Since someone asked me if I am a Japanese which I replied with a 'no' and reasoned out that : It's a codename which came from my very own auto biography
Well here it is (note: It's a novel, though it is still not yet finished I may add up more characters in the original though)

Most important Character Groups:
Elemental Sisters
-They are the most popular and charming students of Sojo Academy. They are usually the school’s representatives in worldwide competitions. Their characteristics would make you think that they are the perfect maidens of all times. They are charming indeed, studious, intelligent, responsible, athletic and most likely talented.
B.U.W.I.S.I.T. Gang
- They are very popular like the Elemental sisters but filled with boastfulness. They are athletic indeed and also intelligent...

-Well they are very popular like the other two groups. They are the Elemental Sister’s alliance and most of them are their fiancés.
Elemental sisters Characters:
Michiko Shirigawa
- A young teenager, the student council president of Sojo Academy. She is very popular because she was a consecutive honour student of that academy and also because she is part of the elemental sisters.
Masami Daichi
-A young teenage girl that loves anime and manga. She is a very talented drawer. Known as the best friend of Michiko.
Natsumi Santoso
-She is a very popular teenage, high school student because she is like Michiko, intelligent. And she is also like Masami a manga and anime lover that is also a skilled drawer.

Sakura Hijirikawa
-She is also an honour student and a popular maiden. She is an anime addict especially in “Uta No Prince Sama”.

B.U.W.I.S.I.T. Gang Characters:
Tomori Saeke
-A popular lad that is intelligent and a varsity in basketball. The arch enemy of Michiko. Let us see if they develop some feelings for each other if their LQ continues.
Kalzo Tan
-The cousin of Tomori. Well they are like twins, in every aspects of their life they are the same except for their character and looks.
Hoshigaki San
-A Varsity of basketball and also a heart rub of the school .The boyfriend of Konya .

Shinichi Tokurami
-He is a heart rub in their school because of his dimples .He is the best friend of Tomori.

Esimilists Characters:
Shigure Somah
-The guy whom always teases Michiko and Natsumi. Obviously he has feelings for Natsumi.He is quite a techno geek.

Aphrodi Yuuto
-The fiancé of Masami and the owner of Masami’s heart.Sadly he passed away a few years ago , a day before Masami’s birthday. He died because of his strong love for her dear Masami. He was resurrected and he studied at Sojo Academy.
Kiyoshi Fugetsu
-A guy whom Michiko new since childhood. They both had feelings for each other.
Yukuno Jinguuji
-He is a close friend of Sakura. He is secretly in love with Sakura.
Hidekeo Jinguuji
-The brother of Yukuno whom is also in love with Sakura and Sakura is also in love with him.

Tatsuya Furato
-He is secretly and charmingly in love with Hanako. A very good varsity player.
Devin Hinommaru
- The childhood best friend of Natsumi .He is secretly in love with Natsumi.
Takashi Saeke
- A far connected cousin and neighbour of Tomori Saeke and Kalzo Tan .Well Michiko fell in love with him in the 3rd quarter.
Other important Characters:
Hanako Nakamura
-She is a quiet type of girl. She is very charming but she left the Elemental sisters because she doesn’t feel that she is fit in with them.Another reason was her trauma with her best friend Gina Otori
Gina Otori
-She is the leader of the Elemental sisters before she left and abandoned them and joined the other group.
Michiyo Sutenzu
-The leader of the group Gina joined in.Most likely a flirt
Atsushi Kanozaoa
-The guy whom Gina had a relationship with.
Manta Nakatawa
-Michiko’s seatmate on the first quarter and he is also Atsushi’s cousin.
Michella Nanamura
-A gossip girl and a good friend of Michiko and Masami. She has a crush on Manta.
Konya Shitensyoto
-The seatmate of Michiko on the second quarter and she told a very private secret of Michiko.
Kojima Katekyo
-One of the Elemental sisters but in this book she left Sojo Academy and went back to Canada.

Khoyasuki Himatsu
- A secret admirer of Michiko Shirigawa. According to this guy he is a ghost. He loves the sly attitude of Michiko.
Fictional Characters:
Queen Phi
-The Queen of all Elements that passed her powers to the Elemental Sisters for the sake of the world’s future because she is too old and might passed away soon.

-The daughter of Queen Phi whom had misled her path because of greed in power. The enemy of the Elemental sisters

-The demon that is telling Cleo to do the wrong thing. She gave Cleo her Dark powers and made her the queen of all demons.
Fey, Soj ,Kai and Gol
-the three most trusted devils of Cleo .Beware of them they are dangerous.They have disguised themselves as Kiyoshi ,Yukuno and Aphrodi and Devin.

Chapter one: A new year
As of now the first day of classes begun.Michiko, Masami, Hanako, Natsumi, and Gina are looking for their appropriate sections. Unfortunately the group is not in one class. Michiko and Masami are on Class A. Natsumi and Hanako are on Class B. And Gina is on Class C.”Good morning, well you all looked very excited today. Well you may now go to your respective classrooms.” the assistant director said. <Class orientation>riing it is now the students’ RECESS. The Canteen was so noisy because all the students want to share something.”Huh, I miss Kojima “Masami said. “Well as we all know everyone misses her but we cannot be like this pale forever .Even if she is at Canada we should remain strong for her.” Natsumi said. “I know, I know but....” Gina said but suddenly tears came out of her eyes. “I know it is hard but, I think you miss her because you are always arguing with her.”Masami said.”What did you say? I am acting here and that’s your response?”Gina said and chased Masami.Riing. The bell rang and it was the end of their RECESS.”Huh it is so boring.”Michiko said “Well, Ms.Shirigawa if it is boring why won’t you do us a favor to read the no.56 page 6 of the diary.”Their adviser told her. <Michiko read it then time passed by it was their LUNCH>”Michiko, faster I’m still going to buy food.” Masami said.”On my way.”Michiko said and jumped incredibly in the stairs which is about four feet high from the ground.”That was an incredible jump Michiko.” Masami praised her.”Thanks. “Michiko thanked Masami.After they bought food they were confused in their surroundings and became lost. “Oh, where are they?”Masami said “I don’t know let’s look for them here” Michiko said. Then after a while they found Gina and the others.”Guys, did you have a hard time looking for us? “Natsumi said.”No not at all .It’s just we were lost its weird because we felt that it isn’t the school anymore”Michiko answered for the two of them.”Well maybe you had exerted a lot of energy today.” Hanako said “Tell me about it.” Gina answered. <After LUNCH, classes go on and after three hours classes were over.>

