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    Otome * Domain changeview patch problem

    So here's my problem I download patch from which from this I get from official link. ( I also download another patch from this link)
    after I apply patch I can't run my Otome domain game nothing pop up like this

    I can run game back again if I delete patch.xp3 and patch.xp.3.xrg. (I'll assume patch.xp3 and patch.xp.3.xrg are change view cause size around 300 mb)

    well after I delete that file I can't see bonus scene from gallery scene.

    In case I made mistake during installing patch or do you have any tips how to fix this?

    patch 1
    like this 2
    patch.xp3 and patch.xp.3.xrg 3
    gallery scene. 4
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