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    A couple of questions regarding videos


    I was curious to know which method people usually use to capture several screenshots of a video file to post as a single image preview of a video, you know those mosaic-looking that a manual process? (e.g. people do take each screen manually and then make a mosaic out of it with a photo editor) or is there some way to take e.g. 1 screenshot every 5-10 minutes of a video?

    A similar question also regarding screenshots,or to be more precise video frames.
    I've tried to make some animated images from short video files(like 5 seconds long or about that),and I managed to do so easily with Virtual Dub,however when I tried to export every frame instead,I noticed that sometimes it captures the same frame 2 times,resulting in a not-so-fluid animation,is there some way to tell VirtualDub or whatever program,to not take the same frame if repeated?

    Here's an example animated webp image that I created,this one does have duplicate frames in some points,resulting in a non-fluid fire animation:

    This is the second version,after manually taking away the duplicated frames,the fire looks much more fluid:

    About animated webp:
    While not widely supported as GIF images,webp have no 255 color palette restriction unlike GIF ones,resulting in much better picture quality.
    All major browsers can read webp images.
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