Chapter two: A loss of a friend
A week passed:
“Hey, where is Gina?” Masami asked.”Well she told us that she will join the other group.” Natsumi said .When Michiko and Masami heard about this, at first they haven’t believed but when they had saw it themselves they were disappointed for what Gina did.
While Masami and Michiko were walking they saw Gina and Michiyo laughing like they were flirts Michiko pulled Masami by the hand and they broke the conversation of Michiyo and Gina by passing through.”Hey what did you do that for?” Masami asked “Oh well nothing I just broke Gina and Michiyo’s conversation.”Michiko said. After they bought their food they saw Gina with Atsushi.”Hey is that Gina and Atsushi? Why are they together do they have any relationship?”Masami asked.”Guess so.”Michiko answered back. When they had returned to their table they filled Natsumi and Hanako about what they saw. They were all shocked with what happened. Suddenly someone at the back tickled Natsumi.”Ouch.” Natsumi shrieked then chased the boy whom tickled her whom is Shigure.”Oh, they look nice together.” Michiko said.”Oh yeah<suddenly the boy tickled Michiko > don’t worry your schedule will be later afternoon.”Shigure said.”Oh you’ll pay for that”Michiko said and beaten up Shigure. “You see ,you and him are like one of the anime characters in a story because you keep on beating him up and he keeps on teasing and disobeying you’re orders.”Natsumi said.”I’m sorry Natsumi but that isn’t true.” Michiko replied. After all the chasing and teasing their LUNCH was over and after three hours classes ended. Well the group talked about staying for a while after dismissal to have more bonding .Suddenly Shigure said”Hey Natsumi can I join?” “Huh? Oh yeah.”Natsumi said.”Natsumi, I want to ask you something.”Shigure said “Ok .What is it?” it seemed like Natsumi was pretty much excited and a blush came out of cheeks.”Oh it’s just that <suddenly he tickled Natsumi again>”Shigure said. Then Natsumi chased him.”Oh a perfect match, sadly they don’t have the guts to tell each other their each and own feelings.” Michiko said.”Even though you are childish I agree with you about this one “Hanako said.”Me too.”Masami said.
Chapter three: Sakura –The cherry blossom
“Oh, thank god it is the middle of July. But it is almost our midterm exams and periodical tests .It gives me a lot of pressure.”Michiko said.”Yeah but do not mind that .Hey look there is Sakura .Why is she coming closer to us?”Natsumi said with confusion.”Oh, hello can I join?” Sakura asked.”Yeah sure.”Michiko said. “Oh yeah guys before I could forget .Tomorrow I will bring a story I composed about what has been happening in our life ok.”Michiko added.”Alright, just make sure to think maturely in that story.”Masami reminded her. (Sakura Hijirikawa , a close friend of the E.S whom is in Class D)
Chapter four: Diagnostic test
“Hey the test was hard right?” Michiko asked.”Yeah but we are half day today right?”Natsumi said.”Hey Michiko how about the story you said?”Hanako asked. “Here it is.”Michiko handed it to them. They read it and were amazed by the way Michiko constructed the words.”You’re story is good and it is very beautiful .You know how to construct deep but understandable words.”Masami said. “Thanks.”Michiko said.
Chapter five: Action !Fantastic
“Well today were going to have the midterm in our Religion “Michiko said “lucky us we will have it next week.”Natsumi said.”Hey guys “Sakura said .She sat down and ate for a while. “Hey is that the story? Can I read it?”Sakura asked.”Yeah here.”Michiko said and lends the story to Sakura.”Hey you are good in composing.”Sakura said.”Thank you”Michiko said”Michiko can you set aside first the thanksgiving because Shigure is about to attack.”Natsumi Said .Then suddenly Shigure attacked them. But before his fingers hit Michiko and Natsumi they jumped about five feet above the ground and turned before they landed.”Oh you’re good “Shigure said “Well how about if I let you taste my whirlpool of doom.”Michiko said and then attacked Shigure in the face .The attack hit Shigure and made him fly over three meters. Then Natsumi followed the punch of Michiko with a kick.”Mine is a High Thunder Shot “Natsumi said.”Alright.”The two said.”Huh you are good .I had fun in our training today bye.”Shigure said.”You two were amazing.”Masami said.”Thanks.”Michiko said. Suddenly Masami’s ‘Attack Feelings ‘were tingling and suddenly she blocked it with her arm.”Well even you are pretty amazing.”Shigure said “You again? Hey Sakura, Hanako do you want to show Shigure our abilities to?”Masami asked.”Of course I couldn’t refuse a wonderful offer.”Hanako said.”Count me in”Sakura said.”Guys let us have these ok.”Masami said.”Ok.”The two others answered. Then Masami gave Shigure a Taste of her Cannon Flame .And Hanako gave Shigure a taste of her Mudslide Disaster. Lastly Sakura gave Shigure her Tornado Dance.”Alright.”They all said.”You are all good for girls “Shigure said.”Yeah that’s right so you better not do that again.”Michiko said but while Michiko was making faces she hit Tomori.”Hey, watch where you are going.”Tomori said. “Oh sorry.”Michiko said then Tomori left.”Hey what’s wrong this was the first time you haven’t fought with a boy.”Natsumi said “Anyways may I ask you who your crush is?”Natsumi added.”Oh he is Tomori.”Michiko replied” What???”All of them screamed. The other people around them stared because of the reaction they made.”Oh well I get it that is the reason why you haven’t argue with him.”Masami said.”No actually we fight a lot but, the POD police was here a while ago “Michiko answered back.”Oh that’s why.”Hanako said.”Oh yeah before I forgot .I am going to make a manga about us .ok?”Natsumi said.
Special Chapter: Tomori and Michiko bonding experience
Class A: Religion time
“Good morning everyone. “Their Religion teacher said. Then the class answered. When the teacher was about to write in the black board when she noticed that she has no chalk.”Ms.Shirigawa and Mr.Tomori may you ask chalk from the utility center?”The teacher asked “Yes mam.”They both answered. When they were in the main building Tomori ran and left Michiko.”Hey Tomori wait.”Michiko screamed” I’m sorry I am just used to that kind of speed, my father and I train always in Basketball .We both love it. This is so fun” Tomori said.” Fun for boys like you.”Michiko said. After a while they reached the utility office. They asked for Chalk. And gladly it was given to them.”Hey before we enter the room <Michiko kicked Tomori>that is for leaving me alone in their I was about to be attacked by asthma.”Michiko said “Ouch. You always do that.”Tomori said furiously .When it was their LUNCH Michiko filled the group about what happened in their religion subject. And Tomori also said it to his group about Michiko’s attitude<tomori’s group conversation>.”Man, she is so much of a bossy person.”Tomori said “Well she’s a girl so just forgive her.”Hoshigaki said<Michiko’s group conversation>”Hey look there is Tomori and the others “Natsumi said. Then Michiko looked but suddenly Tomori pulled her chair which made her scream. A lot of students giggled.”Anyways I don’t get it because if I like someone I keep on hitting him.”Michiko said.”Oh were did he go.”Michiko added.”Tomori’s got a stalker hahaha.”Masami teased Michiko
