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    AGTH text grab basics

    I am trying to learn how the AGTH system works, and have it set up with Quick Atlas.

    I can get some trans going but there is a big block of it, as it is translating from five streams i think. anyway to get it to do just one line?

    and i was someting about colour coding and text hooking any one have an easy tut on this.?

    i hate tech stuff so it was a big deal to start tryhing this but i want to try to figure it out so i can connect with how people use it for some conversion decensoring projects i plan to try to do for some games. thanks

    Here is great help already recieved by a very kind member here who i hope wont mind my shairng with others who may like me hope to figure this proecess out more, i will hope to post some of the most popular codes too if there is time.

    hongfire :

    post by Freaka :

    Searching an agth/ith code for お兄ちゃんにはぜったい言えないたいせつなこと (, if anyone can help
    /HB-1C*0:C@45A50A kinda works, creates a ton of threads of which three should have the correct sentences. In my case 56:402849 white colored text, 5A:402849 red colored, 5C:402849 blue colored. Using AGTHGrab those can be combined and extracted. With an earlier config I had 54:402849, 58:402849, 5A:402849 as those threads, which actually was better because those ! didn't get tossed in. Not sure what made the difference, probably either a font setting or message setting. Only tested on my WinXP VMWare machine and there only the first few sentences, probably wont have the time to improve it, took way to long already.

    note :
    my case is the same with him. there are 3 different text colour, which is :
    white : represent story plot, got 1 hook address
    blue & red respectively : represent text by the imoutou / other guys respectively, got 2 different hook address

    AGTHGrab will capture the addresses that changes when you hit button while you played
    as when you're pressing ctrl will skip forward the text on the VN, this proved to be a big burden for CPU when running AGTHGrab
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    Points: 7,264, Level: 56
    Points: 7,264, Level: 56
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    Overall activity: 1.0%
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    Re: AGTH text grab basics

    Here are more Tutorials and some of the codes for most often seen games:


    fhc guide

    aGTH Mistress Tutotrial

    Advanced debug:Freka

    -[#DEVINE] Saimin Jikken: /HA18@488B14 /Ftext@48853A
    -[4H] Yuuryou Kenkou Seito no Chou Shuuchi Taiken: /HA-C@F804C
    -[13cm] DEVOTE2 Ikenai Houkago ~Standard Edition~: /HA8@50E4B0
    -[13cm] Kimipeta: /HAN-C:-14@445458 (use /pn)
    -[13cm] Shimaizuma 3: /HAN14@410050 or /HA14@410050
    -[130cm] Oni Uta: /HA-10:58@4A4FA8 or /HAN-C:-14@445648 (use /pn)
    -[130cm] Oni Mari: /HA-10:58@4ABD18 (use /pn)
    -[Abelia] Onegai Goshujinsama: /HBC*0@404500 /KF
    -[Abel Software] Dual M: /HSC@4044F0 /KF
    -[Abel Software] Koitou Ranma ~Watashi ga, Anata wo, Mamoru Kara!!!~: /KF /HB-4@4042B2
    -[Abogado Powers] Dvine Luv: /HAN-4@486836 /KF /KS19 /Ftext@1 or /HS10@486790 /KF /KS19
    -[Abogado Powers] Pigeon Blood: /HSN4@404655
    -[Acacia Soft] Natsumero: /HB-4*0@40DAC0 or /HB-18*0@40DAC0
    -[ACTIVE] SEVEN -Sympathy for the Fairies-: /HS4:38@427730
    -[ad:lib] Bokura wa Piacheere: /HSC@4044F0 /KF
    -[Age] Age Maniax ~Isumi Yon Shimai Saigo no Hi~: /HA4@169D0:UnivUI.dll /KF
    -[Ail] Aido Hentai Choukyou Kurabu: /HBN-8*0:28@414F20 /FNames@1:0;Dialogue@1:1 (use /pn and don't set text speed to max)
    -[Ail] Ainsworth no Mamono-tachi: /HB-C*0@42DB4B
    -[Ail] Aiyoku no Nakaba In to You no Doukoku ~Injoku wa Seifuku no Shita ni~: /HA4:158@415550 (use /pn and don't set text speed to max)
    -[Ail] Deep Body: /HSN8:10@430B0E
    -[Ail] Kunoichi Hichou ~Yoshihara Yuukaku Kidan~: /HSN-4@42FCA0
    -[Ail] Ma wo Jutai Seshi Otome no Kuruetsu 2: /HS10@41320C (use /pn)
    -[Ail] Meshi Onna Kyoushi: /HB-8*0@415F90 or /HBC*0@415F90
    -[Ail] Ryoubo ~Maternity Insult~: /HBC*0@416130
    -[Ail] Seido Choukyou Shidou Shitsu: /HBN14@42D272 /X /FOptions@403BD6;Dialogue@1
    -[Ail] Watashi no Shiranai Mesu no Kao: /HA-4@412364 (use /pn)
    -[Ainos] Pachipachi Circuit: /HA-C@42B7E0
    -[Akatonbo] Succubus ~Ochita Tenshi~: /HS4@407a40 /Ftext@407C3E
    -[Akatsuki Works] Boku ga Sadame Kimi ni wa Tsubasa wo: (Ver. 1.01) /HSNC@413AE0 or /HSN-8@413AE0
    -[Akatsuki Works] Komyu -Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku-: /HWN4*0:170@512E88
    -[Albion] Kanojo wa Tsunderu Fuuki Iin: /HAN-C@F8DB4 /Ftext@1
    -[Alice Soft] Alice 2010: /HBN1C*4@0:StoatSpriteEngine.dll:SP_SetTextSprite /Ftext@1
    -[Alice Soft] Boku Dake no Hokenshitsu: /HB38@623F0:StoatSpriteEngine.dll (use /pn)
    -[Alice Soft] Momoiro Guardian: /HB38@623F0:StoatSpriteEngine.dll (use /pn)
    -[Alice Soft] Vanish! ~Oppai no Kieta Oukoku~: /HB8*4@59370:StoatSpriteEngine.dll (use /pn)
    -[ALL-TiME] Seishoku Taiiku Kyoushi ~Gakuen Hatsudashi Namashibori~: /HBN-8*0@43CEF2 /KF
    -[Alcot Citrus] Shinigami no Kisu wa Wakare no Aji: /HA18@4887D0
    -[An*tique] Kami-tama -Kami-sama no Tamago-: /HS48@404B40 /KF5:100
    -[AniSeed] Osou Koujo Metal Princess & Gun Sister DVD Pack: /HB4*0@421C10
    and /HB-1C*0@421C10
    -[Aniseed] Relict2 ~Episode Moon~: /HBNC*0:10@435D90 | (Upd01) /HBNC*0:10@435CE0
    -[Apple Mint] Banpuri ~Ikinai Suwarete H Shiyo!~: /HSC@4044C0 /KF
    -[Apple Mint] Katekyo ~Oshiete Etchi na Koto~: /HB8*0@404960 /w43C331
    -[Applique -Imouto-] Fake Azure Arcology: /HSN-1C@419004
    -[APRICOT] AYAKASHI: (v1.01) /HAC@4F1660 /KF5:100 | (v1.01) /HA28@4F18F5 /KF5:100
    -[APRICOT] AYAKASHI H: /HAC@4E5E20 /KF5:100
    -[APRICOT] Maple Colors 2: /HAN8@546DA0 /KF | (Ver. 1.01) /HA8@5472F0 /KF
    -[APRICOT] Unival! PARANORMAL GIRLS STRIKE!!: /HW-20@49AE30 /KF (on Vista/Win7, must use this exe)
    -[APRICOT Cherry] Sister x Sister ~Lovevery Sisters~: /HA-1C:4@42FAAE
    -[Aquahouse] Midara na Kangofu Monogatari: /HS-4*0@45B58C /KF
    -[Aquahouse] Yakata no Okusama: (oksup103) /HS-4*0@45B58C /KF
    -[AQUAPLUS] ToHeart PSE v1.00: /HAN-4@40C4F6 (use /pn)
    -[Aries] ANGEL NAVIGATE: /HBC@453F50
    -[Art] Costume Player: /HA-8@419434
    -[Art] Heaven's Cage: /HA-8@418C24
    -[Atelier D] Nurse no O-Benkyou: /HB8*0@40D4B0
