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    Lightbulb How to get Premium-Accounts via Google? - Guide

    Do you know the following problem?

    You are looking for something in the internet and suddenly, after a few hours of searching, you find what you're looking for

    But then, frustration ... you need a Premium Account to download this item ... or you have to register

    After you found the download link, save it for later

    The solution

    1. for getting a Premium-Account for free with Google

    It's very simple to get Premium-Accounts, all you need is an email adress.

    Go to Google Alerts and fill in with the following information.

    "Search terms" - type in what you're looking for. If you're looking for a Premium-Account on Rapidshare, type in "rapidshare premium account" or "rapidshare premium login" ... without quotation marks. And so on, it's not difficult
    "Type" - "Blogs"
    "How often" - "As-it-happens"
    "Your email" - This one is very difficult

    The rest is a matter of time. Whenever Google gets new entries about a blog with your "Search terms", you will receive an email with the URL where you should find the username (email or whatever) and password for the Premium Account. Log in and download

    Please consider that this Premium-Account will be banned someday ... mostly within a few hours, because of too many accesses at the same time That means, if the email is for example one day old, you can somehow forget the logins.

    Yeah, before I forget it ... this also works with adult-sites ... everything is the same, but in "Search terms" you should type in the exact adress of the member area of the site. An example would be "" ... without quotation marks ... and don't forget the "@". Most of the adult-sites use a member area like this

    2. for bypassing compulsory registration

    Go to and type in the website you need an account for.
    Please consider that there are fake accounts too (they simply don't work) ... sooner or later you will understand what I mean. Also, the "success rate" means nothing. I found an account with 11 % success rate and it worked.

    I hope I could help you a little bit for the future ... maybe, sometime you encounter the problem above

    And please, if you know other methods for getting Premium-Accounts without programs or something like that, let me know too
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    Re: How to get Premium-Accounts via Google? - Guide

    hmm...There are two methods i use...

    1. I take from ... they provide premium accounts & premium cookies. But even if have a premium account we need a good download manager to get the best outcome right ... So i use the their premium accounts pre-installed Jdownloader .... and they post jdownloader premium database ASA it updated (its just a 21 kb file and we only need to copy paste...) Since Jdownloader has Clipboard Observer function you need not to visit links 1 by 1 just only need to select all the codes or links and copy (Ctrl + C) them ..and also due to Automatic Reconnect function even if the database didn't have the premium login for the host you need ,it automatically use plugins and give you the speed and bandwidth once you configured reconnection script (configuring reconnection script is very easy..they have reconnection scripts for most routers and if they didn't have it you can create your own with few clicks like i did )
    2. Leeching... leeching is somewhat same as the internal process of jdownloader .You have to copy the link and paste in a box on leech site and press relative button (leech,download etc.).But the problem here is there are some conditions each sites....some have limited bandwith ...some have no. of leeches per day/hour .And also you have to leech 1 by 1 in most sites...
      you can use these sites to find active leeching sites...

    So you can use method 1 for batch and method 2 for others...good luck
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    Re: How to get Premium-Accounts via Google? - Guide

    Another way you can use Premium Link Generator or Premium account.
    Link: Premium Link generator list
    How to use?
    1.Search that uploader use like Uploaded,Rapidgator,etc. on Ctrl+F and go that site 2.Skip ads one time(Becareful Crapware and malware that site.3.Paste link and click generate and skip some ads and get file.
    If you can't download this file now because the uploader upload files or log on.Please wait for next day.
    Link: account list
    Just look at @pumasrevenge post and following him.
    If you use premium please give some little bandwidth to me please for download eroge and anime.

    Wish this method help you.Thank for reading

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