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    Eroge Game > リアライブ ( Realive ) Purple Software VNR problems and instructions

    Hi , i have a problem with リアライブ using VNR
    When i start the app , i insert the /HBN-20*-2@463E73 Hook Code and start the game ... but when i try to translate in Menu > Preferences/Dictionaries/Machine Translator , the H/code doesnt apper and the other translators show only some kanji and hiragana after the first phrase . Is like every time VNR detects a symbol that have been already showed in the game sequence , the program simply skip it and go away with only a small part of Japanese symbols for the translations . I ve tried to reinstall VNR , changing the translators and the settings of the program , but anything have changed until now after 2 days of tries ... if anyone can talk about it or someone knows the solution please send a response , maybe some other people have encounter the same problem .
    Thanks to all who will read this and help with their knowledge

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    Re: Eroge Game > リアライブ ( Realive ) Purple Software VNR problems and instructions

    I guess this may help,

    You can set your H-code on (MENU > TEXT SETTINGS), this menu appear on right side of your VN window (show after you pointing your mouse) (Screen shoot Image :

    Alternate Solutions :

    (+) Just for make sure your code works, You need to delete all save data folder and Config save file (cmvsInst32.ini & cmvsInst64.ini)
    (+) Set your text massage speed as "Instant" or most fastest speed

    1.) Restart VNR and try launch the game , After game launched, try to insert H-code (set it on (Menu>Text Settings)
    2.) Click game for next dialogue and try to find most correct hooked dialogue on Text Settings window, If you find the text box which have most correct hooked text, define it as "Dialog" (Screen shoot Image : )
    3.) Don't forget to SAVE it

    In my experience, VNR sometimes (or Always) failed sync H-code with this game which make the text Hook failed even after we set it correctly. If this problem occurred, You just need to repeat what I told you above, Don't forget to make back up for deleted files/folder. For another alternate solution , You can switch H-code every time you launch the game between this H-code : ( I pretty recommend this method, I use this several times when play this game)

    Let me know if there is another problem, Good luck.
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