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    Give Her Vengeance: The Introduction (Script)

    The following is an original screenplay. Please feel free to comment, critque, and ask questions in the comments below!

    Plot summary: A girl wakes up in a room to find that she has been in a car accident and has lost her ability to see. A lone man who claims to be a doctor helps her cope with the situation.

    Give Her Vengeance: The Introduction
    (est. screen time = 15 min)

    *Script is subject to change at any time. Major edits will be mentioned.

    Begin reading:
      Spoiler: spoiler 

    FADE IN:


    The faint beeping of a medical monitor can be heard.

    A blindfolded GIRL slowly sits up on a bed placed on the tiled bathroom floor.

    The beeping of a medical monitor comes from a phone by the sink.

    The girl begins to breath heavily, as if in pain. She slowly raises her hands to touch the blindfold.

    She is suddenly interrupted by a MAN's voice.

    Oh, it looks like you've woken up.

    The girl gasps and freezes.

    MAN (CONT'D)
    How are you feeling?

    A man in a dark jacket stands above the girl.

    The girl takes a moment to answer.

    I... where am I?

    The man rests on one knee next to the girl.

    You're in a hospital right now. I'm the doctor who's been taking care of you for a while now.

    The girl tries to process this.


    She raises her hands again to feel her blindfold. She is interrupted again.

    Oh! Don't touch that. You're in a sensitive state right now, so you should just leave that alone, okay?

    The girl begins to panic.

    What's going on? Why can't I see?

    Shh.. I need you to calm down. We're doing all we can right now to take good care of you, okay? So we simply need you to listen to me. Do you understand?

    The girl shakes her head in confusion.

    MAN (CONT'D)
    All I want to tell you right now is that you've been in an accident. The police reports say that you were in the car with a friend and that both of you were very intoxicated, am I right?

    The girl doesn't respond.

    MAN (CONT'D)
    When the accident occurred, your friend, who was driving, was killed immediately on impact. I'm sorry I have to be telling you this.

    The girl begins to cry, and she raises her hands towards her eyes in pain.

    Why... why do they hurt so much? What happened to me?

    The man gently takes hold of her hands with his own. He holds them tightly while lowering them.

    When the accident occurred, the windshield shattered, causing shards of glass to enter your eyes. We've already done what we could to save them. So please don't touch them.

    The girl calms down a little. The man lets go of her hands and proceeds to talk after a moment of silence.

    MAN (CONT'D)
    I know they must hurt a lot, and I'm sorry, truly sorry. But as long as you're obedient, we may be able to get your eyesight back. Do you understand?

    (nodding weakly)

    The man gives the girl a moment to relax. He touches her shoulder.

    MAN (CONT'D)
    Okay, I'm going to give you some medicine to help you with the pain and to help you relax. Is that all right with you?



    The man gets up and heads to the sink. He finds a bottle of medicine and a cup of water.

    There is silence between them.



    It smells strange in here.

    The man sighs.

    It's just your imagination. This is a very clean place. You are very safe here.

    The man brings the bottle and water to the girl and helps her take them. He then lies the girl back down.

    MAN (CONT'D)
    Now get some sleep.

    The man stands over the girl and stares at her for a long while.



    FADE IN:

    The girl still lays on the floor. Her head is slightly turned to the side. She is drooling.

    The man walks over to the girl and stares at her for a little bit.

    The man kneels down next to the girl, still staring, and touches her face. With care, he wipes away the drool from her mouth and strokes her cheek. He caresses her face.

    He slowly makes his way down to her body.

    The man is breathing heavily.

    The man proceeds to unbutton her shirt.

    As the screen fades, his breathing can still be heard.



    FADE IN:

    The man is organizing sharp tools by the sink. He is wearing an undershirt. His jacket is thrown on the sink counter.

    The girl on the floor is covered only with a towel.

    The man puts on a white apron.

    After his preparation is complete. He briefly looks at himself in the mirror.

    He takes a large hammer and nail from the sink counter and kneels by the girl.

    He takes a moment to stare at the girl.

    He slowly places the nail above the girl's forehead and raises the hammer.

    He pauses for a moment.

    He raises the hammer higher in the air, about to strike.

    The girl suddenly lets out a short breath.

    The man pauses.

    The girl lets out a slight cough.

    The man stares.

    The girl becomes silent.

    There is a tense moment of silence.

    The man brings down the hammer. The piercing clang of the nail can be distinctly heard.
    There is sudden blackness.


    The man is looking at the ceiling. His hands still hold the hammer and nail.

    He drops the hammer and pulls out the nail from within the forehead.

    He stands up and heads to the sink.

    He leans on the counter with both of his hands as if he needs a rest.

    He takes a moment to look at himself in the mirror.

    (slightly smiling)
    She's so beautiful...

    His smile quickly fades.

    His gaze eventually shifts towards the tools on the counter.

    He eventually picks up some of the sharp tools and proceeds to walk back towards the girl.

    The camera holds on the mirror, zooming in. Only the man's back can be seen.

    The man kneels down towards the girl, out of sight in the mirror.

    The cutting of flesh can be heard.

    There is sudden blackness, yet the sound continues.

    Ominous music plays.


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    Re: Give Her Vengeance: The Introduction (Script)

    first, I thought this is some romance story, but later I'm shocked to know how the story progress

    anw, JReitan, will you continue this story? I'm getting curious

    oh yeah, the way you explain the details is really good, I can imagine it clearly in my mind.

    You got the talent bro
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