" The women usually talked for a couple hours then departed, but today's hadn't lasted an hour. Race's patience was already straining - even video games had lost their ability to immerse him.

    Jean moved from her chair to the couch. "Come here, Sweetheart." She opened her arms to the boy and he sank into them. "Did you masturbate already?"

    "No." The fifteen year-old admitted, hoping for special treatment.

    Jean pulled up the hem of her sweatshirt. "What did I tell you?"

    "I shouldn't get used to this, because you may not be around if I need-" The sight of his mother baring her breasts silenced him. She had stopped wearing her double-C cup bras while she was at home. She used a sports band when exercising.

    "Race this is important." She relaxed her arms around her son, so he could snuggle closer. His lips quickly sought her very dark nipples. She had become adept at unfastening his pants with one hand. "I would lock you up here with me, if I thought you couldn't handle another incident like two weeks ago. Jean wrapped her fingers around her son's turgid peter and began stroking it.

    She had forgiven Carol because her friend had saved her boy from his swollen balls, but it had taken more than a week for forgiveness to edge out her jealousy. Upon returning with Race, from Carol's home, Jean had sat him down and promised that she would try her best to be the one to help him, should his balls trouble him again.

    Race didn't say anything except, "Okay." She had promised to make up for not being there when his balls ballooned with pain. He swore privately, to ensure she made good on her promise. He hugged her then - so she couldn't see his eagerness.

    That night, when Race normally went to bed, he had snuggled up to her on the couch and had opened his pants. She was mildly concerned about his bold display, but Jean trusted her son to have a reason. He took one of her hands and placed on his stiff penis. "This is how you can make it up to me, Mom."

    Their routine eventually included taking off her top and unfastening her bra, so he could suck on her tits while she stroked his cock. It wasn't long thereafter that she stopped wearing bras at home. Later she started baring her breasts for him.

    Jean remembered that first time and her initial trepidation. Now she calmly took advantage of the opportunity. She studied her son's ball sack for any sign of enlargement. They were only their normal, obscene pair of goose eggs, not the pool balls she had seen tormenting poor Arnold. She used her free hand to cup and fondle them. That always helped her son to cum quicker. Pre-cum seeped out, helping to lubricate her hand's grip. She disliked its slimy slickness, but she knew it felt great to her son.

    "Mmmm." Race turned his head from his mom's tit. "I'm almost there."

    "That's good, Sweetie." She smirked and said in a little voice, "Are you gonna cum for Mommy?"

    "I'm fifteen, Mom." Sometimes her pretend regression was all it took to push him over the edge. That day, Race licked his lips and pushed his mom's boundaries. "But I'd cum much harder if you sucked me."

    Jean chuckled and shook her head. "Save that for your slut whore, Silly." The joke she had played on Carol resurfaced from time to time.

    "What if I made you my slut whore?" Race tried again.

    "In your dreams, Race." Jean's next chuckle was a little forced. "Now think of Auntie Carol begging to suck your manhood."

    He closed his eyes. "She's begging because I told her to beg. I told her to crawl, and I told her to- OOHHH!" Race grunted. His hot dick lurched in his mother's stroking hand but nothing came out of its tip. From his lips issued groans of pleasure.

    Afterwards, Jean remembered what Holly had said about Arnold's appointment. She checked the calendar and swore. Race's monthly check-up had been two days ago, and they'd forgotten.

    Neither of them enjoyed the monthly exam. They had missed appointments before, but Jean was adamant about holding up her end of the bargain. The research study was paying a couple hundred dollars a month to see Race and perform their tests on him. As a single mother by choice, the extra income helped greatly. She called the doctor's office and spoke to the receptionist before closing time. "There's an opening for tomorrow afternoon."

    "I'll take it."

    The next day, after picking up Race from school, they arrived at the small-ish medical center. The center rented a few examination rooms and offices to the research project. In a hallway, Jean and Race found Holly and Arnold sitting on the waiting bench. "First time in the hoosegow?" Jean greeted her friend.

    "Hi, Jean." A surprised Holly returned the greeting. "Why didn't you say, yesterday that you'd be here?"