Chapter Six: Ok stop these nonsense!
“Uhh.I want to have a quiet place where Shigure can’t talk.”Michiko said “Why?”Natsumi said. Then suddenly she pointed to her back and they saw Shigure.”I like bananas, I like bananas” Shigure said again and again.”Would you get out of here”Michiko said. Then the two argued again. After a while Michiko settled down to eat her lunch.”Hey Michiko do you have a marker?”Hoshigaki asked. “Why?”Michiko asked then suddenly “Hey, I’ll just put this here for a while.”Tomori said. Then the group teased Michiko. Michiko blushed a lot.Then after a while the bell rang and the group ran as fast as they could but Natsumi accidentally bumped into Shigure.”Ouch !”They both exclaimed. And so they had a bloody war …… ouch but of course they did not use their powers because it was still school hours. Well the group left the two while they were fighting because they were thinking of giving the two some lone to lone time with each other .The two love birds were too much busy arguing that they haven’t noticed that all of the sections had gone up and the strict inspector was about to come so they ran as fast as they could to the storage room to hide but the janitor locked the room without noticing that they were there. “Oh no! What are we going to do!?We are locked!”Natsumi reacted.”Natsumi, calm down I am here with you so do not be pressured. As long as we are together we would be safe.”Shigure said for Natsumi to calm down. After a while the two started to blush.”Huh! It has been like an hour or so but no one had noticed that some students are missing. What do we do now?”Natsumi said and started to stump the door very hard but suddenly the bell rang to tell everyone that it was lunch break already. “Natsumi, calm down and let us just enjoy this and think like it is a challenge for us.”Shigure said and held Natsumi’s arms and told her “I love you...””I love you too.”Natsumi replied and they started to kiss but suddenly Michiko kicked the door and said “Hey look I found them but you know what I feel like I am conscience because I broke a love scene.”Then Masami and Sakura also took a sneak peek.”Oh yeah you’re right well we got to go.”Masami said.”Are you guys coming or want yourself got locked up again?”Sakura said.
The next day:
“Hey Michiko these RECESS is the contest would you like to tell me good luck?” Tomori asked Michiko.”Why would I?” Michiko replied .Then they started arguing again. Kalzo noticed and told them a solution for their problem.”Guys cool down why don’t we just have a bet. If he wins you will give him fifty pesos if he loses he will give you fifty pesos .So are we clear?”Kalzo requested “Yes” They both agreed. After Michiko gave her word she was really nervous because she is afraid on what will happen .Tomori on the other hand is very confident about it. When Michiko went out of their room Michiko saw Natsumi she was about to call her but she saw Shigure and so she decided to watch from the sidelines.”Hey Natsumi about yesterday!”Shigure said but Natsumi ignored him and ran away.
Later that LUNCH:
While Michiko and her friends were having a lot of fun they haven’t noticed Tomori passing through.”Hi” Tomori said. Michiko was really shocked and because of her sudden movements she fell from her chair.”Ouch. What is it you want with me?”Michiko exclaimed”Oh sorry to bother you but it seems you forgot about our deal. I won the contest.”Tomori said.”Hey wait a minute you said it is fine,” Michiko answered back.”Well I want to buy Jelly ace is there a problem?”Tomori said “Jelly ace? Childish of you.”Michiko said” Anyways are you going to jabber all day or would you mind giving him money so we could settle down and eat our LUNCH.”Masami said. Because Michiko was starving she was convinced to give Tomori money and so Tomori left.”Oh thank God that was finished.”Natsumi said “Anyways you look sweet.”Sakura added. After the Michiko and Tomori’s argument Shigure went to their chair and ask if he could join and so they all agreed and forced Natsumi and Shigure to seat beside each other .Natsumi was really blushing that time.”Oh I had enough!”Natsumi said and ran away.”What is wrong with her?”Shigure asked “Do not be so dumb Shigure don’t you remember what happened yesterday?” the narrator said
Chapter Seven: Be healthy, live longer
“Hi guys. What are your costumes mine is a jacket filled with diff. fruits and vegetables how about yours?”Michiko asked them “Well look at mine.”Natsumi said “Wow it is cute.”Michiko said”Yeah here is mine” Hanako said “Hey that fits you .anyways where are Masami and Sakura?”Natsumi asked “I don’t know.”Michiko said .After a while of organizing the parade was about to start they had a lot of fun. “Uhh.I am tired. “Masami said.”Well if you’re tired I am starving. ”Michiko exclaimed “Really well .Hey Shigure Michiko is starving would you give her some bananas.”Hanako said and winked at Shigure.”OK.I like bananas, I like bananas” Shigure said again and again.”Stop it.”Michiko said and then chased Shigure. But while Michiko was chasing Shigure she bumped into Tomori.”BOOM “they bumped into each other.”Hey small fry .Watch where you’re going.”Michiko said “Hey hot head stop jabbering around you are adding noise to our surroundings.”Tomori answered back.”Well let us just argue in another time I got to go catch Shigure.”Michiko said. Then Michiko chased then beaten up Shigure.”She never changes doesn’t she?” Hoshigaki said.”Yeah and that’s too bad .Because she is a girl .But doesn’t act like one.”Kalzo said.”Shushh.If she hears you we might be the one shed been chasing after.”Tomori said. Suddenly…”Hey Michiko need a hand?”The group asked.”Yeah probably!”Michiko said. And so they started to fight “Haaah! Take this a round house kick!”Michiko said and hit Shigure in the face.”Here take my Fist of Fury this is for making pranks .”Natsumi said.”Take this Raining fire. This is for teasing Michiko!”Masami said.”Don’t waste our time here is my attack Mudslide!”Hanako said.”Wait for me but I request you to cover your ears! Annoying pollution!”Sakura said.”What did she say cover your ears?”Hoshigaki said.”I do not know but let us just do it.”Tomori said.”Don’t you think we should join in the fun?”Come on!”Kalzo said and so they also helped them until Shigure gave up and so the fight was finished “I think the title doesn’t fit the content!”The narrator reacted.

