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    Can't Find AS IRC channel on Rizon


    When I log into Rizon, I can't find the "Anime-Sharing" channel. Also, I can't connect to the channel via the links provided on this sight or the other AS network sites. I am able to connect to other channels on Rizon just fine though. Is there an issue with the channel or is this on my side? I just updated to HexChat 2.12.4 if that helps.


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    Re: Can't Find AS IRC channel on Rizon

    I saw you (or someone with your nickname) joining and leaving the channel several times, the last of which was about an hour ago, so I assume you got it taken care of. For future reference, the channel is set to private/secret to avoid spambots (every big channel that isn't set to private/secret has a fair share of them), so it won't appear in channel listing. That's the only downside—anyone can still join if they know the channel name. Also, different browsers may interpret non-standard links and protocols (such as irc://) differently, so you should always rely just on your IRC client.

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