    "Hey, Arnold." Race greeted, wondering if his friend, who had suffered much worse than him, knew about his and Oscar's incidents.

    "Race, the man in space." Arnold grinned.

    Jean told Holly. "I forgot my appointment for two days ago. They had an opening."

    Holly indicated the boys, with her eyes. "Are we going to be okay?"

    Jean appreciated her friend's concern, by nodding. "Dr. Vassarkik conducts our exams efficiently. I think she prefers running simulations to taking metrics."

    The women struck up a cautious discussion, looking out for their and the boys' behavior. Arnold and Race chatted about first person shooters and battle royales.

    Several minutes passed before a short and stout, Indian-American woman approached, wearing a classic lab coat. "Hello. Mrs. Michaels." She seemed surprised by the other mother and son presence. "Oh, Jean! Hello, Race." She checked her clipboard. "Ah, you rescheduled."

    Jean was embarrassed. "Dr. Vassarkik, I'm so sorry for missing my appointment."

    Holly covered for her friend by greeting the doctor. "Hello, Doctor. We met at the last seminar for parents of boys in the study."

    "Do you to women know each other?" The doctor looked to be going on fifty. Her glasses were for reading, and her neck length hair included stray, gray strands.

    Jean nodded. "We met on the forum."

    "Would you two consent for your sons to be checked up at the same time? I normally keep Thursdays light, so I can keep up with the paperwork. You wouldn't believe the number of ethics-integrity reports I have to fill out for each semen sample."

    Jean and Holly looked at each other and simultaneously wished they could communicate telepathically. "Uhhh, okay, Doctor" Jean decided for them. "Although I'll take advantage of your offer and stay here to catch up on some work. I trust Holly to manage the boys," She gave Holly a slight nod. "...and let me stay out of their antics." It was the best clue to her intentions that Jean could risk in front of the doctor.

    "Mom?" Race questioned his mother's reticence to accompany him.

    "I won't go any farther than this bench, Race." She patted her son's shoulder. "Go on."

    Holly decided that telepathy was overrated. Jean meant that she would stay clear of the boys' influence - no doubt to interrupt shenanigans if needed. She turned to the doctor, "Anything to aid the research effort. We really value your skills and experience, Dr. Vassarkik."

    "The examination room is right this way." The doctor and Holly walked ahead of the boys.

    Race whispered to Arnold. "Look at her butt."

    "Don't make fun of my mom." Arnold took offense.

    "Not her, the doctor."

    Arnold had only eyes for his mom's gentle sway. He looked at the shorter woman walking beside his mother, and quickly understood Race's comment. Despite the doctor's coat, her ass was so huge it wobbled as she walked.

    Race told him, "I'd tap that."

    "You like butt sex?"

    Race hadn't tried butt sex, but he'd seen a couple videos. The way the women groaned and sometimes complained gave him strong orgasms. "I'd try it, but you can fuck a woman from behind too."

    Arnold unexpectedly wished Race, who was five months younger, didn't talk about sex so much. He had to lie to hide his igorance, "I knew that, but you said a nasty word."

    Race giggled. "I did, didn't I, and right behind your mom and the doctor."

    "Half of everything is behind the doctor." Arnold joked. The boys had begun to regress.

    Doctor Vassarkik stood at the door as Holly and the boys entered. "You boys can change in there. Race, show Arnold how to tie on the gown. I'll speak with his mother out here until you're ready." She shut them in and turned to Holly. "I'm sorry if I didn't sufficiently respect your report of swollen testes."

    "You didn't offend, Doctor. I know how incredible it sounded. And it hasn't reoccured since. Could it have been a brief infection?"

    "I'll take a blood sample. That may not catch the cause, but it standard procedure for the boys who come in each month."

    "I understand there are twelve others in this city. How many opted for in person check ups?"

    "I'm sorry, but everything is confidential. Investigating the sexual aspect of minors is a minefield of politics and religion."

    "That's so lame. How can you help children grow into strong adults if you don't understand them?"

    "I'm glad you're so enlightened." Doctor Vassarkik knocked on the door. "How are you guys doing?"

    Fully naked, Arnold sat on the exam table, and Race was using that little rubber mallet on his friend's knee. He struck a new spot, and this time Arnold's leg jerked up on its own.

