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    Need help with crash in destroy

    Hello i need help so i can get this game finished with. it keep crashing near the end when there a white flash a little bit after the last battle i am guessing ((i dont know how to hide text so i just put SPOILER )) ((SPOILER it is right after the white hair guy and the buff dude have their small fight or something like that and the black hair guy who is trying to destroy the alt history and the big buff guy are talking and that you started the end of the alt history by touching the mirror or something like that there a white flash and that where it always crashed. i would like to know if there is a way to fix this as i want to finish this or if there is a way i can just use some one else save file that have already finished the game as i believe i can just use it to start from the beginning and just skip my way back there while also skipping the fights as i felt that the whole battle system thing is stupid. so i would like if any one can help me with this with out me starting over from the beginning and having to do all those battle all over again or just give me their finished save file if that is possible.
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