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    Post Kickstarter Reminder

    Hey guys. I've talked about this before on another forum, but I just wanted to share it again because it's really important to me. I have a Kickstarter project that's currently still running. It's for a doujinshi-style webcomic series based within the world of DC Comics. If you would like to help support the campaign, check out the link below:

    Link removed. —Ignis

    Please feel free to also ask me questions about the project.

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    Re: Kickstarter Reminder

    I beg your pardon, but this isn't how you do self-promotion. The first thing I'd like you to be aware of, of course, is that we expressly prohibit advertising in the forum. We may make case-by-case exceptions on our sole discretion to certain crowdfunding projects, but we can't just let anyone register an account, take advantage of our high traffic, and advertise their own projects.

    That's not how things work. This is a community with a real human being behind each keyboard. If you want to be allowed an exception to an activity otherwise we don't kindly look upon, get yourself involved with the community. Get to know and be known by others. Get on their good side. Get them interested in whatever it is you want their attention for. A little goodwill goes a long way, and it's not something you earn by doing what's essentially an act of advertisement without even elaborating the thing being advertised in your thread in an attempt to rouse interest.

    You may have a very cool project there, and I wish you the best on your endeavours. However, with only one post that is neither an introduction nor an advertisement for your project, you really haven't earnt eligibility to be excluded from the enforcement of our policies. It certainly doesn't help that you posted essentially the same thing twice with nary a day of interval and used the word "reminder" in your second thread, which, to those who like to read too much into things (yes, like yours truly), could be construed to imply it's something the community should be mindful about and that it's your duty to remind them such.

    Finally, your project isn't exactly the kind of thing that fits the forum. I'll refrain from opining on the franchise itself, but while Katana may be about Japan-y things, it isn't Japanese. Accordingly, and with all the above considered, I'm going to remove the link to your project. Thank you for your understanding.

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