    "WOW!" Arnold laughed. "Do it again!"

    "Boys?" Doctor Vassarkik knocked again. "Giggling responded."

    "Go in, Doctor, please, but don't be alarmed by anything you see." Holly urged.

    The doctor gave her wary look but forged into to the room. The naked scene didn't faze her. "You boys need to get dressed." She pointed to the gowns they had dropped on the tile floor.


    "We did, Doctor Lady," Arnold grinned. "But we're more comfortable this way."

    Having seen only boys with large testicles for the last few months, Doctor Vassarkik turned her attention to the boys behavior and speech. "Is this some prank?"

    From behind, Holly answered. "No, Doctor, they get this way when they're together. It's worse if Oscar Hughes is with them."

    "It's a prank!" Race bounced up and slapped the Doctor's fat behind.

    "BOYS! Calm down." Holly shouted.

    Arnold jumped off the table and stood to attention, grinning. Race joined him and threw a salute.

    "Race has always been frisky, but never like this." As a researcher, she couldn't take the word of any one person but could only gather data. "What have you observed about their interactions?"

    "I can predict that we have only a few more seconds before they start fooling around again, and that the best way to influence them is to play along." Holly demonstrated. "Hey, boys, those gowns you discarded, they're made from the golden hair of virgin girls. Wearing them will protect you from their cooties."

    "That sounds counterintuitive." Doctor Vassarkik watched the boys bicker over the gowns, as they donned them in preposterous ways.

    "Play doesn't have to make sense."

    The doctor was actually a mother of two girls. One had graduated from college, and the other was still working on her degree. The boys reminded her of the handfuls her little girls had been, long ago. She took Holly's advice. "Thanks, boys, now which one of you can guess where this goes?" She held up her stethoscope.

    "In your butt." Race giggled.

    "I know!" Arnold liked to know things. "You can hear heartbeats with it!"

    "Both good answers!" Doctor Vassarkik had heard it all from young men just like them, only one at a time and never this crazy. An almost as crazy plan occurred to her. "Hey, if you let me hear your hearts, I'll let you hear mine?"

    "Can I hear my mom's?"

    "Huh?" Holly looked up from her phone. She had just texted Jean. "I like this doctor."

    "How it going?"

    "Okay, I think. I haven't raped either of the boys yet."

    "You'll lose credibility points for silly texts."

    "Understood." Holly looked up from her phone. "Huh?"

    "Mommy, can I hear your heartbeat?"

    "Not until the doctor hears both of yours."

    "That's a yes!" Race wanted to put his hand on Holly's chest too!

    Doctor Vassarkik listened to more than their heartbeats. She could hear the health of their breathing and noises in their stomachs. Then she opened her coat and let each of the boys place the sensor on her blouse just under the strap holding her bra cups together.

    "It's like thunder." Arnold observed. He gave the scope to Race who said, "It sounds kinda fast."

    The more the doctor observed, the more the boys' behavior intrigued her.

    "Now it's Mommy's turn!" Arnold raced Race, across thirty six inches of flooring, to be the first. His mother was wearing a yellow sweater, but she had unbuttoned it while waiting for their appointment, revealing a light green blouse. Arnold placed the sensor in the same place that the doctor had demonstrated. His mother's heartbeat sounded kinda fast too.

    Race took his turn by reaching under Auntie Holly's blouse and tucking it under her left bra cup.

    "Hey, that tickles, and it's cold!" She shivered once but didn't push the boy away.

    Holly's acceptance of a boy's hand under her blouse was a visual moment, for the doctor, that was as unexpected as it was unbelievable. She blinked while processing it.

    Race even tried to cop a feel, but Holly predicted it and pulled his hand out from her blouse before he could. "The doctor has more games to play with you two." She blushed from the other woman's astonishment. "I didn't invite that." She played the victim.

    "What are we playing next?" Arnold bounded back to the doctor.

    "I-I need a moment." The stout woman looked for something to distract them. She remembered there were lollipops in one of the drawers. "There's a treasure of candy in this room you can hunt for."

    "Bah, we're not kids, Doctor."

