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Thread: Marina, Case of the Contract [Unused storyboard outline for Marina sequel]

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    Marina, Case of the Contract [Unused storyboard outline for Marina sequel]

    This is 1 of 3 of my unused story boards for a sequel to Marina series made by AS. I will update it over the weekend, adding the rest of the parts. I'm currently writing all this out from basically short hand bullet points into something readers/interested parties of Marina series can follow. It is possible I might actually write it out as a proper fan fiction one day, but who knows. I will not be using it for a game though..I think. Please note this is rough and not proofed.

      Spoiler: NSFW 
    Case of the Contract, A Marina Sequel Story Board

    By Tentacle Bandit

    Below you will see what I call trigger checks, which effect story outcome and layout. Obviously I don't want to explain how they all interconnect so I'll just put them as positive actions or negative actions (negative leads to hardcore NTR or bad ending, positive leads to netorase) with outcomes explained later.

    Finally all of these plots were to use cross over characters from other AS games.

    I've broken each plot into "parts" as I feel each part tells its own story in the game with unique choices or make up a "day" of gameplay in the...well game lol.

    Plot 1.

    Case of the Contract

    Basic Premise: Kenji and Marina get involved in making an NTR AV (adult video). 3 routes (Soft NTR, netorase and hardcore NTR). Overall this is more NTR story, Kenji starts it as netorase and it has netorase route but its a little bit less direct then typical netorase for Kenji.

    Why I didn't use it: It would require a LOT new explicit new artwork especially near the end and I just don't have the skill for it or money to pay somebody for it. I liked the idea/story and might have been able to do it without the artwork but for a story about adult video which is all about watching video - it wouldn't make sense not to be able to watch them.

    Part 1.

    Just shy of a year passing since the events from Marina 3, Kenji is approached by Kouichi (from Marina 2 who was an AV adult video actor she slept with) who has found himself love, but is offered an opportunity that he finds hard to resist and needs Kenji's help. But he's also unsure if he should ask and looks uncomfortable. After hesitating and before giving Kenji details, Kouichi run off to help his bride-to-be with some event planning. Leaving Kenji/aka the player confused.

    You go home and spend time with Marina, wondering what it was about. A few days pass, you spend some more time with Marina. They have sex.

    Kenji starts wondering about Kouichi and realizes he never looked into his AV past. Its at this time Kouichi contacts you by trigger it, via using a computer to look up Kouichi AV history. If you don't the game just ends as life goes on.

    Trigger checks (2) above (no direct connection to part 2)

    1. When you go home you can tell Marina you saw Kouichi or not tell her. (positive action if you tell her)
    2. if you don't tell her, you are given another chance to tell her after she prompts you because you look distracted. (negative action if you tell her)

    Part 2.

    Meeting Kouichi again, he explains to Kenji that his agent has offered him more work, as they are in need of male actors very badly in the AV industry. Kouichi refused due to his commitment to his fiance, but his agent offers him another option - NTR videos involving him and his fiance as a 3 part series leading up to his wedding.

    The idea intrigued Kouichi and loving the camera, him tells his fiance about the offer as more a joke about what the studio offered him. His fiance is taken back but also wants to make Kouichi happy because she is so in love, but she is unsure of NTR. Kouichi is taken back by her openness to the idea and also excited. However she wants re-assurance the NTR doesn't actually damage a relationship and Kouichi thinks of the perfect couple to prove it! Kenji and Marina.

    At first Kenji is surprised for many reasons but is also intrigued, after all he still finds himself partially attracted to the idea of "wife loaning" even though he loathes to admit it with everything that has happened to them.

    Kouichi explains that if Kenji is open to proving that NTR can be fun and not harmful to a couple (as netorase or open hardcore NTR) then his fiance will help Kouichi make their own NTR trilogy leading up to their wedding.

    Now the idea of seeing Kouichi and his fiance (who he's shown a picture of) in a NTR video series intrigues Kenji, he hates to admit it but he'd watch it.

    However Kouichi doesn't know everything how badly the last experience was and feels less confident she'd be willing to talk about NTR, let alone endorse it after what they experienced.

    Kenji says well, he could ask Marina but she might not be so open about talking about it. They don't really do that anymore, but if shes willing maybe - just maybe Marina will be willing to have dinner with Kouichi and his fiance to talk about it.

