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Thread: ★ 自炊 Own Bought Game ★ [131025][Lose] ものべの -happy end- 豪華版 [8.81G] /w First Edition & Sofmap Bonus

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    ★ 自炊 Own Bought Game ★ [131025][Lose] ものべの -happy end- 豪華版 [8.81G] /w First Edition & Sofmap Bonus

    ものべの -happy end- 豪華版

    Brand: Lose
    Product Price: ¥19,740 (Pre-Tax ¥18,800)
    Release Date: 2013/10/25
    File Size: 8.81GB

    Gerne: シネマティックノベル
    Sub-Gerne : アドベンチャー
    Categories: 田舎、伝奇、ロリ、おしっこ
    CG Artist: cura
    Scenario Writer: 進行豹、詠野万知子
    BGM Artist: studio sync,Beat system、ちさと
    Music Artist: 西沢はぐみ、佐藤ひろ美、Prico、Junko、Sake、上条ひずる、小鳥遊まこ


    Direct Download:
    Complete CG Download:

    ものべの -happy end- 豪華版 予約特典 「ものべの」 ボーカルCD
    ものべの -happy end- 豪華版 予約特典 「ものべの」 添い寝ボイスドラマCD
    ものべの -happy end- 豪華版 Sofmap特典ドラマCD 「ドラマCD豪華3本立て」

    Click to download the torrent file

    Thank you for downloading. Enjoy the game.
    If you want to share it, use the same torrent and DDL Links we already posted.
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    Re: ★ 自炊 Own Bought Game ★ [131025][Lose] ものべの -happy end- 豪華版 [8.81G] /w First Edition & Sofmap Bonus

    More info

    romanji: Monobeno -happy end-

    This is the sequel to Monobeno, with after stories for Sumi, Alice, Natsuha, and a pre-story for Hishakaku. It also rewrites parts of Sumi and Alice’s route which seem to be bad ends for Natsuha, and adds a toggle for certain CGs. Upon players’ requests, the H scenes are more numerous and intense.
    In Sumi’s after story, Tooru trains hard to turn back the clock for Natsuha, while supported by Sumi and their daughter Emi, who has a special ability to see ‘holes’ which link the youkai world. In Alice’s after story, Tooru’s happy life with Alice after fleeing the clutches of Himemiya-sama is disrupted with the appearance of a young girl Seishin Himemiya, who reverted Alice to a little girl and took her memories. In Natsuha’s after story, Natsuha remains in her small form and Tooru aims to cure her IAGS completely. [From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

    Description of the original version:
    Sawai Tooru and his younger sister Natsuha ventures back to their rural home town Monobeno – their first visit in six years. Here they reunite with their childhood friend Alice (a girl who labels herself as Tooru’s fiancee), and an apparition (or ghost) in the form of a small child.
    After their nostalgic reunion it was not long before the town readies itself for the night of Himemiya Summer Festival. During the festival, the Monobeno’s ancient, ‘Face Dance’ was being performed when Natsuha suddenly collapsed and was rushed home. That night, Natsuha grew a whole 10cm, her body undergone rapid changes and her lower body bled for the first time. Tooru, fearing for his imouto’s life hastened in his search of a cure... [Edited from a post of Aaeru's blog]
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    Re: ★ 自炊 Own Bought Game ★ [131025][Lose] ものべの -happy end- 豪華版 [8.81G] /w First Edition & Sofmap Bonus

    100% complete save data?

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