    "Yeah, keep your candy. We want something more adult." Race grinned at the doctor's prominent backside.

    Holly felt pretty good about the way Doctor Vassarkik reacted to the boys. A cunning plan occurred to her. She would hang back and monitor the woman's resistance to the boys' effect. She could always text Jean if things got out of hand, and if she didn't text, their safety monitor would eventually barge in like nuclear reactor control rods.

    Doctor Vassarkik wondered if taking blood samples would calm the boys, but they were too rambunctious. She would have to perform other tests first, or abandon the appointment altogether and test them one at a time - if Holly's information had any validity. However if she gave up, she might lose a rare opportunity to figure out the cause of the boys regressed behavior. Could it be related to their condition? Holly had implied it was.

    She also felt the boys were too cute to abandon. And the doctor had to admit that she was enjoying getting a little silly with them. "Please forgive me, Race and Arnold. I should have said that it's time to play with the measuring tape." She went to a counter and procured a roll of cloth measuring tape. To prevent intimidating them, she crouched, held up the roll, and asked. "Which of you have the largest feet?"

    Race wished the doctor had gotten down on her knees. He imagined that and volunteered first.

    Because he was older, Arnold expected to win. He let his friend go first. And Arnold's feet proved to be half an inch longer from heel to big toe. Race shrugged off the difference.

    Doctor Vassarkik knew from last month's measurements that Race's calves were quite muscular. She offered a rematch. Race won by a full inch. Arnold asked unhappily, "Mommy, why don't you work out like Auntie Jean?"

    "What, and ruin my leg line?" Holly gasped with faux conceit.

    "Now, boys. We've seen that each of us have different sizes and shapes on different parts of our bodies. So you see if you're small somewhere, you probably bigger somewhere else." Doctor Vassarkik raised her safety net carefully. "How about we get a little silly, next and measure the sack between your legs."

    "Balls!" Race hooted. "You're going down, Arnold!"

    "Loser has to lick the biggest balls."

    So much for the doctor's safety net.

    "How about if both of you get to measure the doctor somewhere?" Holly felt silly joy at setting up the doctor, but she told herself it was to keep the boys from worrying about their measurement. "Winner choses what to measure first." She winked at the doctor but actually wished she could join in the fun instead of being a responsible observer.

    "Ms. Michaels, that's-" Doctor Vassarkik was about to say she had already compromised her professionalism, but what the heck. Allowing a couple, possibly embarrassing, measurements wouldn't do any real harm to her reputation, especially if no one found out. She felt giddy over the possibilities.

    "Please, Doctor, call me Holly." Arnold's mom tested the doctor's condition. "What your first name?"

    "S-Selim." Selim Vassarkik preferred to be called by her title, to promote a healthy distance between doctor and patient. She was surprise by her quick if halting answer. "But let's not make it a habit." Confusion over her mood prevented her from preventing her next professional slip. She smiled happily at Race and Arnold, "Now let's see those balls."

    Arnold had put his gown on upside down. He unveiled his privates by pulling up the sleeves. and pushed out his groin at the doctor. His dick was resting on his scrotum, between his testes which were the size of goose eggs. The doctor took three measurements, orbital girth, height, and combined width. She wrote them down without divulging them.

    "How big are they, Doctor?" Arnold wanted to know.

    Race chuckled, "She's trying not to embarrass you."

    "Your turn, Race." Selim told him, struggling to maintain her authority.

    "Check these out, Doc!" He pulled his gown fully off of his body and stood like proud superhero. He imagined the doctor falling to her knees, helpless against her urge to touch him and make him cum. His peter stood like a flagpole buttressed by two, large sandbags.

    Even in her giddy state, the doctor was inoculated against the appeal of a boy's erection, no matter how attractive. She took the three measurements, wrote them down, and announced, "It's a tie!"

    "No way." Race blurted, his erection slightly suffered.

    "Come on, don't baby us, Doctor." Arnold wanted the truth and was feeling as cocky as his friend.

    "Don't harass the Doctor, boys. She might rescind your reward." Holly tried to prevent bruised egos.

    "It's true." Selim lied. "Arnold is bigger in height. Race has the greater width, and you both have the same girth. It's a tie."

