Okay, before I fully explain this, this technically is a "forum game" but I started this thread in here because I want some actual serious writing involved(although not so serious is fine, I just want to encourage serious writing)

The way this works, it is first and foremost based off "Choose your own adventure" novels. the initial poster will write some material, then have a character(doesn't have to be the main character) in the story provided a choice at the end of the post. The next poster will then make a choice for the character, then write material for the choice, add supplementary material of their choice, then provide a choice with options at the end of the post. The next poster will make a choice from the previous poster, and so on.


1. each post must contain at least 2 sentences of material to help people write the story(You are encouraged to write more than this, but you don't have to.).

2. at the end of each post, it must contain at least 2 choices for one of the characters in the story.

3. If you add a character, you must use at least one sentence that contains at least 5 words to describe the new character.

4. If you kill off one or more of the characters in the story, you must either provide a new character or describe each character's death in no shorter than 4 sentences that contain more than 3 words each.

5. Each subsequent post must follow logic and complete the choice selected with no fewer than 2 sentences. (In other words, you make a choice, write two sentences that result from the choice made, then your 2 sentence minimum that add to the story.)

6. No double posting.

7. Vulgar language is allowed, but keep it tasteful.

8. ecchi scenes are okay, but no hentai please.

9. Images may be used to substitute 1 sentence, however, no hentai. ecchi/perverted images must be put in spoiler tags with a warning in the spoiler option.

10. Rules may be changed or added to this list, I will add them here and announce the changes/additions in a subsequent post.


The Story:

In a little known town in the far east country of Japan, known as Animesha, Takahashi Ito awoke to his loud alarm buzzing in his ears as usual. He got up, did his usual routine and made his way to the breakfast table. His father left for work right as he sat down to eat while his mother cleaned in the kitchen. Ito quickly finished, grabbed his schoolbag and made for the door.

"I'm going to school"

"Have a good day!"

Ito grabs his bike and enjoys the cool air blowing by him as he bikes to school. The ride to school was easy until he got to the steep hill that was famous for its height, as the school was built on a hill. Arriving at the bike corral, He notices the various sports clubs in the fields having their early morning practice. Takahashi Ito wasn't a part of any specific club, other than the "go-home" club, so he wasn't going to any club practice. This week happened to be recruitment week for the various clubs, and while the school had allowed the clubs to set up booths to recruit members, some clubs were more proactive than others, setting up their club booths in the morning, rather than after class in the afternoon when the club recruitment would be highest. As Ito walks through the main gate, he sees various clubs setting up their booths. At one of the booths, there was a stunning figure standing in front. She seems to have an aura of elegance as she watched and directed her fellow club members setting up the booth. Ito shifts his gaze and looks around at the various students slowly flooding in the school gate.

A sudden gust of wind blows the paper the elegant-looking girl was clutching out of her hand and lands not too far from Ito.

Ito chooses to:

1. Ignore the girl in front of the booth being set up and continue on like he did not see the paper that landed near him.

2. Pick up the paper and try to initiate conversation with the elegant-looking girl.

3. Pick up the paper, take a quick glance at it, then hand it to the girl, with the intent of heading to class immediately afterwards.