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    MDS Files and DRM

    Hi everyone, I'm sorry to post a new thread about this as I'm sure that the same questions have been asked in the past. I tried searching, but the volume of results was huge and I was not able to find what I needed.

    I've been trying to play a VN (from this thread), but I'm unable to get past the DRM when using a disc image mounted in a virtual drive. While the CD key is correct I get disc read errors. As a test I tried burning the image to a physical disc and was able to launch the game, confirming that the issue is something to do with the virtual drive. But my physical DVD drive is a relic and unreliable, so I avoid using it where possible.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for ways to get past the DRM issues with virtual drives? With this game in particular, of course, but this is an issue that comes up with many games (including ones I've purchased and just don't want to mess around with the discs any more). I'm a total novice to dealing with copy protection, so I will gladly accept any advice/links to other threads or guides/etc. that others feel are appropriate.

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