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    Question Issues with 死神のテスタメント (Shinigami no Testament)

    So, I tried installing 死神のテスタメント from various sources, one being -

    I can't seem to get it work, I'm on Windows 8 which is what I assume the problem to be.

    Basically, I can't open the game, if I try to, it instantly closes.
    To resolve this, I have to install the 1.01a update, from what I've seen, there are only nodvd patches for the original and the 1.01 update.
    If I try to open the game it asks me to put in a DVD.
    If I virtually mount it, it then says something about a CD/DVD followed by some Japanese text (I could screenshot it, but I doubt it would help much).

    I spent ages trying to find a version that would work and this is the conclusion I came to, I need to find a nodvd patch for 1.01a and I already spent ages trying to install Windows 7 which turns out my computer can't (Wooo...), so my last resort is to try find a patch which as far as I'm aware, no English speaking site has and I've tried looking around a fair few Japanese sites as well. Anybody either have a patch that I could try or an alternative solution?

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    Re: Issues with 死神のテスタメント (Shinigami no Testament)

    Look for the Complete one (original 8.77 Gb) iso not the Dummycut one it will give u issues. I downloaded it from mega cus i was lucky there was a page (now closed) that uploaded it.

    死神のテスタメント iso (google this) actually it is the first option it has 1 seeder tho , it seems there isnt one on sukebei

    - Mount/install and keep it mounted cus there isnt noDVDcrack , go to 3rd eye supp index pag , download its 1.01a patch
    - Now u have the VN free of issues just extra 8Gb Mounted iso like me xD

    GL with the torrent boys

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