Chapter Eight Secrets revealed.
Class A: Michiko
“Hey Tomori .Did you know that Michiko has a crush on you?” Konya said.”Hugh. “Michiko heard their conversation but go on with her activity so that it wouldn’t be obvious. But sadly Tomori believed Konya. “Hey Michiko is it true?”Tomori asked her “What is true?”Michiko said.”That you like me?”Tomori said “In your dreams”Michiko denied but it was obvious that she was lying .Michiko turned really red. In that whole day after Tomori and Michiko’s last conversation, Michiko hasn’t said a word .All of the people that know her was very worried about what is happening.
“Hey guys I have been thinking this for some time……I want to tell you that I am in a relationship since I was 6 but I did not know what is the meaning of boyfriend Aphrodi haven’t told me .”Masami said “What!!!!!”Everyone screamed.”But hey wait who is Aphrodi?”Michiko asked.”uhh!(Masami was really shocked that she forgot to introduce Aphrodi to them)Aphrodi Yuuto ,a close friend of mine and my fiancé , whom is now dead because of true love. He died because of me! Because of me! He was about to come home to the Japan when they had a plane crash!(she was telling the story while she was crying because of sorrow and sadness for the death of his beloved fiancé.
Class B:Hanako
“Hey, look at these guys there is a letter. “A girl in their class said. “Well let us read it.”A boy said.”Hey Natsumi what am I going to do? I am so in love with Tatsuya! Help! From Hanako.
Well Let us talk about it later right now we have classes.”The class had read the letter while Hanako became really crazy on what she must do but it seems like Tatsuya doesn’t care.”Hugh Tatsuya is a hard to get guy!”The narrator said

