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    HALP ME! i'm encoding and its hard! lol (question about timing, i think)

    alright, so i've been trying to encode some of those live vocaloid events for my vita, and i'm having difficulty.

    i have a huge, 1080 blu ray rip of the 2010 givingday concert in mp4 as my source file. it also has 2 AAC audio streams, one's for stereo and the other for surround.

    alright, to make sure i can extract all the individual tracks, i bring it into mkv merge and put it into an MKV container, then now i can bring it into MKV extract, take out the video (AVC format) and the AAC audio streams.

    Then i open up tsMuxeR and bring in the video and audio streams, and mux them into .ts format.

    now, here's where i am confused.... Media Info, tells me that the whole video is 1 hour and 58 minutes, and the source mp4 rip is also this long. But when i import the .ts into Adobe Premiere Pro, the time is changed to 2 hours and 1 minute. some how more time has been added to the video after after muxing.

    i think that this is creating some sort of inconsistencies somewhere, in that so far i have been unable to re-encode it. i can (physically) squeeze the video down to the correct time, but i'm not sure if that does something weird to it, cuz adobe puts (103.17%) on the video and audio bars, so i assume that it's playing the video at a slightly faster rate. but i dont know how else it would have made the video longer without stretching it in the first place.

    this has also happened before with a couple eps of animes. is there some way to fix this?
    thanks ^^
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    Re: HALP ME! i'm encoding and its hard! lol (question about timing, i think)

    Try using a program called "handbrake". I use it to encode all of my animes, as well as full-length american productions. Simply open your source files (either from the main "source" button, or from the audio and video tabs respectively). You then add your encode job to your current queue, and press encode.

    ^ Link to downloads page of handbrake, select your unique OS.
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