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    Lightbulb HP D530 SFF PSU Problem + Epic FAIL

    I finally found the video my ex-boss told me about. But before I link the video,
    a little back history:

    Last year, I worked in a warehouse that either refurbished computer equipment
    or recycled them. During my tenure there, we worked with all types of PCs and
    a few Macs that did roll into the shop, but there was 1 particular PC that came
    in on several skids: The HP D530 SFF.

    The power supply units had faulty grounding, so when you tried to plug in the
    power cable (whether or not the cable is plugged into a socket), the PSU of
    the computer would literally fry itself.

    I did post a video of this a while back, but it was poor quality and very short.
    This was the video my ex-boss was talking about after one of these computers
    blew up in my face. Since then, I've blown up just over a dozen of these, but
    was never able to get one on video myself (since there was a ton of work to
    do), but here I show this video to you.

    Also, go to 3:56 of this next video. You don't see it (the video is cropped for some
    reason) but this was a shipment of computers that we needed for an order.

    I was standing to the right of that truck.

    Yep. EPIC FAIL.

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    Re: HP D530 SFF PSU Problem + Epic FAIL

    That's why smart people build their own PCs, or at least don't get a HP/Dell hehe, sad thing is that most of those end up down here in México after they change(or fix) the faulty PSU.

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