The next day:
“Hey Masami .Why is Michiko so quiet I am not used to this,” Tomori asked “Well she told us yesterday that you now knew her feelings that is why she is having too much problem with what she is going to do and say .She told us that she is shy to tell you she is sorry for hurting you.”Masami told Tomori. Then Tomori looked at Michiko whom still hasn’t spoken one single word.”Don’t worry I will talk to her.”Tomori said.”Thank you.”Masami said.”Hey Michiko.”Tomori said but Michiko had still ignored Tomori. Then when Tomori was desperate he tickled Michiko who caused her to speak and look.”Ouch” She exclaimed “Yes at last you spoke. We were all worried.”Tomori said “Oh sorry.”Michiko said.”Anyways .About what Konya said it’s alright for me so do not bother.”Tomori said.”Thank you really.”Michiko said.
All day Hanako just lays her head on her arms and every time she lifts it her eyes seemed like it wept tears. Suddenly Tatsuya saw her and lift Hanako’s face and told to her closely “I love you.” Hanako felt really happy and became more active in class.”After all that I think she doesn’t need to get Tatsuya’s heart because he already is.”The narrator said.
“Michiko! I need you!”Masami screamed and hugged Michiko.”Huh? What’s seems to be the problem?”Michiko asked “Aphrodi? Aphrodi is that you wait up!”Masami said and ran to the corridors. “Oh no she has gone nuts!”Michiko said. Then suddenly Masami did had a conversation with Aphrodi and Aphrodi told Masami that he loves her and he will always be there for her so there is nothing she needs to worry about. After that Masami came back to her old self.
Chapter Nine: Love is in the air.
“Uhh.I am so in love with the character in that story. You remember? Nanami.”Sakura said “Ohh.”They all answered back. “I’m so crazy about him I want to scream.”Sakura said.”Well I am also in love .But with a different person .Tatsuya he is really cute.”Hanako said”Hey guys, love are spreading into the air. But why? It is still not valentines.”Natsumi said.”Anyways can I go back on the topic now .whooooo .I am so crazy “Sakura said. ‘What’s up with her? And also what’s up with Michiko? I thought Tomori talked to her already? Why is she not reacting?”Natsumi asked a lot of questions.”I don’t know but come on let us ask her.”Masami said.”Hey Michiko.”Tomori said “Hugh? Oh it’s you Tomori why? Is there any problem?”Michiko said.”Oh no it’s just they told me that you haven’t spoke a word.”Tomori said.”Oh yeah I haven’t .But there is nothing to worry .It’s just I kind of miss my former school and I wish that I did not transfer. Because I really miss a very close friend of mine. You know what he is very nice, tall and handsome he is so intelligent if you ask me I think all the girls in our school are head over heels to him, his name is Kiyoshi.”Michiko told Tomori with a smile.”Oh really? Well do you like him? “Tomori said with disappointment.”Well yes .I had a crush on him when we were on the second grade and also I like him as a friend. But as I know he likes me according to my friends.”Michiko replied.”Well if he asks you to be his girl would you accept?”Tomori asked.”Why are you asking a lot of questions anyway? Well it depends if I would feel something for him then go but now I do not feel anything for anyone even for you .I feel I’m a new person again.”Michiko said.”Really? Oh well ok.”Tomori said and left sadly.

