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    Unhappy I downloaded a game but when I click start it stops working, Can someone help me?

    4 (2).jpghi! this week I downloaded this game (link) but when the menu appears and I click on start, it stops working ... I use the AppLocale to open the game, and I already tried it on:
      Windows 7 Professional 32bit
      Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 32bit
      Windows XP SP3

      someone already had the same problem?
      if anyone can help I appreciate, thanks .....

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    Re: I downloaded a game but when I click start it stops working, Can someone help me?

    Applocate is not important today.Language Non unicode in Windows support already.You go to Control panel select language and region.Click Change keyboards or other input methods and got to Administrative and change system locate to japan and restart.
    You can play eroge without any program to locate.
    Good Luck.

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