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    Anime Blog


    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But it was mainly the worst of times... Wait why am I quoting Shakespeare? Ah right that’s right now I remember it was Rei’s fault. That guy... what a troublemaker. I think it would be better for me to start to the beginning...

    Chapter 1 ; to the begining

    (Estia Kasa Misti Vidi Ato)
    (Aa, Miyo, Maida Sortamiya)

    A slow, gentle hymn was heard as I climbed the steep slope. I was headed to the building on top of the hill, overlooking the whole town. It was a school. A high school. A large, white high school. A big, large... ok too much description. Let’s move on to the story.

    As I stepped closer to the school I read the name displayed on the entrance of the school. “Kokishi High School” in bold, embolden letters. Yep this is it alright. I took in a breath of air and gave out a long sigh. With that, I took a mighty leap inside the school compound, not knowing what horrors lie in wait for me.

    “And that’s it everyone! Let’s play baseball and we’ll call ourselves Little Busters!” someone said cheerily.

    “Wait Kroos. Isn’t this a plot from that anime you watched yesterday?” a boy taller than the previous guy replied.

    “No. It’s about living it out during our youth Rei,” Kroos said.

    “No no no. It’s totally from that anime you know the one with those irritating cats,” Rei replied again.

    “Aho! Whoosh!” a girl with long, brown hair screamed as she kicked Rei.

    “There there Megumi. No need to be so violent. Fine I get your point. Let’s call ourselves Busters Little!”

    “Wait, isn’t that just the same?” Rei replied.

    “Hmmm... fine. You there! What do you think?” Kroos proclaimed.

    The trio glanced towards where I was standing. Wha? Me? What should I do? Ok let’s see now.
    “What about Miniscule Vigilante?” I replied.

    “Ugh eh?” Rei pondered.

    “Baka! It just means Little Busters! Whoosh!” Megumi screamed as she kicked Rei.

    “Why me? He’s the one who said it,” Rei retorted.

    “Your existence piss me off. Whoosh!” Megumi kicked Rei yet again.

    Rei was looking totally dejected as Megumi kicked him. Kroos by the was smiling boyishly at them. What was I doing again? Right school.

    I decided to leave them be to resume my normal school day. Unknown to me at that time, the moment I met them, I would probably never have a “normal” day again.


    “My name is Naoto Citelle. Good to meet you!” I greeted as I bow to the class.

    I tried to smile as I did my first introduction to my new class. There were some people with their usual bored expression on their faces. Mostly girls, expecting some handsome, foreign, bishie to transfer to their class but instead got me, your typical normal person with somewhat average looks.

    There were of course other people who were genuinely interested in my presence. Well actually when I say other people, it was actually just one person. A boy about my height who was waving his left hand with a boyish look on his face. Oh that guy from this morning. What was his name again?

    “Ok Naoto-san, there’s a free seat beside Kroos over there. How about you seat over there ok?” the homeroom teacher said.

    He was a middle-aged man, wearing a dirty white lab coat and with small stubble on his chin. He wore a very solemn yet very bored expression. Class taught by him must be hell. I should check whether he’ll be in any of my classes in this semester. I hope not.

    As I walked towards Kroos, I noticed something out of place.

    “Sensei! There’s no desk here!” I proclaimed with exaggerated boredom.
    The homeroom teacher looks at me and then to my surroundings.

    “Strange, there should be enough for everyone. It seems we are missing a desk for this class this semester. Oh well, you might as well get an extra desk from the other classes during break. Let see... for now, you can share a seat with the class president. Akazawa-san you don’t mind right?”

    Akazawa-san stood up slowly from her seat and gave a slight nod. My first impression of her at that time. Wow that hair! How did I not notice that!!!


    Akazawa-san was a twin-tailed girl. The long type that I thought only existed in anime. The length of that hair reach just above her pelvis. She tilted her head gently towards the left, as if to inquire about something, without her having to speak.

    Allright then...




    While we were staring at each other...

    Ok I get it -_- you don’t want to share that seat with me. I guess I should leave? Ok excuse time!

    “Sensei! Toilet!” I spoke with a blank, monotonous voice as I rushed outside of class. I could have sworn the teacher was cursing me as I left but I didn’t care. I just wanted out of that situation. So awkward. What was the teacher thinking anyway?

    I was wondering aimlessly inside the school building without any care or desire to return to class. I realized I had been walking for quite a while since my feet began to ache. In front of me was a room. An empty one. Good place to rest if any. I peered inside stealthily, making sure that it was really void of anyone.

    The room was barren except for a few bookcase, a single round table and a couple of chairs strewn about. The walls were plastered all over with newsprint, what issue or newspaper chain was unrecognizable to me. There were also bits of pieces of rolled up paper on the floor too!
    I dragged my feet across the tapestry and sat down. Phew what hard work! What work I was mentioning about has no qualms or existence in the material world or such.

    “Oh you’re here!” someone proclaimed loudly.

    Who might it be? Can’t be...

    Yes it was... Kroos was there greeting me with the usual boyish smile on his face and there were his two cronies behind me as usual.

    “Baka! Who’re you calling cronies? Don’t talk as if you had known us for years!” Megumi scolded me.

    “Eh? I didn’t talk out loud my thoughts did I?” I murmured in exasperation.

    “Now now don’t interrupt the story Megumi. Don’t confuse the readers anymore than we have too. We’re the Deus Ex Machina! Haha!” Kroos said proudly.

    “Ok...” Megumi replied with a whimper.

    Ok I have no idea what they just said. They must be crazy! Insane! Politically Incorrect! Whatever that means anyway...

    “So what’re you guys doing here?” I asked them.

    “To attend Anime Blogging Club of course. Well now let me introduce them. Well those that are here anyway. We three are in charge of distribution. There are several writers for the club. The club started around the year 2004 by a single person but now there’s more writers. Let see now who’s the current head again?” Croos pondered.

    “It’s THAT guy right? Dee something? D-Lan? D...” Rei interrupted Croos.

    “Please stick being the comedy relief guy.” Megumi asserted.

    Rei was looking totally dejected again.

    “Hmm I can’t seem to remember. Quite strange indeed. For now the main writers are Stilts-kun, Takaii-san, Puruf-san, Verdant-kun and our Mentor/Sensei/Advisor Dr Enzo. We’re just helpers. They’re usually busy so maybe we can introduce them some other time,” Croos explained.

    We spent the rest of the day talking about the Anime Blogging Club and goofing around as usual. Little by little, I was becoming one of them. I don’t mind really no matter how strange they are. They are just fun people to hang around with. Before I knew it, it was already close to sundown.
    I decided to head off, curious that I had not done a single productive thing today. Now that I think about it, neither did those guys at the Anime Blogging Club. They had certainly made me curious about the writers. Maybe another time...

    To be Continued...

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