Chapter Ten: Crazy Tomori!
The net day: Class A
“Hugh. Our teachers sure are strict today.”Michiko groaned.”Yeah maybe they are having some trouble with some things.”Masami said.”Yeah maybe”Michiko answered back. After Michiko and Masami talked Michiko settled down. But his classmate groaned and said”Hey Manta, Stop popping those pimples”Shinichi said.”I like to pop your pimples. And name it the big one is called Tigyawat and the small one is called Pimplets.”Manta said.”Hahaha.”Everyone in the class laughed. Even their teacher laughed and joined the fun.”Maybe you are in love.”Michiko and Michella said together. Because Tomori was getting out of place he spoke too.”Good thing he’s pimples isn’t obvious but mine is in the nose.”Tomori said.”Well it seems you’re pretty in love. Who’s the lucky girl don’t worry even if she knew I am sure she likes you too. I mean why wouldn’t she you’re handsome and all.”Michella said.”Well I am just saying he is lucky that’s all.”Tomori answered back.”Hmmm. Really? You are lying its Michiko that you like right?”Manta said.”Hey why did I enter your conversation?”Michiko said.”Hey that’s not true Manta.”Tomori said with a blush. After their conversation the class became quiet again and started to concentrate on their lectures. After their first period their English teacher was absent that’s why the class became a chaos. Suddenly Manta stood up and walked like a supervisor .Tomori went to approach him to settle down until their substitute arrives.”Hey Michella, Michiko please do not let him get away to lessen the class’s noise.”Tomori said.”Yes we will “Said the two girls then pinched Manta’s cheeks.”Ouch” Manta exclaimed. Tomori heard and saw the scene and then approached them.”Hey it is not a good thing to pinch him even though he is cute.”Tomori said with jealousy.”Why Tomori is your cuteness fading away?”Michiko asked. Tomori ignored to answer her question for a reason. <Later that RECESS>”Oh I hate him .He is so KJ.”Michiko said and stumped her feet like it was too much heavy for her to carry.”Chill, why are you even angry anyways?”Masami asked “Well he keeps on butting in any conversation Manta and I had even games we play it seems like he is so KSP. <Kulang SA pansin>”Michiko said “Well let us see until later what his actions will be.”Masami said. They both agreed then their third period came .Without Michiko noticing Tomori got her Hanky .Masami saw it and told Michiko using their eye to eye contact. That is the reason why Michiko saw Tomori smiling at her while holding her hanky.”Hey give it back.”Michiko said. Then Tomori gave back the hanky .After they all settled down their teacher left for a while. Masami called Michiko. “Michiko you know what based on Tomori’s actions it seems like he likes you.”Masami said.”Oh ok bye” Michiko said and turned around like she haven’t even heard anything.”Wait seriously.”Masami said and then let go of Michiko. After their fourth period was over it was their LUNCH.”Masami you have a lot of explaining to do.”Michiko said.”Fine” Masami answered back. After they ate and settled down Masami explained that it was obvious that Tomori is developing feelings for Michiko because of the handkerchief that he got the reactions he made during their conversations. Michiko hasn’t believed Masami and so Masami explained further but suddenly without Michiko noticing Tomori broke their conversation.”Oh panot.”Masami said.”Why what is wrong Masami?”Michiko said and saw Tomori but she doesn’t know that he was Tomori she taught that guy was Shigure .Then she realized it was Tomori.”Oh panot.”Michiko also said.”Hmmm? Anyways do you have a peso coin?”Tomori asked.”Yeah here now can you leave us.”Masami said and then gave Tomori the coin.”That’s it. A peso coin? What could he buy from that?”Michiko asked.”Maybe he went here to see you.”Masami said.”Oh please stop this non sense and also I do not really feel anything for him it is just a prank or a test.”Michiko said “Oh well you’ll see.”Masami said. Michiko sighed and then they went to the court to line up and go upstairs for their sixth period. When all the students were on their respective classrooms in class A there was no teacher at all. That’s why the class was very noisy.”Hey Michiko, look “Tomori said and wiped his sweat with Michiko’s hanky.”Eww .put it back.”Michiko said and so Tomori returned it .Suddenly Michiko noticed Tomori got a lot weirder. Well she might probably believe that it is true but she ignored her thought.
Chapter eleven: The revelation of the Elemental sisters’ beauty in the “Buwan ng Wika”
“Oh no I am late again!”Michiko said then she saw her classmates going down .Suddenly Masami and Konya noticed her and they told Michiko “Wow you look very beautiful.” Then she ran as fast as she could to put her bag in their room so she can join them. When the parade was about to start Natsumi, Hanako and Sakura were making some flashbacks by showing how pretty they were. All of the people were staring at them.”Wow Natsumi you look like a well bloomed flower” Michiko said. “Hugh! Don’t piss me off.”Natsumi replied.”Hey even Hanako, Sakura and Masami look like beauty queens.”Hey do not even think about teasing us.”Masami said while bursting a dark aura at Michiko.”Stop please!”Michiko said with a scare. “Maybe next time be careful on what you say.”Sakura said. “Yeah and you know that Masami is sensitive right?”Hanako added. “Sensitive huh?”Masami said and beaten up the two girls,<Michiko and Hanako>
When they were on their respective classrooms………
Class A
“Hugh! It was so exhausting oh I have C2.”Michiko said and drank. “Hey Michiko can I have?”Shinichi asked” Yeah sure here.”Michiko said and gave Shinichi the c2. After Shinichi drank Tomori asked for some C2 too but the bottle was almost empty that is why Michiko refused to.”Hey come on give me some c2 .Why did you give Shinichi some and then I do not have?”Tomori said.”Oh well fine here.”Michiko said and so Tomori had a drink.”Ayeee. That is almost like a kiss you know.”Masami said.”Quit it out he did not place his mouth in the tip of the bottle so there is nothing I need to worry.”Michiko said.”Thanks Michiko, but can I have some more?”Tomori said.”Ohh! I am saving this for later.”Michiko said “Well then here have this it is the same.”Masami said.”I don’t like that .That’s yours and I want Michiko’s drink.”Tomori said “Yup he does have a crush on you. “Masami said “Shut up!”Michiko said.
Class B
“Woo! Party!”One of their schoolmates screamed. “Quiet!!!”Their adviser said.“Hey do you want to get some punch “Hanako asked “Yeah sure why not.?”Natsumi replied. After they got some punch Tatsuya hit Hanako accidentally and so Hanako punch was spilled around her clothes which made them quarrel.”Huh there Is an LQ going on here..!Guys! Guys!Oh come on help me out!”Natsumi said.Then suddenly one of their schoolmates hit Hanako really hard which made her fall into Tatsuya and their lips bumped into each other.They stared for a while and then stood up immediately.”Uhhh.Ohh I am sorry .”Hanako said.”Neah! I should be the one whom should be sorry.But can I be forgiven by a kiss?”Tatsuya said and made Hanako blush.
Chapter twelve: Goodbye you traitor!
A week after……
“Hey! Uhm… Guys we need to talk.”: Hanako said.”What later.Anyways he is not supposed to be their…………..”Michiko said.”Oh yeah? Well for me it is so cute.”Natsumi said.”Nuhuuhhhh!” Masami said.”Shut up!!!!!!!!”Sakura said.”Oh sorry.”They all said.”Anyways as I was saying I want to leave the group.”Hanako said.” What why?”They all reacted.”Well I don’t think that I would fit in this group .That is why and anyways I already made a deal with the others .Also I do not want you to be in the mess I made with Gina ,Michiyo and their gang. So…….”Hanako said.”What did you do! We all agreed that we will forgive Gina already and she is the one whom decided that she will join the other group.”Michiko said.”Hey Michiko you’re beginning to mature. Anyways she is right.”Masami said.”Well I am sorry but it is already done.”Hanako said. And she left the group.
Chapter thirteen: It is a love story baby
Masami love story:
While Masami was walking up the stairs he suddenly bumped in to Aphrodi.”Aphrodi? What are you doing here? I thought you were dead?”Masami said.”I did Ami but I had been resurrected “Aphrodi said.”Oh Aphrodi I missed you so much .You are such a great big gungong!!! You left me all of a sudden and now you came back here! Oh Aphrodi “Masami said .
While Michiko was chasing some of the disobedient schoolmates she bumped into Tomori.”Ouch!”they both said.”Oh I am sorry.”Michiko said nicely but it seems like Tomori is in a bad mood.”Why did you do that you demon !It is not a good reason even though you are the School’s Student council president you know!”I am really sorry how about I will just treat you for lunch so that I can make up?”Michiko said.”Yeah sure do you even think that someone would dash in a mere instance just for a treat of lunch? Michiko Shirigawa!”Tomori said and suddenly a guy showed up “Did someone say the name Michiko Shirigawa? Ohh! Michiko I missed you so much “Kiyoshi said and hugged her so tightly.”Kiyoshi? What are you doing here?”Michiko said.”To be with you of course.”Kiyoshi replied.”What nonsense are you talking about? Are you saying you are in love with this amazon?Well infact you are also like her.”Tomori said and the two guys fighted.”Hey what happened I thought boys get along well easily?”Michiko said.”Oh girl you are too much slow.”The narrator exclaimed.