    Kouichi laughs nervously, thanking Kenji but explains thats not exactly what he had in mind. His idea is actually to have dinner with Kenji, Marina and his fiance yes, but not mention NTR or anything that happened between himself and Marina. His fiance doesn't know he slept with her and he wants Marina and Kenji to present themselves as a normal loving couple - with a secret they keep to themselves. In this way presenting themselves to the world like nobody recognizes them too.

    Kenji is confused by everything Kouichi just said, but he feels something building in his stomach like a bad premonition offset by excitement (like butterflies).

    Kouichi continues by explaining that he will show his fiance Marina's NTR video. Demonstrating that this loving couple not only love each other, happy with one another and have a strong relationship but are involved in NTR videos. Hence demonstrating NTR can be safe.

    Ok now that makes sense to Kenji, feeling a sense of relief having not involving Marina directly like he expected. Then after a moment, Kenji gets confused.

    If Kouichi shows the video of him fucking Marina, which was sent for Kenji - then won't his fiance get angry that Kouichi slept with Marina?

    Which Kenji then points out.

    Kouichi gets nervous and fidgets a little, before explaining well those aren't the videos he wanted to show her. He then explains that the company he worked for "Sakura Shoots" or "Sakura Lace?" (or something I was gonna think up a clever play on the AV company name involving AS) is debuting their NTR line, currently they have 3 videos but want to expand with other series/couples.

    Unlike other AV companies they want to film special series, not just short clips of wives having affairs in hotel rooms. However Kouichi doesn't go into detail here, rather explains that he was wondering if Kenji and Marina would be open to shooting such an adult video.

    Now Kenji is totally blown away, he gets nervous and quickly points out that Marina would never agree to being an AV actress like that, especially knowing what Kenji knows/they experienced after what happened to them a year ago.

    Kenji laughs and sighs, he it was a nice idea (he explains why a little) but it would never happen. To be honest he's not even sure suggesting it to Marina would be a good idea.

    Kouichi quickly explains that she'll have her face censored and that they don't film them in studios. So its not like Marina is going into work as an AV actress, they are shot kinda like amatuer videos but with plots that expand as the video is shot.

    Kenji then can ask questions here.

    Kouichi gets so excited by Kenjis questions, he gets ahead of himself and texts his agents phone number to Kenji. However without looking at his phone Kenji stops Kouichi by telling him he doesn't think Marina will as his common sense takes over. If nothing else it could be a horrible idea and apologizes for asking to many questions. It mislead Kouichi.

    Kouichi laughs and shakes his head apologizing to Kenji too.

    He got so excited about the idea of sharing his love of AV/work with his fiance in their own special way and with Kenji presenting a small opening, well it just overtook him. Now Kouichi feels bad, he shouldn't have asked Kenji here for this, it almost seems selfish in retrospect.

    Kenji re-assures him its ok, he understands the lure of NTR. A long pause follows between them which is interupted by Kenjis cellphone. Its Saki his daughter, she wants him to get snacks and come home. She wants to snack and they have no snacks.

    Kenji explains that he needs to leave, they get up and say their goodbyes, Kouichi apologizes again and Kenji blurts out he'll ask Marina if he feels like there is a good time. Hes about to explain he doesnt expect that to happen but Kouichi excitingly interupts him and thanks Kenji vigoursly before parting ways.

    Kenji walks home, buys snacks and finds Marina sleeping while Saki is up late watching TV she shouldn't be (horror movie)

    Trigger checks (3) above.

    1. During Kenjis question, if you ask a certain question twice it opens up the option to ask one of two questions of which you can only chose one.

    A. is about "pretend hardcore NTR" that Kouichi mentioned. (positive)
    B. is about "series of videos" (negative)

    2. On your walk home, you stop to buy Saki her snacks. Chose the right one (positive) or wrong one (negative). Ties only into NTR route.

    Part 3

    A few days have past and Kenji is very distracted, luckily things are really busy at work and he can play it off that with Marina. At this point you can end the game without continuing as Kenji realizes wife loaning has become too much of a distraction for its own good and focuses down on his work. Game ends.

    Otherwise Kenji thinks harder about why this is distracting him so much and comes to the realization that this isn't wife loaning. This is NTR. Thats different but the same? He's confused now, he doesn't really know the difference and decides to research it.

    You are given a choice here, that either leads to NTR route or netorase route.

    Netorase route has you looking up the differences and further researching it at home.

    NTR route is strictly from his office, when he goes to the park on breaks.

    You wouldn't know which is which btw.

    While part 3 seems short, it actually would involve a lot of looking into it (ntr vidoes) and if you chose "at home" Marina talks to kenji about his late night habits and her concern that hes look at NTR again. However this forms open communication and trust between them.