    "Put'er there, Pal." Arnold offered his hand to his friend. Race gripped it, "Sure!"

    Holly sighed with relief but the feeling of being left out nagged.

    Selim grunted as she stood out of her crouch, knees complaining. She then wadded the tape and tossed it in the air. "Catch!"

    The boys jumped, grabbing as it un-wadded along its arc. Both snagged part of the tape. Before they tugged the flimsy cloth to pieces, the doctor tut-tutted them and pointed out that Arnold held the greater length.

    "Just like my dick!" Arnold announced.

    "Keep your dick to yourself." His mother blurted and giggled. Her son blushed. He remembered his mommy watching Auntie Carol suck him to a terrific cum. His peter did the opposite of keeping to itself and lifted to half mast.

    The doctor took one step back, to give Arnold a better view of her body. "What do you chose to measure?"

    "You gotta take off your coat, Doc." Arnold declared. "It'll get in the way."

    "I want to measure her bottom. Please let me." Race whined.

    "Fine, then I'll measure her boobs." Arnold pretended to concede. Boobs were way hotter than a fat bottom.

    It was Selim's turn to blush, and her natural, cream coffee skin-tone couldn't hide it. She slipped out of her lab coat and hung it on a rack.

    Holly's cell phone buzzed in her hand. Jean was checking in. "Are you raping my child yet?"

    "Almost. I'm feeling it." Holly was loving how her plan was proceeding. "But please wait a little longer. The boys are fine, and the doctor is learning a lot from them."

    "I'll check again in ten minutes, but you better answer."

    "Roger dodger!"

    Arnold looped the ribbon which had tickled his balls, around Selim's chest. "41!" He announced. Selim was smug. Her breasts were a bit smaller but didn't tell the boys.

    Race stepped up behind her, and took the tape from his friend. "I never done this before, Doctor." He put his left palm on her bulbous behind for a second before crouching and reached around her waist, hugging her briefly before drawing the tape across her pelvis and then slowly around her hips. His hard penis twitched during the daring act. He dragged his knuckles across the doctor's flabby butt as he counted. "45, 46, 47, 48, 49-"

    "Hey!" Selim complained, "I'm not that big. My clothes add several extra inches."

    "Look's pretty big to me." Race slapped her bottom playfully. Her butt flinched, but the doctor didn't admonish him.

    Arnold looked at her tits and felt cheated. "It's not fair that you get to measure us while we're naked."

    Race liked his friend's notion. "Yeah, you should take down your pants. I'll measure it again."

    The boy with the measuring tape had been a little grabby. Selim knew she should rebuke them and get on with her work, but they were just having a bit of fun. They weren't the first boys to pat her big behind - always to her embarrassment. Race had given it a hearty slap, which shamed her, yes, but made her feel punished for being overweight. She often chided herself about her figure. As a doctor, she worried more about long term health than vanity, but vanity played its part. Selim Vassarkik didn't lack for sex. After her youngest daughter left home for college, the doctor lived the definition of a gay divorce' - the older meaning of gay.

    The boys' frivolity was utterly intoxicating. However, she was a professional. She expressed her chagrin to Ms. Michaels, with a shake of her head and shrugged.

    "Don't mind me, Doctor. Play along, and you'll wrap them around your fingers." Holly had put her bet on the situation working out the opposite way.

    "Yay!" Arnold jumped and pumped. "PLEEASE, Doctor!"

    Race used his best behavior. He stepped back and told her, "I'll do it quick, Ma-am."

    "Okay. Just for a second." Selim heard herself agree to take down her pants, something she never would have done twenty minutes prior. A giggle erupted from her throat. There was something so freeing by agreeing to bare her bottom to a delighted child.

    "I'll make sure the boys behave, Doctor." Holly stepped closer to the three who had been excluding her - mercilessly it seemed to her. "Put your arms around Mommy, Arnold, and pretend you're measuring me."

    Her son rushed to hug his mother's chest.

    "He's such a baby." Race told the Doctor. "You're wasting time staring."

    Selim's surprise at Arnold's familiarity with his mother's breasts was broken by Race's somewhat sharp rebuke. She realized then how little progress she had made with the boys' examinations. "Yes." Selim unbuttoned her blue pants and unzipped them. She griped the waistband and tugged them down to the top of her thighs.