    -[Atelier D] Nurse no O-Benkyou Ouyouhen ~Uke Shichu Igai wa Zettai Kinshi!: /HB8*0@407CE3#2 | (V.1.10) /HS4@419660 (use /pn)
    -[Atelier Kaguya Berkshire Yorkshire] Prima Stella: /HSNC*0:368@41E920 /FText@1:411149;Speaker@1:4119F8;Choices@1:4134AB
    -[Atelier Kaguya Berkshire Yorkshire] PriSara - Dokidoki x Love Love W Fandisk: /HSNC*0:3A4@422490
    -[Atelier Kaguya Berkshire Yorkshire] Sara Sara Sasara: /HSNC*0:3A4@41F7D0 /FText@1:4112A9;Speaker@1:411B78;Choices@1:41368B
    -[Atelier Kaguya DREIZEHN] Inkou Haten Amatsu: /HBN28@410C6B
    -[Atelier Kaguya DREIZEHN] Ura Nyuugaku: /HB28@4308FC
    -[Atelier Kaguya Honky-Tonk Pumpkin] Chupashite Ageru: /HB8@419F50
    -[Atelier Kaguya Honky-Tonk Pumpkin] De-ru-ta!: (delta_up01) /HB28@40F0EF
    -[Atelier Kaguya Honky-Tonk Pumpkin] Imouto Desu: /HB8@41DA80
    -[Atelier Kaguya Honky-Tonk Pumpkin] Mainichi ga M!: /HB8@415E00 or /HB-20@415E00
    -[Atelier Kaguya Honky-Tonk Pumpkin] Niizuma Ikase de Milk: (tumamiruku_up01) /HB8@4159F0 |
    (tumamiruku_up02) /HB8@4158C0
    -[Atelier Kaguya Honky-Tonk Pumpkin] Ore to Kanojo wa Shujuu na Kankei: /HBN28@40E33F
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Dungeons Crusaderz 2: (Ver. 1003) /HB28@4103E8
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Hitozuma Cosplay Kissa 2: /HB88*0@40BC4D or /HBN28@40E56B
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Magical Witch Academy: /HBN28@424F3C | (with adv17_2 patch) /HBN28@42513A
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Magical Witch Concerto: /HB8*4@409390
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Medorei: /HBN28@42497E
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Natsugami: /HBN28@40E56F
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Ningyou no Yakata: (ADV08) /HB14@41052D
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Onna Kyoushi DVD Edition: /HBN28@425A1A
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Saijuu Chikan Densha DVD Edition: /HB28@434467C
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Saijuu Chikan Densha 2: /HB28@432C9C
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Serina: /HB28@43E2AC
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Tales of Demoneater: (dc_up04) /HB28@4245FB
    -[Atelier Kaguya TEAM HEARTBEAT] Toriko no Hime: /HBN28@40F40F
    -[Atelier Sakura] Hoka no Otoko no Seieki de Harandemo Iidesuka: /HB8:-14@593420 /KF
    -[August] FORTUNE ARTERIAL: /HAC@41EBD0 or /HA8@41B010 /KS
    -[August] Yoake Mae Yori Ruri-iro: /HA8@414040 or /HA68@4057F0
    -[August] Yoake Mae Yori Ruri-iro na -Moonlight Cradle-: /HSC@44782A or /HAC@421920 or /HA8@414040 or /HA68@4057F0
    -[August] Yoake Mae Yori Ruri-iro na -Brighter Than Dawning Blue-: /HSC@44782A or /HAC@421920
    -[AXL] Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate: /HSN14:-10@43BBAD
    -[AXL/Studio Miris] Tutorial Summer: /HB8*0:4@42F2E0
    -[Bannou Honpo] Beach Ku Volley ~Massive to Mini-skirt to Sperm~: /HAN-C@E5F5C
    -[Baseson] (v1.00) Shin Koihime Musou: /HS4@4F7730 / (v1.02) /HS4@4F8E90
    -[Belisama] Dust Mania Grotesque ~Kaitai Sounyuu Shinsho~: /HQN-1C@10131E43
    -[Beenyan] Chikan Kizoku: (requires kizoku_up patch) /HB10*0@41168B or /HB-10*0@40F656
    -[Beenyan] Osu-Mesu Time Slip (version 1.01): /HB4*0@433EBF
    -[Bianca] Hitozuma Yuugi: /HS-4*0@45BC40 /KF
    -[Bianca] Inyoku Haha Musume: /HS-4*0@45BC40 /KF
    -[Bianca] Oneesan ga Oshiete A-ge-ru: /HS-4*0@45BC40 /KF
    -[Bjoern Bjoern] Sakuya-hime no Kisetsu (Standard Version): /HA-C@F3B24
    -[Bjoern Bjoern] Sakuya-hime no Kisetsu (Updated Special Version): /HA-C@F3D54
    -[Black Cyc] Yami no Koe Tokubetsu-hen: /HSN-1C@414224
    -[Black Cyc] Yami no Koe ZERO: /HS-C@47DBA0 or /HS10@47DBA0
    -[Black Rainbow] Soukan Yuugi: /HB4*0@403003
    -[Black Tale]Kimagure Delinquent Road: /HAN-C@F4360 /Ftext@1
    -[Bluegale] Fukubuki!: /HA18@48C0A4
    -[Bluegale] Kinku ni Saku Hana ~Intoku no Mei Shimai~: /HB10*0@429880
    -[Bluegale] Oni Chichi 2: /HA18@4AE5B8
