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    Windows 10 Creators Update/Heientai games

    Since the latest update for Windows 10 was finally officially released today, though I'd post about this bug and see if anyone eventually can find out anything about it. The problem is that all Heientai games lag once this update installs. The text renders slowly and the bgm will skip, like the whole program is just struggling to perform. After a few minutes it will improve somewhat but to some degree a lag is always there. It could be placebo but changing the game priority in the task manager seems to help some too. But again nothing completely removes the lag. I haven't come across a single other game by any other distributor that has this issue, so its quite odd. So I just thought I'd bring it up so one, people are aware as these are particularly popular games here, and hope that maybe at some point someone figures out some sort of fix or workaround.

    Rats, well the situation has intensified over the past couple days. Now the games won't even open, they just get so far as the window opening to a black screen then my system slows to an absolute crawl to the point the mouse barely even moves. Only way to get out of it is to kill the process in the task manager.
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