    "What's that?" Race discovered the doctor was wearing something strange under her pants. It was like a sleeve wrapping her torso and hips, starting somewhere under her shirt and ending where she held her pants.

    "That's my girdle." Selim blushed. It was stretched out so much it barely had any effect. "It keeps my shape in control." That was a girdle user's code for redistributing her fat.

    "But that's not naked."

    Selim feared the boy wouldn't accept excuses. She blushed harder and started peeling her frumpy white garment up from her thighs. It took her a while, because it was so tight, but Race loved the slow reveal of her real underwear. "I've never seen panties like that before!"

    Normally, Selim would have wondered, how often did a fifteen year-old get a chance to see panties? Race didn't have a sister. Instead she stopped peeling up her girdle and covered the back of her purple thong, with both hands. "You said you were going to be quick."

    "You're the one slowing me down." Race countered.

    "I'm sorry." The part of Selim's personality, that usually kept a tight grip on her behavior, couldn't fathom her deference to a patient. But she had abandoned that part of her for a little mischief for once. She returned her hands to the task of peeling her girdle over her ungainly rear.

    "Wow, it's really hot, Doctor." From behind, her cheeks were so big, if Race hadn't been crouching, he wouldn't have seen the purple wrapped pout of her sex. His attention was distracted by the tightness of his penis.

    "Go on now. My panties won't add anything to the measurement."

    They sure wouldn't! They were more like a bandage than real panties. Race reached around the blushing woman and began to take her measurement. "...45, 46, -- aaand a half."

    "I-I guess I've gained a half-inch somewhere along the way."

    "Are you sure it isn't your panties?"

    "Yes." Although she wished it was.

    Arnold was nuzzling his mother's boobs, and she was petting his long blonde hair. Neither were in a state to mind the Doctor's final measurement.

    "Now you can measure me, Doctor." Race tugged her arm, and she spun around docile as a kitten. He pulled aside his gown to reveal his full five inches. She gasped softly. She hadn't seen the boy's erection before. Her professionalism was so cold, none of her research patients got hard around her. "Is that for me?" Her voice lilted.

    Race wadded the tape measure and stuffed it into her curled palm, all the while turning his hips to give the doctor a good view.

    Before she knew it, Selim Vassarkik was leaning over and tying a yellow bow around the base of Race's prickhead. Before she finished, he gave a little grunt. Race stared over her shoulder to her pushed out ass.

    "I-is it too, um, tight?" She asked

    "That's not what's tight." He tried to keep the discomfort out of his voice, but the doctor heard right through it.

    "What's the matter?"

    "My balls. They kinda tingle."

    Looking, the doctor couldn't be sure, but the boy's testes seemed larger. She quickly unwrapped his penis and measured them.

    The erotic sensation of having a cloth strip tugged off of his eager hard-on, added to Race's nut pain. "I think it's happening again."

    Just as Selim tightened the strip around one ball, the tape slipped to a larger measurement. They were getting larger. That was impossible! And it was amazing. The doctor said, "Wow, that's cool!"

    Outside the room, Jean Peralta had waited fifteen minutes before texting Holly. She cursed when there was no reply after another minute.

    "Mommy, your phone buzzed."

    "You're more important." Holly pulled up her blouse and then tugged her bra up and over her breasts. "Mommy was missing her beautiful boy." After offering her naked tits, she reached behind his gown and gripped his erect tool. "Can't have your balls hurt you." She began stroking him.

    "I want my mommy." Race grumbled. "It hurts. Where is she?"

    The boy's suffering cut through Selim's happy erotic haze. As the boy's testes expanded, his grunts sharpened into high pitched whines. She had to do something for the boy. Suddenly her years of medical experience were like wet blankets before a wild fire. "What can I do?" She implored Holly.

    "GET MY MOMMIEEE!" Race wailed.

    Deep thrums from a pounding fist sounded through the door. "Race, Mommy's here! Doctor, unlock the fucking door!"