    -[Bluegale Light] JK to Inkou Kyoushi: /HA-C@48BDCD (use /pn)
    -[Bluegale Light] JK to Inkou Kyoushi 2: /HA-C@48D6AD (use /pn)
    -[bootUP!] Aneimo: /HBC@44BA10
    -[bootUP!] Aneimo ~Natsu no Zanshou~: /HBC@44BA10
    -[bootUP!] Aneimo 2: (UPAI2_101) /HBC@44BE70
    -[bootUP!] Aneimo2 H's Motto H Ni Step UP!: /HBC@44CC30
    -[bootUP!] Aneimo2 Imo Imo FD: /HBC@44CC30
    -[bootUP!] Aneimo2 Ane Ane Mini FD: /HBC@4549E0
    -[bootUP!] FUTA ANE bitter & sweet: /HBC@454DC0 (use /pn)
    -[Broccoli] Princess Concerto: (use priconUpdate101) /HA-4@496714
    -[Broccoli] Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers: /HAN20@9A1C:2DGrpLib.dll (must use /p)
    -[Broccoli] Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers (w/ Chitose Add-on): /HAN1C@D909:Iks2DGrp.dll (must use /p)
    -[Broccoli] Galaxy Angel: Project Galaxy Angel: (DVD or CDROM Ver. 1.1.0) /HANC@5051:Iks2DGrp.dll (must use /p)
    -[C-Side] Akasen Gairo ~Shouwa 33 Sen no Hatsuyuki~: /HWN-4*14#1@53FDDA /KS3 /KF1:30
    -[Cage] Naishou no Yorimichi: /HA-10@44B450 (use /pn)
    -[Cage] Pure Moe Angel Idol Aiko: /HAN24@46F6B5
    -[Candysoft] Sweet!: /HB4*0@449100 /KF
    -[Caramel Box] Boku no Te no Naka no Rakuen: /HSN14@414FC5 /KF or /HSN14@414F82 /KF
    -[Caramel Box] Meguri Megureba Meguru Toki!?: /KF1:200 /HSN-4@004B31ED
    -[Caramel Box] Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Futari no Elder: /HSN8@415CF0
    -[Caramel Box] Shuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic: /HBC*0@4086D0
    -[Caramel Box] Utsurigi Nanakoi Tenki Ame: /HBC*0@407E70
    -[Caramel Box] Yaruki Bako 2: /HSN14@40F697 /KF or /HBNC*0@40FF90
    -[Caramel Box Ichigo Aji] Toppara ~Zashiki Warashi no Hanashi~: /HSN14@415FB5 /KF
    -[Carmine] Utsusemi ni Fureru Mono: (Utsu_UPD) /HA4@41A130 or /HB20*0@41A130
    -[Catwalk NERO] Inda No Himekishi Janne: /HA14@40F200
    -[Catwalk NERO] Seito Kaichou Hikaru: /HAN-C:-14@4458F8 (use /pn)
    -[Chain Reaction] Mikodashi: /HB8*04@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A
    -[Chien] Reitetsu Reisei Shikashite xxx!!: /HWN-4*14#1@53FD82
    -[Chiffon] Dual Colors: /HS4*0@40C208 /kf /w40741C
    -[Chiffon] Kuruiku Jisshuu Mania: /HS-4*0@45C08C /KF
    -[Chiffon] Miwaku no Hitori Tsuma: /HS-4*0@45B58C /KF
    -[Chiffon] Ryoujoku Saiban: (rsbup101) /HS-4*0@45B58C /KF
    -[Chuable] Pure x Cure: (purecure_patch20) /HW-4*14@505BFC
    -[Circle Yuki]Taimashi Izumi: /HAN-C@F384C /Ftext@1
    -[Ciel] Ningyou Aika: /HSN-1C@40A401 /KF /Ftext@1;choice@40FD1B:787878
    -[Ciel] Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro: /HB10*0:-14@0:GDI32.DLL:TextOutA
    -[Circus] C.D. Christmas Days: /HBC*0@417BD0
    -[Circus] C.D.C.D 2: /HBC*0@420CA0 or /HB-C*0@420CA0
    -[Circus] Da Capo Plus Communication: /HBC*0@416F90
    -[Circus] Da Capo Summer Vacation: /HBC*0@427890
    -[Circus] Da Capo White Season: /HBC*0@408180
    -[Circus] Da Capo After Seasons: /HBC*0@41F920 or /HB-C*0@41F920
    -[Circus] Da Capo II: /HBC*0@419200
    -[Circus] Da Capo II Fall in Love: /HB8@421470
    -[Circus] Da Capo II Plus Communication: /HS8@41B710 /Fdialogue@41F3C6;names@41F3A1;choices@41AD57
    -[Circus] Ca Capo II Omake Disk feat. Yun2!: /HBC*0@419060
    -[Circus] Da Capo II Spring Celebration: /HBC*0@41EA20
    -[Circus] Da Capo II To You: /HSN8@41CC90
    -[Circus] Eternal Fantasy: /HBN-14*0@48085B or /HBN44@460E00 /KS50
    -[Circus] Homemaid: /HBC*0@416D70
    -[Circus] Homemaid Sweets: /HSN8:14@419550 (furigana mixed in, but choices visible in AGTH) or /HBC*0:24@41EAE0 (furigana filtered out, but choices not in AGTH)
    -[Circus] Kotori Love ExP: /HBC*0@421440
    -[Circus] Mai-Hime: /HBC*0@41E190
    -[Circus] Owaru no Yakata series: /HBC*0@408100
    -[Circus] Princess Party: /HS-20@422B59
    -[Circus] Princess Party Camellia: /HB8@420F70
    -[Circus] RPG Gakuen: /HS-10@41B6C5
    -[Circus] Sakura: /HBC*0@4175E0
    -[Circus] Suika A.S.+ ~SUIKA~: /HBC*0@416F90 or /HSN-20@41A6EA
    -[Circus] Sukumizu 2: /HBC*0@417800
