Chapter 0 : Prologue to Uncertainty

26 December 2012 12:00 AM

Community Discussion Page

akashiya wrote:
How about we play together instead onii-chan?

Supersonix9 wrote:
Since when you started calling me that again? Let just ignore him for now. The new Tales of anime wasn't as good as I expect it to be. If only they' would make something like Abyss.

akashiya wrote:
Puhi! I rape Boss-kun instead. Then you jealous.

DarkysRev wrote:
As expected of The Hentai. Good job good job...

Nightshade wrote:
Yeah agree with you on that one Supersonix9. Did you get all the trophies for Tales of Xillia yet?

Supersonox9 wrote:
Nope not yet. There's this dungeon I haven't reach yet. It's a bit hard then your standard dungeon so I'm going to grind first. I know a good place if you're interested.

akashiya wrote:
Onii-chan ignoring me. Bo-chan it all your fault.

Boss the Kid wrote:
Please don't bring me in to this Aka...

DarkysRev wrote:
I think in terms of maturity, you guys are of equal caliber.

Boss the Kid, akashiya wrote:
Shut Up!

DarkysRev wrote:
See what I mean da geso?


With that I slammed shut my laptop, feeling satisfied. Ah this feeling. I always enjoy visiting the site. I'm a Sophomore in college. The name is Takiyama Rei. But I prefer to be called as DarkysRev on the interwebz. It was just another ordinary day. Went to bed after that. Nothing special. Of course, I didn't know that the very next day, my world was gonna crash down on me.


26 December 2012 10:00 AM

Christmas morning! Nothing to do with me. But there's holidays so the first thing I do is to visit the site, to download some anime. I turned on my laptop and type the url in. Strange. It won't load. I keep refreshing the page but the results still the same. Flustered, I google the site. I was redirected to some Chillingeffects page. On the top was the site's url.

Below it were some descriptions. I have a really bad feeling about this.

According to the reviewed material, this site was removed in accordance to Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011 instigation by the State of Congress 12/26/12.

Ok this has to be a joke right? How am I going to watch my anime. Just then, I received a PM on messenger. Who could it be?

Phantom : You've seen the news?

DarkysRev : What news? I can't access the site.

Phantom : Dude. There's a problem way bigger than that. Turn on the TV. The situation is pretty much an international thing so your local news should be on the story.

I went to the lounge I switched on the television set. It was NHK. They were panning to a shot of the White House where some members of the congress were being interviewed by the press.

Congress member : As you can see the Bill was passed without any unnecessary complications. We have achieved with an 80% majority in favor of the Bill so the President has no power to revoke it.

Press : Yes you said that already. What we want to know is how will this affect the internet, for normal users, for ordinary citizens.

Congress member : They won't be affected I can assure you that. Only those pirates. No more questions please.

With that, I switched off the television, not really believing what I'd seen. I went back to my laptop to continue my conversation with Phantom.

Phantom : Brutal ain't it?

Phantom : Hey man you're there?

DarkysRev : Yeah I'm here. Watched the news. Pretty terrible if you asked me.

Phantom : Other sites are offline as well. Even the other file sharing sites I visit. I think this is it man no more PSP games and anime.

DarkysRev : You're right. I don't care much about free games but what really saddens me is not able to watch anime.

Phantom: True. Hey I've got a crazy idea. Wanna hear it?

DarkysRev: Yeah! What is it?

Phantom : How bout we create our own anime? Just us members. I've got their mail. Let's try it!

End of Chapter 0