    "Cum along Arnold." Holly giggled. "Let's help Race." Her fist never slacking its duty to quell her son's balls, she guided him to the door and unlocked it. Doctor Vassarkik covered her nearly naked crotch with her hands and shied away. "Nooo..." She whimpered.

    At the click of an unlock, Jean burst in, dashing to her son and falling to her knees. Holly closed and locked the door. Her son asked, "Is Race gonna be okay?"

    "Now he will, Honey. You just let Mommy help you. She quickened her stroking and kissed his cheek.

    For all her sexual experience, Selim Vassarkik was like a virgin stumbling into an orgy. Two mothers and two sons moaned and groaned from their fervent actions. Holly was swaying her shoulders, gently slapping Arnold's blushing face with her pert tits as she rapidly jerked on her son's cock. Jean Peralta had burst in and was suddenly on her knees, sucking in Race's prick as he wiped away little tears. "Help me, Mommy." He cried more tears. The shock of being plunged into a bubbling cauldron of illicit sex with minors, boiled off some of Selim's haze. She blinked and began tugging up her pants, leaving her girdle rolled up around her midriff.

    She was professionally obliged to call security, yet the compromised doctor knew that she had been complicit. She might have be able lie successfully, her word over two child abusers, but the boys would tell the same story no matter how carefully interrogated. How could this have happened? Selim staggered to her turntable stool and slumped upon it.

    "What were you thinking, Doctor?" Jean replaced her mouth action with a hand job. "Couldn't you tell my boy was in pain?" She accused and quickly resumed prick sucking her son. "Mmmy mlvs muu, mmgy." (Mommy loves you, Baby.)

    "Oooooo." Race remembered how Auntie Carol had stopped his pain and made him cum for the first time. He glowered at the doctor. "You're suppose to know what to do!" "Hhhhh, oh Mommy, I want to cum again."

    Jean, although free from the boys' mysterious influence, swore she would make her son cum in her mouth.

    Race's whines and whimpers turned into soft moans. Selim Vassarkik watched amazed as the swelling in the boy's testes receded. She hadn't really believed Holly's story about engorged balls until she couldn't deny first-hand evidence. No wonder Ms. Michaels hadn't divulged the treatment! Apparently different sorts of sexual release could prevent these special boys' from painful enlargement. Her researcher's brain found traction away from the delight that had weakened her, and it churned out one ridiculous theory after another. The only thing that motivated Selim more than great sex was discovering new ways to help people with difficult conditions. She sat blushing, eating up every nuance in Race's response to treatment. Her mind was so focused, she avoided consideration of her own bizarre, unprofessional, and illegal behavior.

    Noises in the room, slurping, slapping, smooching, gurgling, groaning, squeaking, rose in pitch and increased in frequency. "Cmm mrr mmmy, mmgy." Jean moaned on her son's throbbing cock. (Come for Mommy, Baby.")

    "Mommy, I feeel it-"

    "Are you going to cum this time, Arnold?"

    "I want to. I want to! I think I caaaa-" His hips lurched at the onset of his orgasm. Holly ducked down, in that last instant, and devoured her son's prick as it wound up its pitch.

    "MOOMMMYYYY!" Race howled! Cum jetted and splattered against the back of Jean's throat.

    Holly was also rewarded with an ecstatic cry. Arnold lurched forward, cramming his exploding cock deep into his mother's gullet, and hot spunk gushed down it. She choked and gagged on the sudden burst filling her mouth. She swallowed the spurting goo as best as she could. She coughed out some but clung to her boy's hips to let him know that would do her best to pleasure him.

    "Pheromones." Doctor Vassarkik said aloud yet unheard by orgasming sons and anxious mothers.

    "Gosh, Mommy, I'm cumming a lot." Arnold was surprised by the duration of his flowing nectar. In the few times he had cum all had been quick affairs, but this time his boner spit large globs a dozen times into his mother's sucking, gurgling face.

    Holly noticed the amount of her son's flow too. She had expected half of what adult men ejaculated, maybe half an ounce or less. As sperm continued to flood her gulping throat, she imagined she was attached to a fountain spout. She might have thought he was peeing, if the stuff hadn't felt so viscous.