    -[Circus] Valkyrie Complex: /HSN-1C@413CDF
    -[Citoron Soft] Imouto Smile: /HB8*04@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A /Fdialogue@4325F5:1;choices@4328C3:0
    -[Clochette] Suzunone Seven: /HAN8:-1C@4A86D4
    -[CLOCKUP] Iyasare Gohoushi: /HB-C*0:14@405DCB /Fdialogue@3:412603
    -[CLOCKUP] Kurofan 2GHz: /HBN-4*0:120@429F88
    -[CLOCKUP] Noblesse Oblige: /HSN-C:-C@405DE7
    -[CLOCKUP] Reijoku no Yakata ~Inroku 5shimai Jukanki~: /HSN-8@43D1A3
    -[CLOCKUP] Requiem: /HSN-1C@41C094
    -[CLOCKUP/C.C. CLOCKUP] Semen Security 2009: /HBNC*0:20@42CD70 /KS7
    -[CLOCKUP Team Anise] Ryoujoko Gakuenchou / Dorei Kurabu ~Dokushin Choukyou Roku~: /HBNC*0@415E95 or /HB4@411A11
    -[Clover] Tail Tale: /HAC@402C10 /KS
    -[CODEPINK] Sweet Home ~H na Oneesan wa Suki Desu ka?~: (for dialogue) /HS-4@402570 or /HS-C@402570 | (all text including menus) /HA8@401500 /KF or /HA-4@401500 /KF
    -[Comet] &LOVE: /HSN-8@414059
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Boku no "Natsuyasumi" Himitsu Taiken: (UPDBNH01PK) /HB-1C*0@40BAF0
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Bosei ~Mama Club~: /HBC*0@40CDC9
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Boy Meets Wives: /HB-1C*0@40E020
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Futari wa!?: /HB-1C*0@40E5F0
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Makoto-neechan no Boku Kyouikuhou?!: /HB-1C*0@40DFA0
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Mama Shibori ^2: /HB-1C*0@40DF90
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Mama! Tsuma?: (UPDMAM01) /HB-1C*0@40E100
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Matte: (updmty01) /HB-1C*0@40ACF0
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Mou Sugu Natsuyasumi!: (UPDMNAT1) /HB-1C*0@40DF80
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Nakadashi Tea Time - Meshimase Cream Pie: /HB-1C*0@40DF90
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Onegai! Iinchou!!: /HB-1C*0@40E510
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Yagai Gakushuu: (UPDYAG01) /HB-1C*0@40DD00
    -[COMPLET'S/Authoring Heaven] Zoku - Mama Club: (updzmc01) /HB-1C*0@40B270
    -[Compromise Comprog] Silent Desire 1 and 2: Use hacked game .exe found here and /HBN-4*0:4@4CE995
    -[Cotton Soft] Natsumegu: /HB10*0@411E2B or /HB-18*0@40FD90
    -[Cotton Soft] Nagisa no: /HSNC@413B90
    -[Cotton Soft] Reconquista: (recon_update101) /HB-1C*0@413EC7
    -[Craftworks] Sayonara wo Oshiete: /HSN-4@430B80
    -[Creamy Trips] Bleed Blood: /HBN-1C*0@40F3AB
    -[Creamy Trips] Arts of Black Majo no Hakoniwa: (aob104) /HWN-8*0@10D8B:libscr.dll: or /HWN-C*0@10D8B:libscr.dll:
    -[Crepe] Kaizoku Ou Hime Arufiana: /HA04@418FB8
    -[Crepe] Sensei, Naka ni Shokushu wo Irete! ~Gakuhi wo Karada de Shiharau Joshikousei Mie~: /HBC*0@4044F0 /KF
    -[Crepe] Touma Ninden Haruna to Maya: /HSC@4044C0 /KF /FDialogue@43B57D;Choices@43BCF0;Names@43D185
    -[Crossnet-Pie] Resort Boin: /HBC*0@4044C0 /KF
    -[Cyc/Black Cyc] Mugen Kairou: /HSN14@412EF0 /Ftext@1
    -[Cyon] Midagoku Byoutou 1&2 Package: /HA-C@41679C
    -[Dark Rose] Kyoukaisen no Hate ~Futatsu no Seibetsu Futatsu no Seikaku~: /HBN10*0@488C70 /Fdialogue@1:18;speaker+choice@1:1A;furigana@1:A /w1:18
    -[Dark Rose] Target -Ochiru Shimai-: /HB18*0@4A7840
    -[Debo no Su] Kagura Douchuuki: (Ver. 1.01) /HS4@440A7B | (Ver. 1.02) /HSN@440B85
    -[Debo no Su] Kagura Gakuen Ki: (Ver. 1.00) /HS0@424B80
    -[Delta] Reika Mesuinu Choukyou ~XX ni Okasarete...~: /HBNC*0:4C@40EC21
    -[Digi Anime] Present Play DVD-ROM: /HBC*0@4010C3 /KF
    -[Digital Lover] School Captain Kaichou Kouho wa go Rippuku: /HWN10@49DC80 /Ftext@1
    -[Disabel] Burisaga: /HBC*0@4044B0 /KF
    -[Disabel] Meidei!: /HBC*0@404500 /KF
    -[Disabel] Purisaga X: /HSC@4044C0 /KF
    -[Disabel] Samayou Mitama ni Yasuragi no Toki wo: /HB4@404270 /KF
    -[Disabel] Samayou Tamashii ni Yasuragi no Koku wo: /HSC@4044D0 /KF
    -[Disabel] School Love! Soyokaze no Harmony: /HBC*0@4042B0 /KF
