you're my sun, the one and only
that I need in this world
I always bloom towards you,
this attraction makes me burn

now we're out of time, out of time
victims of the love crime
I'm the branch that you ruined
yet I'm still reaching for you

no matter how hard I try
my dreams are empty
no matter how crazy I run
I'm staying still, still, still

i'm hurting all over
reject me forever
feels like I'm losing track,
just a fool running in circles

making me run more
you're making me run more
cause even when my feet is full of scars
your smile makes me feel like the sky is ours

and I run, run, run
right now nothing can stop me
just run, run, run
can't stop myself from chasing

keep running after you
but it's no use
cause this love I have only going to bruise

again I run, run, run
I'm falling down but it's fine
just run, run, run
I can bear it one more time

even if I can't grasp it
I'm holding on
I'll embrace this cursing fate
until the end

Don't tell me bye bye
You make me cry cry
Love is a lie lie
Don't tell me
Don't tell me
Don't tell me
Bye bye

- note: i was bored