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Thread: Dracu-Riot Help

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    Question Dracu-Riot Help

    Hey, I just finished downloading Dracu-Riot and the latest patch and English patch and Dracu-Riot won't open for some reason.
    When I would try to open the application it would first say "??????? (syntax error)" with the only option of clicking "Ok."
    Then after spamming the application and "Ok" option, it started saying "DRACU-RIOT!" with a few random characters after it said that.
    Again, with the only option to say "Ok."

    I've been through this before (with My Girlfriend is the President) but I forgot what I did to solve the problem. Someone please help.

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    Re: Dracu-Riot Help

    The basics are as follows:

    Please set the following in Control Panel > Region and Language:

    'Formats' Tab
    Change 'Format' to Japanese

    'Location' Tab

    Change 'Current Location' to Japan

    'Keyboards and Langauges' Tab
    Change 'Choose a Display Language' to 日本語

    'Administrative' Tab
    Change 'Language for non-Unicode programs' to Japanese (Japan)

    This will allow the engine of the game to change its display text to Japanese instead of gibberish. Reason I know is that I have some visual novels that uses the Display Language and non-Unicode programs as a basis to function and output text. I also been through some games that uses checks to stop the game working if it deems it non-Japanese system.

    Please be aware that it will make all your system display languages in Japanese so you need to be able to remember where you have to navigate through. If you have trouble getting through your system in Japanese, please post back and I'll will assist you how to get your system back to English.


    Previously I was asked is it possible to do all those steps with one step. I have to admit, I spent more time thinking about it and found that there's none in my computer that I use that was convenient enough to do that. However, I can't say there is none in the entire internet that has that program. Within reason, I can't help you from that point onwards if you asking for the program existence or whatnot.

    Back To Topic: It will change those "??????" into a working game without that error. I'm currently playing Duca-Riot so I'm pretty sure if you installed it in Japanese OS settings and played it on that, it will work perfectly fine. As for your previous Visual Novel you have played, assuming that it is Translated Version, the engine code was modified to work on US English OS. If not, then consider living on a Japanese OS for visual novels and switching out when you're done with it.

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