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    Cool Over power CPU + suck ball GPU? What the hell?

    Every time I shopped around for a decent pre-built gaming machine, I usually came across this kind of system configuration: take Compusa for example, they are having a discount for Acer and Nyx system for less than 1k, the CPU for both machine is i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB to 1.5 TB HDD
    sound good? yes, until I look at the motherboard and graphic card
    nVidia GT 550
    PCI x16 slot -1, available 0
    Come on, this is a gaming system for God's sake. Can't they put in a better graphic card? An i7 CPU can cost around $300, but what is the point to have a kick ass CPU while the GPU suck balls? I noticed that it is a trend in pre-built machine. They dump a lot of power in the CPU and RAM which is TOTALLY unnecessary. For most home user, even heavy gamers, an i5 2500k is overkill and it's $100 less. I can even save more with 2400 or even 2300 and spend that money on a decent GPU. Of course a slow CPU can drag the whole system down but a decent one like AMD Phenom II X4 only cost like $130 and not many game today can take advantage of all cores.
    Oh and I still haven't touched the motherboard. Most motherboard they offer only have 1 PCIx16 slot, and they call it a gaming machine?
    Long story short, with around 1k, I can build a much better PC myself, which can totally kick all of the above in the nuts when it comes to gaming., an i5 with 6GB RAM, a GTX 570 (Or at least a GTX 560Ti) and a motherboard with 2 PCI x16 slots. Not exactly a dream machine but it can easily chew all the games today on highest setting and still have enough room for upgrade later.
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    Re: Over power CPU + suck ball GPU? What the hell?

    Custom built PC is always my preferable method.

    I say, you'll be more satisfy with PC that you build your self, coz you choose every pieces of hardware for it.
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