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    YueHua: Need help extracting data from a kirikiri2 game that has the xp3 embedded in the game exe

    The game in question, "月华" ("YueHua") is a chinese fanmade otome VN, released in early 2013. When downloaded, it is simply an exe that's 95.6MB large and comes with nothing else. Obviously, the xp3/data archives are in the executable. How exactly do I go about extracting the game data from the exe?

    - xp3viewer doesn't work. It only spits out a "savedata" folder. The game starts up like expected, but a seperate window for extracting the data archives never popped up.

    - insani's xp3 tools give me this:

    - kikiriki gives me an error message:

    If you want to take a look at the game itself, you can get it here
    http:$$$//$$$/share$$$/link?shareid=265612&uk=184830496 (remove all the "$"s)

    Can anybody out there help me, please? I need to get my hands on the scripts and images for translating purposes.

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