    -[Disabel] School Love 2! Koi Suru Parfait: /HBC*0@4044B0 /KF
    -[Disabel] School Love 3! Mirai e no Allegretto: /HB-4@4042B2 /KF
    -[Disabel] Sim Love ~Hito Natsu no Kiseki~: /HB4@404260 /KF
    -[DIVA] Koirabo: /HA-20:-10@13F970:resident.dll
    -[E.G.O] Uchi no Imouto no Baai: /HA4@4493A0 | (uchiimoj101) /HB18@447A10
    -[eants] ARCUS X: /HBC*0@4044C0 /KF
    -[eants] ARCUS X Shima Side: /HB4@404260 /KF
    -[eants] ARCUS X Complete Edition: /HB-C*0:-14@404260 /KF
    -[eants] Tehodoki Koukan Tomohaha Minami ~Obasan, Dame da yo! Ahh, Boku Kimochii...~: /HA-C@419F64
    -[eigthnote] Zettai Shiawase Sengen!: (zssup2) /HBC*0@4044C0 /KF
    -[Elf] Ashita no Yukinojou DVD Special Edition: /HBN-10:4@4090C0 /Ftext@1:416A7A (must replace game .exe with this one)
    -[Elf] AV King: /HB18*0@4B4686
    -[Elf] Masaru: Ashita no Yukinojou 2: /HA-C@416722
    -[Elf] Shin - Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan: /HAN8:-10@401865 /w1:11f800 (use /pn)
    -[Eroge Honpo] Chiin no Kyoushitsu ~Jokyoushi to Sono Musume ni xx Suru~: /HA4@418FD8
    -[EROGOS] In Series Toku Nousei Nakadashi: /HB-C@405340 /KF
    -[ES-Pot] Magical Change Yuuki-kun: /HW-4*14@54230C#1 /KS /KF
    -[Etoiles] Hime x Hime: /HS4@427650
    -[Eufonie] Colorful Aquarium: /HA14@47FEF0 /KS8
    -[Eufonie] Hidamari Basket: /KS /HA-20@48BF80
    -[Eushully] Ikusa Megami ZERO: (BG0_101) /HSN18@4503F0 or /HS18@4503F0
    -[Eushully/Anastasia] Mahou ga Sekai wo Sukuimasu!: /HA-4@43CA50
    -[Eushully/Anastasia] Soukai no Oujo-tachi: (Ver. 1.01) /HSN18@44DF10
    -[Evee] LOVExEVOLUTION: /HA-4@41ED20
    -[Fairytale] Escalation Hardcore: /HBN-20*-3@40879F /KS
    -[Falcom] Eiyuu Densetsu VI Sora no Kiseki: (Update 1046) /HA-8@4A6A50 /W4A63A0 /KF32:16
    -[Falcom] Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kiseki FC: (ED6_1046) /HB4*0@4A6370 /KF32:16 or /HB-20*0@4A6370 /KF32:16
    -[Falcom] Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kiseki SC: (SR2_1020) /HB4*0@4C29A0 /KF32:16 or /HB-20*0@4C29A0 /KF32:16
    -[Falcom] Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kisetsu the 3rd: (SR3_1001) /HB4*0@49C140 /KF32:16 or /HB-20*0@49C140 /KF32:16 | (SR3_1002) /HB4*0@49C0C0 /KF32:16 or /HB-20*0@49C0C0 /KF32:16
    -[Falcom] Zwei II: (Z2_1001) /HSN-20@425629 /KF or /HS4@4E8080 /KF
    -[Fizz] Asanagi no Aquanauts: /HB20@4EB795 or /HB4*0@4C13C0 /KF2:50
    -[Fizz] Mashiro Botan: /HB-4*0@4BFACA
    -[Fizz] Sakura Tale: /HB4*0:2E0@57FA90
    -[Frill] Boin Shimai no Gojin Juugyou: /HA-20@40ED20 or /HA4@40ED20
    -[Frill] Chikan Senyou Sharyou 2: /HAN-C:-14@445478 (use /pn)
    -[Frill] Frill Extreme Collection -Chikan Senyou Sharyou Artworks & Fandisk-: /HA4@47DCB7
    -[Frill] Haramase King: /HA4@40ED80 (use /pn)
    -[Frontwing] Akibako ~Shiritsu Akihabara Gakuen Fandisk~: /HB18*0@44011C
    -[Frontwing] Boy Meets Girl: /HAC*0@4243C4 or HA14@4243C4
    -[Frontwing] Futago Ecchi: /HB4*0@43FBA8 (use /pn)
    -[Frontwing] Hoshi Uta: /HBN-C*1@4DA701 /Ftext@1
    -[Frontwing] Hoshi Uta ~Starlight Serenade~: /HBN-C*1@4E8BA1 /Ftext@1
    -[Frontwing] Kimihagu: /HB-C*0@4C2B8C
    -[Frontwing] Makai Tenshi Jibril: /HSN0@434FEE
    -[Frontwing] Makai Tenshi Jibril -episode 2-: /HSN0:C@405484
    -[Frontwing] Makai Tenshi Jibril Vista Version: /HSN-C:-8@50F623
    -[Frontwing] Makai Tenshi Jibril -episode 2- Vista Version: /HBN-C*1@4D2276
    -[Frontwing] Makai Tenshi Jibril -episode 3-: /HSN-C:-8@509091
    -[Frontwing] Megachu!: /HAC@47E762
    -[Frontwing/Survive] Separate Blue: /HSN-20:C@44B96A
    -[Frontwing] Shiritsu Akihabara Gakuen (Ver. 1.01): /HB18*0@44011C
    -[Frontwing] Sora Uta: /HA14@422FCC
    -[Frontwing] Sora Uta Vista Version: /HBN-C*1@4DDF45
    -[Frontwing] Sweet Legacy: (Ver. 1.01) /HB-4*0@43B444
    -[Frontwing] Time Leap: /HBN8*0@447000 | (Ver. 1.01) /HBN8*0@4470F0
    -[Frontwing/Survive] Yuki Uta (Ver. 1.02): /HB18*0@4406C0
    -[Frontwing/Survive] Yuki Uta Vista Version: /HBN-C*1@4DDF45
    -[Fukuneko] Mimi x Mimi: /HB-18*0@40FE30