“Good bye! Guys!” Sakura screamed.”Sakura wait!” Yukuno screamed.”Hmm? Sure!”Sakura replied.”Can I walk you home?” Yukuno asked.”Of course you can.”Sakura said with a smile. While they were on their way to Sakura’s house they saw Hidekeo sitting on one of the benches. “Hey Hidekeo! “Yukuno screamed while waving .Hidekeo looked at them but he still remained pale.”Why are you so sad Hidekeo?”Sakura asked him and she sat beside Hidekeo .Hidekeo blushed but he quickly looked away.”Well yeah .uhm nothing . Thanks for being so considerate.”Hidekeo said.” Good to hear that Hidekeo.Hey wait I have a great idea ,how about we walk together towards our own houses?”Sakura said.”No thank you I think I want to stay here a little longer.”Hidekeo said.”OH!Well ok come on Yukuno! “Sakura said.Yukuno was so jealous and so he grabbed Sakura and said goodbye to Hidekeo but suddenly”Wait! I think I change my mind.I will go home with you.”Hidekeo said.When they were almost on the 2nd to the last street before Sakura’s house Hidekeo asked Yukuno if he had already confessed his feelings to Sakura. “No,not yet I was about to but I just can’t.”’Yukuno said.”Well then.Sakura , can I stay by your house tonight ?” Hidekeo asked.”Sure that would be fun!”Sakura replied.”Sakura , can I talk to you for a second?”Yukuno said .”Sure.”Sakura said and then they went behind the small toolshed.”What is it Yukuno?You seem bothered.”Sakura asked.Then suddenly Yukuno hugged Sakura and whispered to her ears “I love you....”Sakura blushed and said”Hey ,maybe Hidekeo is hungry how about let us hurry home!”They went back without even saying a word.”At last I already did it!”Yukuno said to Hidekeo. When they had already took Yukuno to his house they went to Sakura’s house.When it was late at evening.......Someone knocked on Sakura ‘s door. It was Hidekeo!”Sakura,I have something important to tell you that I wanted to tell you for a very long time!”Hidekeo said Sakura was so mystified.”Well what is it Hidekeo-san?”Sakura asked.”What......................What..............did you Hidekeo............. san?”Hidekeo was so astonished.
Chapter fourteen Hey Butler!
Class A:
“Michiko come over here I am going to tell you something very important.”Masami said.”What important no talking just sit down!”Konya approached them. And so the butler life began…
The campus was full of gamblers in that day and one time a group attacked them “Hey cuties come over here.”One of them said. Michiko and Masami did go but when they were trapped Michiko became ferocious that she busted out her hidden power and defeated THE EVIL GUYS.”Hugh! nobody messes with me and my master .I the most powerful water sorcerer and part time butler ,”Michiko said “Stop that commercial you are creating there Michiko!”Masami said .And so they returned to their table and told the others what had happened
The next day
“Hey Mistress Masami forgive me and I beg your pardon but I could not accompany you today because I have chores to do in our club room.”Michiko said.”Oh that’s fine anyways don’t joke around with that mistress thingy.”Masami said.
Well after their RECESS Masami told Michiko that Sakura’s new all time butler was Shigure and a new secondary butler of Masami was told Natsumi. .Michiko was shocked with those events.
Lunch time……
“Hey c’mon ill go upstairs already you stay here and be careful from those high schools.”Michiko said but suddenly Tomori punched her in the face she was shocked and blasted of 50 meters away.”Well Michiko I am going to leave now well are you ok?”Masami asked “yeah .he was so dumb the one he punched wasn’t me it was a dummy I made because I saw him coming.”Michiko said.”Ohh that’s the reason why you do not have any wounds or any marks.”Masami said gladly.”Well I am not going to let you fool me now.”Tomori said while he was about to attack but Michiko had blocked it before it had reached her.”It’s payback time Tomori here take this crystal fist.”Michiko said while she was about to attack. ”oh man why do you need to fight in this tie of the day you should have not done this well I will just cast a Lokaih.”Masami said
NOTE=a Lokaih is like a Fuzetsu or something that’s stops everything except for the Humentalists
=Humentalists are the human species whom possess elemental powers
“Hey Masami what is going on?”Aphrodi asked.”Well Michiko and Tomori are fighting because Tomori attacked her.”Masami said “I guess those two Love Quarrel makers are a match but I think someone would be jealous .Am I right Kiyoshi?”Konya said.”Well yes but I better help my dearest love.”Kiyoshi said and entered the battle field. But just then Tomori hit Michiko with his special move Fire of fury which made Michiko down and unconscious.”Don’t you ever dare to hurt her I thought it is a war between us not her !Now take this Unleashed power!”Kiyoshi said.”Why do you make your love obvious to her?”Tomori said “You know why because love is a word and a virtue which expresses your strong feelings for others by showing how you care for them. And that is why I stand here and fight you .If you know the meaning of that and if you experienced that word you will never regret it.”Kiyoshi said.”I guess you are right I do not even feel LOVE. Well to show you my apologies let me be the one to heal her.”Tomori said. And so after she was healed Masami, Natsumi, Sakura, Konya and Michella slapped Tomori.”You are very rude!”Konya said.”That is not a way to treat a woman!”Michella said.”Never ever hurt my best friend again!”Masami and Sakura also Natsumi said in the same time “Guys! Why did you do that we were just playing games but yeah that was a little too much!”Michiko said.”My apologies. And thanks to you and Kiyoshi I know the true meaning of love and I realized I already found it!”Tomori said and cried.Suddenly Michiko fainted and because Tomori was the causeof that fight he was the one responsible for bringing Michiko home.
Chapter fifteen :Broken Hearted maidens
The next day after their fight Michiko got really sick that she couldn’t move that is why she did not went to school. Her friends were very worried to her and so they decided to go to her condo and take care for her .They even invited Tomori. When they were on their way to Michiko’s condo Masami.He felt something .It is like Michiko is in trouble .She told the others and so they flee towards Michiko’s house.”Michiko!”Masami said and bumped the door so strong. They were shocked when they saw Kiyoshi sitting beside her and feeding her.”Hi guy .Oh hi Tomori, Aphrodi, Yukuno, and Shigure .Wait Tomori? What are you doing here?”Michiko said.”Hugh, I came to apologise and make it up to you.”Tomori said.”Anyways I can take care of her she is infact my girlfriend .Isn’t it right Michiko?”Kiyoshi asked.”What!? You and Kiyoshi? Already?”Tomori asked and screamed.”Yes, why is there any problem?”Michiko asked.”Michi, do not be too harsh to him I know what he is feeling so just forgive him.”Kiyoshi said which made Tomori blush.”Well if you do know. What does he feel?”Michiko said.”AHHH!!!!Enough !Let us start the party !”Aphrodi said and so he ,Kiyoshi,Devin,and Yukuno transformed to their true forms which are the 4 most dangerous devils that are Fey ,Soj ,Kai and Gol.”You fools you thought we were your etenal lovers.Didnt you?Ha!They are dead .Especially Michi’s beloved Kiyoshi Fugetsu!”Kai said.”No!You didn’t! No ! Kiyoshi? Kiyoshi!You demon !Prepare to die !”Michiko said and attacked Kai with tears .Suddenly Kai managed to dodge Michiko’s Puppet control and he hit Michiko in the chest which is her weakest part.”You are weak!You can never protect anyone. Never!”Gol said.”DO not even dare to hurt Michiko!”Tomori said and then he managed to hit Kai in his face, then he went back to Michiko then he carried her.”Well ,not bad but is that all you got?”Fey said.”No!You are the one whom is weak you know!”Masami said and kicked them in a domino style.Then Natsumi followed it with a triple punch .Then Sakura and the other boys made a cheerleading style of hitting those demons.Michiko was still badly hurt because they did not notice that what Kai was feeding to Michiko lately was not food but poison and also because of the battle of Michiko and Tomori yesterday plus Michiko was hit exactly in the middle of her lungs , which is her weakest part.”We will come back next time!But remember Queen Cleo will still be here to defeat you even if we die. Oh yeah Michiko,too bad I really did fell in love with you but too bad ,I hate water .”Kai said and then they suddenly disappeared .”Michiko,are you alright!?”Masami said.”Masami ,Sakura,Natsumi ,Shigure,Hidekeo ,Tomori ,thanlk you for everything .I really love you Natsumi ,Sakura,Masami .You are my best friends .Farewell.”Michiko said and she closed her eyes and silence came out of the room.”Michi!Michi!Michi!Come on do not leave us!Please Dont!”Tomori said.Suddenly a bright light covered the room and so Queen Phi appeared.”I am so sorry this had to happen .”Queen Phi said.”Wait who are you?”Masami asked.”She is Queen Phi.She is the Mother and Queen of all Elements.”Natsumi said.”How did you know about that?”Sakura asked.”Well ,I showed to her in her dream last night that is why.”Queen Phi answered.”That is not important !Queen Phi, can you heal her?”Tomori asked.”Yes ,but before I will do that I would like to assign you Tomori Saeke as the guardian of Michiko Shirigawa.Shigure Somah , you are assigned to Natsumi Santoso. Hidekeo Jinguuji, you will watch over Sakura Hijirikawa and as a gift for Masami Daichi ,I would not only revive Michiko but also Aphrodi Yuuto.”Queen Phi said and then disappeared. Aphrodi entered the room and Michiko woke up.”Michiko!Aphrodi!I thought I would lose you both. Thank you Queen Phi.”Masami said.”Tomori ,I heard everything .Thank you.”Michiko said then hugged Tomori.Tomori blushed and they all laughed.

