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Thread: Checkmate

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    Sometimes, you feel like you are a pawn
    Great ambitions, hopes, dreams
    They get trampled upon

    Whether learning a dark tale of your blood
    Or having your loyalty dragged in the mud
    It just fucking seems like you are caught in the flood

    Your emotions are rampant, violent and decadent
    As you turn to find all those you cared for went
    Cursing them as they leave you for dead
    Without realizing you have just gone too far ahead

    Patience, a virtue to practice comes with time
    Like taking time to find the words for this rhyme
    You craft friendships based on truth, yet you cry
    Since you cannot open up completely no matter what you try

    Your heart is your home, your savior and your temple
    You retreat there when you cannot control your mental
    You drown in blood built up from pain you have yet to share
    You refuse to burden people who actually care

    Now look at you, cold, ignorant and alone
    You have no home for them to call home
    Since you fight with yourself every waking day
    Trying to ease the pain, wanting it to go away
    But you can't, you're angry, battered and bruised
    You want to kill yet love, knowingly confused
    As you try to figure out how to fix this mess
    Trying to clear the board in this game of chess

    But pawns block you from reaching your goal
    Your tear through them, but can't harm their souls
    Because they stand knowing who they are, strong and bold
    When you are drifting along, broken and cold
    You write to soothe the pain no one else can
    But you don't understand the will of a man
    That trusts other people with their hearts
    And shit you don't even know where to start
    So you look at the mirror, and break it apart

    I'll start posting more stuff here, since I write rather frequently =x

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    Re: Checkmate

    Is this some sort of love letter?

    j/k j/k j/k
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    Re: Checkmate

    I do think so Checky... - G'gratualtion, you've a another stalker get...
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    Re: Checkmate

    Very nice, I enjoyed reading it! It has this sort of imagery that it evokes... Look forward to seeing more of your work!

    Quote Originally Posted by Checkmate View Post
    Is this some sort of love letter?

    j/k j/k j/k
    dream on ahahahahahahaha
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