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    Brain Dead

    Alright, this is some poem I conjured up the other day. I think it's a pretty good piece of writing, but it's not about what I think, it's about what you guys think. I wouldn't say this is one of my best, but regardless, please tell me what you think. Here it goes:

    Brain Dead

    Brain cells were flying as more were bred
    Brain cells were dying more and more in my head
    Aaaghh, I can’t think straight.
    My level of thought processing isn’t so great.

    It’s like Inception is going on in my mind
    With all its craziness and whatnot erupting.
    I just don’t know. Confusion is frequent.
    Delusions are consistent. Illusions of reality…

    I am brain dead.
    Infinite possibilities, yet I can’t even think of one near ideal.
    So many complications to deal with, so little time
    No, it’s just that I waste so many of my primes.

    I am brain dead.
    I should’ve gotten more hours of sleep
    But I never can sleep that early
    As if all the sheep left to count are evading me.

    I am brain dead.
    The more one is wise about the world
    The more sorrow one will face.
    Ignorant happiness is naught but another illusion.

    However, if one may use that wisdom to aim
    For what can be better gained,
    Then true happiness can eventually be obtained.
    And that is reality.

    But I have yet to do so.
    I am just stuck here worrying over things that may later seem trivial.
    Even if that be the case now,
    I must continue my Hero’s Journey.

    Everything now
    And everything in the past
    Are what will shape
    My reality tomorrow.

    So I indeed must continue on,
    Be it school, work, or battles,
    All of the factors of one’s life,
    To reach that door out of the illusionary world.

    And perhaps
    I will no longer be brain dead.
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