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    A little problem with ITHVNR and Translator Aggregator

    My english is terrible how do i explain this... a week ago i was playing Sengoku † Koihime X ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~ just fine with them and then my pc had a problem and had to be formated naturaly i lost all these translations tools and had to download all of them today, i was playing again and a few minutes latter i noticed an annoying problem every now and then some lines don't show up on Translator Aggregator but if i go to the backlog in game and pass the cursor over the same line the thing shows up in TA -_- it's really annoying to be doing this everytime that ''bug'' happens so do any of you guys know what i might be doing wrong ?? also i noticed the translation is really worse than before some names like ''Kazuha'' are translated just fine before but now it's something like ''One Leaf'' wtf... i don't know if i'm missing some file or if i forgot to configure something since last time i did that was back in 2014 when i started playing VNs with machine translators, sorry for the wall of text and thanks in advance!
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    Re: A little problem With ITHVNR and Translator Aggregator

    I've experienced this also. I have to copy the text several times for the translation to appear. Not sure how to get pass this, I just keep copying the text from ITH.

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