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    Mission Successssssss

    Dearest, dearest, dread father, I havvve been my loyalessst now, I have done that most speakable deed your speaker has given to me.
    I, your argonian son: Dagger-In-The-Shroud (Cyrodilliac tongue, of course),
    have a present to you, something I'm sure you and the Night Mother, will
    be mossst proud of. And to just say, to learn my own hatch kin was working
    against the brotherhood, the black hand, against you! It wasss an outrage.
    An act of dissshonor upon uss.They had used me. And inside those hallowsss,
    I found bodies, of my brotherss...Of your sons! Needless to say, it overcame
    even the best of me. HOW DARE THEY, isss what evven the core of my scaless
    I havve taken care of thiss proublem now, with
    a smile and lightening heart. Each stroke of my blade, the sstrum of my bow,
    every sspray of blood that will forever stain those wallss!...All of it..felt though the brother hood was regaining its dark mist, its.. pride.
    With there punishment given, fairly to each, there souls now yours.
    There shells, now yours, of course always have they been. To you, in this
    package, you find: The heart of each, all Former Hatch kin and Hatch mother,
    as well as the now decimated eggs, as there presence in the womb of the tainted
    has surely tainted them as well.
    If the fertility father would have been amongsst, the betrayers, and not already
    in your cold loving arms, his would be amongst them as well.
    As other tokens, you now find the tonguesss, eyes,fngerss, and heads of each. These,taken as so they not to sspeak, sseek, touch, or even turn there necks in the direction of you loving presence. I send these now, to the listener. He will surely deliver these giftss, to you. I sshall now go. To take another contract, and to sspill more blood, in your name, in the name of Sssihthiss.

    May you, the Dread father, and the Night mother, be ever with us.

    A nod to the elder scrolls.
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    Re: Mission Successssssss

    wow i love the elder scrolls and is character in you're sig from the the artist gia? i really love his work
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