Chapter sixteen:Field Journey
”Hey you think we can use our gadgets to this trip?” Masami asked. “Oh come on Masami of course we can you did it last time didn’t you and also Natsumi did it , so why worry?”Michiko asked.”I, I, I don’t know..................It seems so strange, like I have doubt in myself.....................”Masami said and she haven’t even dared to look at any of her friends.”Masami!”Aphrodi screamed while he and the other “guy” guardians are heading towards them. Suddenly when Michiko saw the others her smile faded and tears came out of her because she suddenly remembered her happy moments with Kiyoshi which were destroyed by Cleo and her minions.”Hey, Michi..........ko! Humm? What’s wrong you seem down cast? Yo! Don’t worry about those bad guys , I will protect you.....”Tomori said with a smile but he seemed worried.”What do you mean I Tomori? You were the reason she was hurt and that thing had to happen so how can you protect her?”Sakura said .Everyone looked at Tomori and so Tomori looked down and felt guilty .Then Natsumi hit Sakura’s head and said.”Hey Tomori don’t worry you didn’t know it was about to happen . Anyways we will help you protect your most precious Michi.”Natsumi’s words made Tomori manage to smile. Suddenly Tomori blushed.”Wha............atttttt..............did you sa.............ay! My...........................precious Michi ! <HE said like whispering>What if she hears you?!”Tomori said. Michiko giggled “Don’t worry Tomori- san I am not angry. And also Natsumi is right they can help you and also I can handle myself you don’t have to always stay at my side. Besides no one knows that Ki..........Kiyoshi even died in the first place.”Michiko smiled and everyone looked at her.”She never called Tomori, Tomori-san before.”Masami said which made Michiko and Tomori blush.”Hey is it bad to call him Tomori –san if that’s the case? I just called him that way because ............because..........”Michiko cannot finish her sentence.”Because I told her too.”Tomori said and everyone was startled.”You did Tomori? Wow I think ......................................I? Guess you should be the one to sit beside Michiko later instead of me to give you some quality time together.”Masami said and teased Tomori.”Hey Masami can’t do that you promised me you will be my seatmate in the bus and my buddy.”Michiko said while continuing to blush.”Well I guess Masami would like to give Tomori some time to tell you ...”Shinichi was almost going to finish his sentence when Tomori hit his stomach.”Hey! Shinichi you promised you wouldn’t say anything! <He whispered>Just let me handle it.”Tomori said which made Michiko have a lot of questions in her mind.”Oh I suddenly forgot! Masami this is for you ...”Aphrodi said. Masami took the flowers and smiled.”Well Masami I guess your right you and Aphrodi do need some quality time, tell you what I will agree to your suggestion that Tomori and I will be field trip buddies but you must seat in front of us. Is that ok for you?”Michiko said.”Huh! What?”Masami said and smiled.”Well that’s a great idea .Deal!”Aphrodi said and looked at both Tomori and Masami then blinked his eye. When they were on the bus, before Natsumi, Shigure, Hidekeo and Sakura went aboard they talked.”Natsumi, can I ask something?”Hidekeo asked.”Yes, what is it?”Natsumi replied with an astonished look.”Well, I just want to ask if it’s ok that Sakura and I will seat together?”Hidekeo asked again.”Well it is alright with me but you should also ask Sakura, infact I want to have some time for myself.”Natsumi was very calm when she agreed with Hidekeo. So he went to Sakura and asked her. “Why, of course Hidekeo if Natsumi is fine with that. I guess what she means by ‘myself’ is not ‘alone’ but with Shigure. Aren’t you Natsumi?”Sakura said but her tone seems like she is teasing.”Hey, wait why did I go to that chaos your doing?”Shigure asked.”Come on Shigure, we all know that you would also want to spend time with Natsumi.”Sakura said which made Natsumi and Shigure blush and made glances at each other.”Well it’s all settled then, Natsumi, Shigure you would be field buddies and me and Hidekeo.”Sakura said. “Huh! Sakura you’re a love mayhem maker............”The narrator said.

On the bus:
They were all noisy when they went inside the bus.”Michiko-san, since we have uhm................settled down may I talk to you about some matters?”Tomori said “Hmmmm?Well sure Tomori-san but you can call me Michi if you like . Anyways what is it you want to tell me?Want some Pringles?”Michiko asked while handing over the Pringles.Tomori got some Pringles .”Uhmm...........Michiko-san?Do you want some coke, I brought 2 cans of them , here.”Tomor said.”Thank you Tomori...So what is it you want to tell me................”Michiko said and blushed but she hasn’t hesitated to look at Tomori in the eye.”Uhh! Michiko-san I.....I.....I....uhhh.....maybe later when we are on Mt. Samat already .”Tomori said.”Oh well ok ,Tomori-san.”Michiko said.After their conversation Masami and Aphrodi seems to be in good shape flirting each other.”Masami, its been a long time since I asked you this but, later, in Mount Samat, may I talk to you privately?”Aphrodi said.”Aphrodi..................sure...............but is there a problem? It seems something is disturbing you, what is the problem?

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