    -[Fulltime] Chikan Wa Hanzai: /HAN-C:-14@48DD78 (use /pn)
    -[Gage] Mehime no Toriko: /HA14@47FE98 /KS8
    -[GIGA/HUG] Ashita Wa Kitto, Haremasu You Ni: /HSC@451E70 /KF
    -[GIGA/Daisy] Always: /HB4*0@439BF0 or /HB4*0@439B50
    -[GIGA] BALDR FORCE Standard Edition: /HB-8*0@4A0F90
    -[GIGA] BALDR FORCE EXE: /HB-8*0@49DDCD | (With Hell Mode Add-on): /HB-8*0@49DDBD | (v1.10) /HSN18@4637F6
    -[GIGA/Pizzicato] Koichu!: /HB4*0@424F91
    -[GIGA] Ripple: /HBN-8@4043C5 | (Ver. 1.02) /HBN-8@404ED5
    -[GIGA/Armonica] Skyprythem: /HW-4*0@54689C
    -[Gindokei] Koitore ~RENAI TRAINING~: /HAC@41C630
    -[G.J?] Anata no Shiranai Kangofu ~Seiteki Byoutou 24 Ji~: /HAN4:-4@409BAE
    -[G.J?] Hime to Boin: /HAN4:-4@40924F
    -[G.J?] Majodou ~Ano Chirigiwa no Utsukushisa~: /HAN4:-4@40931F
    -[G.J?] Queen Bonjourno: /HAN4:-4@4094AE
    -[G.J?] Tsuma to Mama to Boin: /HA-10@40ACAD
    -[G-Spot] Kyou no Okazu series (for msvcp80.dll): /HW4@0:msvcp80.dll:#2631 or /HW4@0:msvcp80.dll:?push_back@?$basic_string@GU?$char_traits@G@std@@v?$allocator@G@2@@std@@qaexg@Z
    -[G-Spot] Kyou no Okazu series (for msvcp90.dll): /HW4@0:msvcp90.dll:?push_back@?$basic_string@GU?$char_traits@G@std@@v?$allocator@G@2@@std@@q
    -[G-Spot] Kyou no Okazu ~Netorare Duma Daisanya Saitou Shiduka: /HWN-8@1871A:libscr.dll (use /pn)
    -[GrisGris] Corpse Party Chapter 4: /HB-8*0:-1C@4085B9 /KS3 /Ftext@1
    -[Groover] Green Green: /HB-1C*444A5A@41CFA4
    -[Groover] Green Green 2: (use GG2_101) /HB10@422911
    -[Groover] Green Green 3: (use GG3_update101) /HB4*0@415AA0 or /HA1C@415AA0
    -[Groover] Kanenone Dynatic!: (use dynatic_update101) /HB4*0@415AA0 or /HA1C@415AA0
    -[Guilty+] Chikan Circle: /HB8*0:28@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A /Fchoices@42FE3E:ffffff;text@42FE3E
    -[Guilty+] Chikan Circle 2: /HB8*0:44@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A /Ftext@433A52:0;choices@433A52:ffffff
    -[Guilty+] Chikan Circle 3 ~Hitoduma no Diagram Kanketsu Hen~: /HB8*0:44@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A /Ftext@433AE2:0;choices@433AE2:ffffff
    -[Guilty+] Najimi no Obachan: /HB8*0:2C@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A
    -[Guilty+] Rin x Sen ~Hakudaku Onna Kyoushi to Yaroudomo~: /HB8*0:44@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A /Ftext@4339A2:0;choices@4339A2:ffffff
    -[H+] ANI Yome Dakara: /HAN24@46EAC5 /pnaniyome.exe | (Ver. 1.01) /HAN-4@46E321
    -[H+] Hikikomori Muke Hitosaijou Sensei: /HAN24@474615 (use /pn)
    -[H+] Hitozuma Net Auction: (auction_v101) /HA8*0@459290
    -[H+] Niizuma Onna Kyoushi: /HAN24@473035 (use /pn)
    -[H+] KAIHATSU (Sei) Joshi Ana Kaihatsu-hen: /HA8*0@46D530 or /HA20@46CD00
    -[H+] KAIHATSU (Sei) Joshi Gorufaa Kaihatsu-hen: /HA8*0@46D590 or /HA20@46CD60
    -[H+] KAIHATSU (Sei) Onna Shichou Kaihatsu-hen: /HA8*0@46D3F0 or /HA20@46CBC0
    -[H+] KAIHATSU (Sei) Onsen Okami Kaihatsu-hen: /HA8*0@46D3F0 or /HA20@46CBC0
    -[H+] Tsuma Koi: /HA8*0@45AC40
    -[Hadashi Shoujo] Sunao Cool: /HA-18@478A47 (use /pn)
    -[Hakudakukei/Milk Crown] Hitozuma Okkake Chikan DL Version: /HSN-1C@414527
    -[Ham Ham Soft] Doinaka Channel 5 ~Kochira Suzuone Gakuen Housoubu~: /HAN-C:-14@4488E8
    -[H-do C] Yumemi Hakusho: /HQ8@469647
    -[H-do C] Yumemi Shi: /HA-1C@4205F0
    -[Hanimaru] Tehodoki Koukan: /HA-C@41A10C (use /pn)
    -[Haou] Boku no Miko wa Chisana Koi Imouto: /HB10*0@411BCB
    -[Haou] Hard Scandal: /HSN0@411D84 /Ftext@1
    -[Haou] Himitsu Seikatsu: /HB10*0@4106D9 or /HB-10*0@40E8B6
    -[Haou] Jotai Saishuu: /HB-1C*0@413EC7
    -[Haou] Okaasan to Na-i-sho: (ver1.00) /HB10*0@410B49 | (ver1.01) /HB10*0@410C0B
    -[Haou] Ryuujoku Shioki Hito (after using shioki1_up patch): /HB10*0@4109E9
    -[Hearts] Mercuria ~Mizu no Miyako ni Koi no Hanataba wo~: /HW-4*0@5D3132 (use text extractor here)
    -[Hecate] Ohimesama wa, Panthera Leo: (Vista) / | (Win7) /
    -[HERMIT] Sekai de Ichiban NG (Dame) na Koi: /HA-1C@44FF44 or /HS1C@40EB70