    If you do it from the park, he looks it up on his phone but never finishes what he's looking at since breaks are short. He decides to text the agent for more information. He ends txt from the agent at random times who is eager to add another couple and thinks Kenji wants to be NTR'd. One night his phone rings during family dinner. Marina gets suspicious and checks his phone, Kenji has been deleting the txts but she sees he's receive a bunch from the same number and makes a note of it since he deleted them all. Basically she thinks he might be having an affair.

    Part 4

    Starts the same for both, Kenji has basically decided to go through with it - to talk to Marina about AV proposal.

    If you picked netorase route, based on Marina already aware of Kenji's browing habits she isn't shocked like he expected. She says no, but she feels bad for Kouichi, almost like they owe it to him and she really liked him but still says no. Kenji gets a little excited.

    If you picked NTR route, before Kenji can fully explain or even suggest the AV idea and because he's so nervous Marina starts to look upset. In her mind she thinks he's about to confess to an affair, which Kenji suddenly realizes when she mentions his phone and the female name thats been calling him all this time.

    Kenji is suddenly dumb founded, Just then her phone rings and she basically bolts. She can't not now, shes says leaving Kenji confused and alone.

    Later she comes back and looks really confused. He quickly explains thats not what it was about. Marina says only "she knows". Then keeps looking at Kenji funny. She starts asking a bunch of questions about them, about their fiances, none of which add up to Kenji.

    Then she asks Kenji what he wanted to ask her, he asks her and she looks like...well like nothing. Not mad, surprised or anything. She then says she knows, that she just met the agent. Hence "she knows". Kenji certainly didn't know this.

    Marina goes from very angry to crying. The answer is hard no btw. The night ends with Kenji sleeping on the couch.

    From here I'll describe the two routes separate. Netorase first then NTR. Both routes have a optional "hardcore NTR" ending, hence why both have triggers still.

    Part 5 A (netorase start route)

    A couple days later Kouichi calls and asks if Kenji has put any thought into his proposal. He explains that he told Marina but before he can say she said no, Kouichi gets super excited and thanks him, thanks Marina. Tells him he'll have the agent call him.

    Marina comes into the room and asks who was that, he sounded really excited. Kenji a little red face tells her it was Kouichi, she looks at Kenji and asks you talked to him? He says yes. And you told him no? she asks and Kenji says well he never had a chance he just hung up before he could. Marina finds this funny but concerning.

    She says she'll contact Kouichi, she feels bad about this hole thing but also feels like it would be best for her to have this conversation with him because clearly the boys are not thinking with their heads. She leaves to go get groceries and Kenji gets a call, its from the agent and she asks questions about Marina. He tells her that shes not actually agreed to this and she says "got ya" you can sign for her. She thinks Kenji and Marina are playing some kind of game, where she is willing but "playing" bad wife behind Kenji by not admiting it.

    Kenji finds her a little frustrating but is also drawn into what she's suggesting because the ideas turn him on. She explains that Marina will start working at an office as an OL lady, her previous experience is great and her boss will come onto her. The series will unfold but she cant spill all the details, part of it is getting Kenjis real reaction. Anyway she'll send Kenji the release forms, he can sign for Marina since their are married she explains since their playing a game.

    Just as he hangs up, Marina returns with groceries. She texted Kouichi and will meet him for drinks tonight. Winks and thats all!

    Night comes, dinner then Marina goes out. Kenji gets emails as he waits. Marina comes back within 30m, way to short for anything to happen although he knows better. Asks how it went, Marina turns red and says you know not great then blames Kenji.

    He's confused and she asks if he talked to an AV agent today. Kenji admits he did, Marina gets mad but resigns herself to living with stupid kenji.

    Part 6 (netorase route)

    A day or two follows, Marina is kinda going from a little annoyed to a little too nice to Kenji. She eventually cracks and tells Kenji she's taken a job as an OL lady now that Saki is in school. Kenji's ear perk up.

    However he never signed the papers and the uniform the agent mentioned was never sent. Marina continues and looks suspiciously at Kenji since he looks "weird" but he's not being weird. He's just surprised is all.

    Marina gives him one last look then dismisses him. Says your not thinking of that "other job" are you? He jokes, you said no. No, she repeats.

    Later that night in bed, she sexes out of him if he is still into netorase or if it was just for Kouichi. They go to sleep, her new job starts tomorrow.

