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    Red face [RPG] Slave in Sex Slave [English] / 奴隷淫奴隷


    Circle: Yuki Mango
    Release: May/16/2020
    Work Format: RPG
    Genre: Fantasy, Violation, Restraint, Slave, Rape, Interspecies Sex, Sister/Nun, Big Breasts, Female protagonist, Interracial, Groping, Group sex, Adventure, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Monster, Teasing, Sexual harassment, Ahegao, corruption, Creampie, pregnancy, Humiliation, Multiple penetration
    File Size: 252.1MB
    -- RPG

    Impossible to escape...!?

    You are a young girl imprisoned by the -- Third Countr.
    Rape... Seduction... Prostitution... Drugs... SM tutoring...
    Multiple lures and threats fall upon the girl.

    Before being sold off as sex slaves by the dreadful evil...
    Collaborate with the boobs sister "Yumi' to
    Escape the country of greed, -- Third Country, to the human country Alhaan.

    -- Third Country

    The lone country where humans and beasts live together within a common sovereign entity.
    A lawless area suppressed by violence, money, women, and greed.
    All illegal items can be achieved here.
    Together with sexual drugs, the human trafficking market here is very active.

    The enslaved girl continues to resist.
    Simply in hope to live another day...

    Can the young girl (You) regain her life as a human?

    -- ETC

    Escape from the 'Third Prison', the country where humans and beasts live alongside each other!
    Return to the human world together with topless sisters!
    Offer your body for survival, or else…
    Is it fate that the pure, innocent girls descend as sex slaves…

    Sister x Sexual Beasts x Beasty Rape

    You will reach the BAD END with excessive prostitution

    Keep it an action RPG. Use your brain for completion!
    Overcome the various erotic traps!

    Open doors!And grasp the true future!


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