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    Aneimo 2 ~Second Stage~ hook code crashing game

    If anyone has a working h code for あねいも2~Second Stage~ ( ) I would like to know. Bought it from dlsite and already tried the one that was from the h code list site but whenever I would enter it, the game would instantly crash.

    What I tried:

    (UPAI2_101) /HBC@44BE70

    Figured out how to get the text hooked without an h code.
    For those curious. I am on windows 10 and was using the dlsite ver because the original (one with the reg exe file) would not work for me.

    Way that worked for me was:
    -download and install the original version
    -download and install dlsite version
    -update the original version with update 102 since the update will not detect dlsite's version of the game
    -copy and paste all of the files including the save folder from the dlsite version into the original version's folder, replacing all of the files it asks you to
    -run vnr
    -go to spring board
    -click magnifying glass
    -click next
    -select the window of a running game
    -click next
    -run aneimo 2 using locale emulator
    -click start to find the game window
    -click on game window
    -click next till you get to the text thread finder
    -make some text run in the game then select the thread that shows all the text (it will start with Pensil)
    -click commit and it should attach to the game while detecting all the text
    It should work now.
    (please note that the first couple of lines showed perfectly by just running the dlsite ver. so be sure to test out about 10-20 lines just to be sure you did it right)

    If you are having trouble with the fan disc of this game called あねいも2 H’s もっとHにステップUP!do this same method. There's an update for that VN too so I'd recommend grabbing that wherever you can.
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    Re: Aneimo 2 ~Second Stage~ hook code crashing game

    I really want to play game Aneimo 2. But I have to wait 3 years. Is it because this Aneimo 2 does not support the operating system? (My bad english!)

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