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    Help required with Tsuyokiss Full edition installation

    Hello there,
    as the title says I require help with Tsuyokiss FE (vndb link here). I recently noticed there was a more complete version of this game available and decided to replay it.
    But when I mount the ISO, nothing happens.(I downloaded it from this site) I mean the disc appears in the virtual drive, I can explore it, but the autoexec is not working, and manually launching the IHS.exe does nothing.
    I tried to reinstall the original version, and It works fine. (And after tests, Motto Nee, Chanto Shiyou yo! is not working either).

    The only differences I see are the version of IHS.exe (original version is something like 1.6, motto nee is 1.9 and the Full Edition is

    Is anyone knowing a trick to make it work ?

    thanks in advance

    Edit: Well this is solved now, kinda. I had to format my PC 1 weak ago (before trying to install this game), so I think I must have lacked some programes, and I just remembered NETframeworks, installed it. And now it works. Was it NET ? or some missing XPSp3 update lacking I don't know. So well, thanks anyway.

    PS : Sorry for my crappy english, it's not my main language
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