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    Can't open or install Lune Soft game s

    Hi, so I really love Lune hgames, and very few days ago a new tittle was released. But after downloading it, it doesn't open, my mouse shows the loading, but it never opens. So try to install it somewhere else (the user includes the RAR with the game already installed) with the program, and when I start installing, it closes immediately. I start to panic. I tried every other Lune game, which worked fine like a week ago, and it happens the same thing, I can't even install them, they were downloaded from the same user also.

    There are exceptions, however. Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori he opens fine, but in this case it opens with a crack, it always did in my case, BUT it also can re-install just fine anywhere with the installation exe, unlike the others. The other game is Female Warrior, opens without crack. The other Lune titles could be opened without a crack just fine, but now just won't open. And now I grow desperate.

    I also have downloaded from other users, but it's the same result. And as I said, it used to work just fine.

    Please help D:

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