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    Help for ripping these two HCG's, please

    Good morning, afternoon or evening whenever you read this, people.

    I'm interested in ripping these two games: 凌成敗!~学園美少女制裁秘録~ "Ryou Seibai! ~Gakuen Bishoujo Seisai Hiroku~" by Tinkerbell. 元ヤンの奥さんは好きですか?~強気な人妻とエッチで勝負! セクシー妻もいるよ~ "Motoyan no Okusan wa Suki desu ka? ~Tsuyoki na Hitozuma-san to Ecchi de Shoubu! Sexy Tsuma mo Iru yo~" by Heiantei.

    I've made some investigations, and noticed both eroges are in .dat files. In the case of Ryou Seibai, I've tried with Crass already with C.System.cui, but the files come as trash that occupies space. I tried with both using Extract Data, and only allows me to rip the audio file, when what I'm interested in is on the image file (mostly character images).

    I've been dealing with this within over a month or so, and nothing I do works.

    Regarding Motoyan, I don't even know what else can be done. Not to mention the exbelldat_nosrc of asmodean doesn't seem to like my computer (the dll it needs doesn't seem to support my Windows Vista).

    With nothing else to say, I've come here for the need of professional assistance, since I don't know what else I can do.

    Thank you beforehand.
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    Re: Help for ripping these two HCG's, please

    .dat files, try arc_conv

    Read the file license.txt for password.

    I only post what I bought. My uploads are for those who share the same taste but could not easily import them. If you can buy the game, please do it to support the company.
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