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    VN doesn't display save/load screen

    Currently playing Magatsubarai and I'm having this problem where I cannot open load/save screen, once I do screen turns into pure white (with music still playing) and I cannot do anything after this.

    Otherwise, the game works perfectly fine, I can access backlogs and configurations, the issue is just with load/save screen. Can anyone help?

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    Re: VN doesn't display save/load screen

    I checked the Windows Version for this Magatsu Barai - X-rated from 2D.G.F.
    & Everything works fine for me just the way it should with saving and loading. (16Gb Ram, Intel, Nvidia Graphic Card)
    The issue you are describing sounds for me like your OS just cant handle it, either because it doesnt have enough Ram or has a cheap Amd Graphic card, or sth else.
    You might wanna check inside Taskmanager how much power this VN uses when playing and update your graphics driver + directx if you havent done that yet.
    Also if the game crashes you can try check Windows Error Logs if theres something regarding the issue.
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