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    Trying to rip cg from Yagai Gakushu 3 and Chu x Chu Idol.

    Yeah i was told to make a new thread and here i am.

    So I tried ripping the archive of chu x chu idol and crass says there are 1180 so files to extract. I've only been able to extract 560 or so. THat's half. And then the program just stops. You're supposed to extract from the .st file because that's where most of the cg are. I am not getting anything.

    As for Yagai Gakushu 3(野外学習3). THe file structure and format has not changed since the previous games. This is a complets game so it uses the C4 engine i believe. I've been able to extract cg from previous Complets games, but Yagai Gakushu 3 won't extract properly. The program freezes or just stops working.

    I've posted picture attachments of what both directories look like and a picture of crass trying to extract cg from Yagai Gakushuu 3.

    I'm really stuck here. I wish I could get some help.
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    Re: Trying to rip cg from Yagai Gakushu 3 and Chu x Chu Idol.

    pac files for chu x chu idol, you can use sktmslcv from WestSide.

    You can also use Crass but you still need a plugin from Softpal and make do with cli (not gui). Would be hard for you.

    for 野外学習3, you have to really screenshot me the content of the data file, and not binary file.
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