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    torrent download always result in file corruption? also about .mds

    i cant mount .mds file in my torrent file with virtualCloneDrive. at first i thought it got corrupted and re-downloaded the whole thing but i am not sure this time i have got it right since idunno how to compare hashsums it doesnt work, when i open it with virtualclonedrive the system would mount a dvd image that says its corrupted or inaccesible or something. ive done it for multiple times its always the same. does that mean there is some problem with my HD or internet connection (ive got VPN on and been using dorm net and all that)?

    i am not certain if my files are corrupted though since i dont know how to check hashsums of my files. by hashsum does that mean sha-1 sum of the whole torrent file (i know how to calculate that with 7zip and md5sum checker)? and what do i compare it with? on the source page where i downloaded my torrent there is infohash which apparently is equivalent to amagnet link but not sha-1sum. i cant find anything about other hash values anywhere on the page. the infohash value doesnt match sha-1 sum or any hashsum i could do with 7zip and md5sum checker.

    ive got win 10 system i am not sure if this is relevant. could i mount the .mdf file instead and just leave .mds be? this thing happened for another torrent i downloaded where ive got an iso and a .mds file, iso works perfectly and mds wouldnt work at all

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    Re: torrent download always result in file corruption? also about .mds

    Any decent torrent client offers you an option to recheck the torrent, which verifies whether the download was damaged or not.
    All your other questions can't be answered without knowing what release you're talking about. The MDS contains metadata, that is in 99% of the cases not needed, though. Just try and see how it goes.

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