    Jean swallowed the last of her son's spunk. It was the first time she had tasted it. A little tangy. A little salty, it had none of the dark musk of her occasional lover's seed. She pulled off of his twitching but empty shooter and examined his balls. The swollen orbs were visibly shrinking. Jean grabbed her son into a hug and burst, "I'm terribly sorry, Race. I got here as soon as I could."

    "I like it best when you make it better."

    "Honey, I love you sooo much!" She raised up and kissed his neck. His peter drooped while they cuddled next to the examination table.

    Holly was sucking and licking on her son's spent cock. She cooed, finally catching a taste of his cum, velvety smooth with a smokey tang. When she released her son's erection to the room's warm air, she admitted, "Mommy could get used to teasing you for a treat this good."

    "You're being silly, Mommy!"

    "Yes, I am!" Holly squealed, I'm a very silly, Mother Goose, for a very silly goose egg son."

    Jean wanted to hurl a gut-full of blame onto Holly for Race's suffering. Holly had lied to her about the state of shenanigans in Dr. Vassarkik's exam room. Instead Jean shook her head. Her pheromone addled friend would just brush it off. Pheromone? She looked at the doctor.

    "Did you say, 'pheromones,' Doctor?" Jean knew what they were, but those were suppose to be minor influences on behavior.

    "Oh, I'm relevant again." Selim perked up. She had been kicking her mammal brain for it's weaknesses. Excited by her theory, the doctor launched into an explanation. "We know that the boys' special gene affects hormone production, but hormones and pheromones are interlinked. We did test pheromones early in the study, but there were only minor differences in their chemistry. And we never saw significant behavioral effects across the population. I mean, from the boys."

    Holly's eyes glazed over, but Jean was still clear-headed and listening intently. Holly told the boys to dress, then giggled. "The doctor has learned far more than she wanted."

    Selim ignored the woman who had known all along that the boys' effect would trap her. Now she was as culpable as these amazing women. She never had been good at escaping social entanglements, let alone detect them. Selim did what she was good at, explaining. "What I believe is, when multiple boys are in proximity, their individual scents clash. I think their expanding testes are a symptom of sperm competition. When they encounter a challenger to their 'domain', the resulting hormones stimulate their testes to grow by kicking semem production into overdrive."

    "Could their scent be what's affecting us?" Jean eyed Holly accusingly.

    Selim couldn't face Race's mother. She had behaved appallingly. "Uh, I haven't had time to consider that possibility, but from my experience today, it's likely. Unfortunately, the result of male and female pheromones interacting can't be predicted. The combinations are close enough to infinity. And they're difficult to study, because the effects are too subtle."

    "Then there's a problem."

    "What do you mean?" It was scientist speak for, You don't know what you're talking about.

    "Our three hen gossip hutch was meeting a few months before we started getting loopy. The boys have been together during most of our bitch sessions. Why now?"

    Dr. Vassarkik shrugged. "Maybe something trigged them externally."

    YAWN! "I'm taking the boys outside to play." Holly put on airs and shuffled the dressed young men through the door.

    "Tits." Jean pointed.

    Holly looked down. "Oh." She re-seated her bra and buttoned up her blouse.

    "Before you go, Ms. Michaels." Selim asked, "Do you hate me?"

    "Not any more." Holly smiled, bowed, and exited, shutting the door behind her.

    "Don't engage, Doctor." Jean warned.

    Selim growled. "I absolutely will, Jean. I'm going rogue as a researcher. I'll devote every moment I can to study this aspect of the boys' genetic trait. There may be a cure for male infertility in your sons. We're talking Nobel Prize potential here."

    "You're sounding loopy again, Doctor."

    "I'll need sperm samples, Jean. Something tells me that you, Holly, and Ms. Hughes are able to supply me with plenty." She flashed Jean a silly grimace. "Consider it proactive blackmail." be continued...

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    Re: Moms Get Hung Up On Teens Hanging Ten (incest, mom/son, slow, subtle drug)

    I want to apologize for the delay. I'll post the next chapter soon.

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    Re: Moms Get Hung Up On Teens Hanging Ten (incest, mom/son, slow, subtle drug)

    I'll be posting the next part today, but apparently, accessing the https version of anime-sharing is causing problems. Thanks for your patience.

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