    Next day house is busy, everybody is leaving at once. Marina's OL outfit looks nice if not professional to the T. Nothing like what the agent described. Sheer blouse, tight black skirt - this isn't what Marina is wearing at all.

    They all leave. Ken ji thinks about Marina at work. Texts her. Gets only a few replies. Goes home. Marina is super tired, first day in a long time is totally brutal she says.

    Saki feels bad and tries to make dinner with Kenji for them while Marina bathing. Kenji and Marina watch some TV but Marina quickly falls asleep.

    Trigger actions
    1. When Marina asks if Kenji is into netorase still or just for Kouichi, you can either answer:

    "its a demon that will always haunt him a little bit. A little bit she teases back." (positive action)

    "no, its just for Kouichi, he explains he wants to see Kouichi av series too" (negative action)

    2. When Marina falls asleep on the couch you can either,
    A. carry her to bed or
    B. leave her on the couch with a blanket and go look at her dirty laundry for any "evidence". you find none.
    (both trigger later events without changing the ending)

    Part 7 (netorase route)

    I hadn't really decided what but there would be an event with Hiroto here, he's dating somebody now. Marina looks shocked.

    Later Marina teases Kenji about a young guy that is totally into Marina at work, like a little love struck puppy. Teases kenji about it and explains thats all it will be..but well she does have a secret...Kenji asks what super excited.

    She explains that Hiroto new girlfriend...she's met her before indirectly, apparently shes having an affair with somebody at Marina's office who bragged about it and that her boyfriend is totally fine with it.

    Marina worries their netorase effected everybody now.

    Or if its more normal then she thinks.

    A few more days pass and Marina thinks she might quit, shes unsure but she kinda liked being a housewive and OL is a lot more stressful then she remembered.

    They start having sex, marina needs to relieve some stress.

    She explains that a lot of the OL ladies don't have bf and Marina can't imagine what that would be like. To be sexless and to have no family. Kenji comments he's heard a lot of them do AV now because of that, Marina is a little surprised at this comment and begins to ask how he knows narrowing her eyes at Kenji. He simple says its a fact, not trying to suggest anything that there are so many AV actresses most a forgotten.

    Marina jokes saying well there goes Kouichi's last chance for my AV video, star power could have won her over. Kenji quips well their aren't many real NTR videos and they have followings. Marina climaxes and says well I guess they'll never see my orgasm face (japanese word for it though) since it would be censored!

    So not worth it!

    Part 8 (netorase route)

    At work a couple days later Kenji is cleaning out his email and notices he cant find the one from the agent. Can't remember if he deleted it or not. Actually he hasn't heard anything from the agent gave up since kenji didn't follow through.

    At this time a new young office girl shows up and introduces herself to Kenji. He heard the staff talking about her, shes a real cutie.

    At home Kenji notices a package in the garbage and asks what came in the mail to Saki and she says something for mom. Looked boring.

    He askes where she is, and Saki said she came home early then left a few hours ago, something about her job.

    Kenji makes dinner and Marina comes home, she sits tired from a long day and enjoys dinner with her family. Takes a moment to get up and retire to bath as Kenji washes dishes and Saki goes to do homework.

    Kenji feels like something is off but can't tell what, he goes off to bed. Marina is affectionate but tired and falling asleep. Kenji gets up to go to bathroom then back to bed.

    Trigger actions
    1. a. Be friendly to new girl (negative action)
    b. be polite to new girl but not talkative (postitive action)
    2. Search Marina's clothing in washroom laundry bin before bed (event only occurs if you checked before)

    Part 9 (netorase route)

    Its the weekend now. I didn't know what but I planned some kind of little event out on town with Saki, maybe Marina gets some kind of text she dismisses something about work. Kenji feels like they are being followed.

    Sunday night Marina seems distracted, she starts asking Kenji questions about the AV video. Would he still ask her to do it now that its been some time since it was brought up.

    Kenji admits the thought excited him, he even admits to checking her clothes after work sometimes (if you do check) but maybe for the better he lost the email. Lost she says? Ya he couldn't find it he explains in the trash either.

    She starts coming onto him in bed, gives him a blowjob and teases him.

    Trigger actions
    *If you selected 1 in part 6 (netorase route) she will add this comment before going to sleep and allowing you a new action in part 10.

    "She finishes Kenji off by saying you clearly didn't check all your email boxes."

    Part 10

    I'll finish it up over the weekend.
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    Re: Marina, Case of the Contract [Unused storyboard outline for Marina sequel]

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