    -[Highsox] Zettai Joshi Ryouiki: /HWN4:-4@4BEB55
    -[Honey Pot] Kurokami Shoujotai Re: birth: /HH-1C*0@4204E6
    -[Illusion] Hako: /HSN4@63C012 /KF
    -[Illusion] Schoolmate Sweets: /X /KF /HSN0@46AD29 /W1
    -[Ivory] Sakura Machi Zaka Stories Vol. 1: /HA-C@414BDC
    -[Ivory] Sakura Machi Zaka Stories Vol. 2: /HA-C@417B60
    -[Ivory] Wanko to Kurasou: /HA-C#1@418E1F
    -[Janis] CANDY TOYS: /HA-C@411728
    -[Janis] Triangle Hearts DVD Edition (use thd20020623.exe patch from official site): Triangle Hearts = /HB+4*0@41D730 | Triangle Hearts 2 = /HB+4*0@41DB90 | Triangle Hearts 3 = /HB+4*0@41D6E0 | Love Love Toy Box = /HB+4*0@41DD10 | Lyrical Toy Box = /HB+4*0@420AC0 | Toraha DVD Omake Scenerio = /HB+4*0@41C850
    -[Jellyfish] Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara~: (LOVERS104PATCH) /HB4@26E90:ism.dll /PNlovers.exe or /HA-C@27A8A:ism.dll (use /pn)
    -[Jellyfish] Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara~ Gaiden for TECH GIAN: /HA-C@2791A:ism.dll
    -[Jellyfish] Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitara~ PREMIUM PACK (DVD Version): /HA-4@1FF90:ism.dll: or /HA4@1FF90:ism.dll: (use /pn)
    -[Joker] Renge: /HB8@422580
    -[Juliette] Goshujinsama~: /HBEC*0@40E8CC or /HA4@44E493
    -[Juliette] Natsu-iro Kouen: /HBEC*0@40EDBC or /HA4@450103
    -[Kannaduki Tsumamigumi] Kazoku Kankin: /HA-C@41A190
    -[Karen Soft] Miko Shibari: /HB-C*0@419308 or /HBN-C*0@419308
    -[Karen Soft] Ojousama wa Mazo: /HA-C@418DD4
    -[KeroQ] Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~: /HAC@423390
    -[Key] Kudwafter: /HAN-C:-14@448878 (use /pn)
    -[Kid] 12RIVEN: /HSN@450EAA (use /pn)
    -[Kid] Memories Off After Rain Vol. 1: /HBN-10*0@41F304
    -[Kid] Memories Off After Rain Vol. 2: /HBN-10*0@41FA40
    -[Kid] Memories Off After Rain Vol. 3: /HBN-10*0@420950
    -[Kid] Memories Off Duet: /HBN-1C*0@40C147
    -[Kid] Memories Off ~Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi~ DVD Version: /HS-20@41AE10
    -[Kid] Memories Off ~Sorekara~ DVD Version: /HBN-1C*0@41D74F
    -[Kid] Memories Off ~Sorekara Again~: /HS-C@4B5080 or /HS8@4B5080
    -[Kid] Memories Off #5 ~Togireta Film~: /HS5C@44F0BE
    -[Kid] Remember11: /HBN8*0@441DB0 /FText@1
    -[Koei] Musou OROCHI: /HA4@4CF330 /KF
    -[Koei] Sengoku Musou 2: /HA-4@523E60 /KF or /HA8@523E60 /KF
    -[Koei] Shin Mikuni Musou 5: /HAN-8@5588DD /KF
    -[Kogado]Shirogane no Cal to Aozora no Jouou V1.1: /HBN24:-14@41C1FB /KF
    -[Kogasha] Iyashikei Soap jou Hiro-san: /HA4@5593B0
    -[Kuro-Hina] Choumanin ~Binyuu Shimai Shanai Choukyou: /HSC@4044D0 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Housou Kinshi: /HBC*0@4044C0 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Injoku Shinsatsushitsu: /HBC*0@404500 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Injoku Studio: /HBC*0@4044C0 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Injoku Studio TAKE 2: /HSC@4044C0 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Injoku Studio Saishuu Take: /HSC@4044D0 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Jokyoushi Okurau: /x3 /HB4*0@4839A7 /Fdialogue@43F8CF;all(choices,junk)@4839be /W43F8CF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Kan Jukusho Kyoushi ~Nikuyoku ni Nureru Wana~: /HSN0:C@486678 /Fnames@1:440D94;dialogue@1:4413F3;choices@1:4423C0
    -[Kuro-Hina] Kanjuku Shimai ~Haha Futari Chichishibori: /HSC@4044C0 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Kateihoumon: /HBC*0@4044C0 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Kasei Otto Kibira ~Sennyuu! Miboujin Ikke Jotai Mimare~: /HBC*0@404500 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Kaseifu Onihei ~Sennyuu! Miboujin Ikka Nyotai Mamire~: /HBC*0@404500 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Onna Kyoushi wo Kurau: /HBC*0@4044C0 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Reizoku Hisho: /HBC*0@4044B0 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Suiei Choukyoushi ~Oyako Shuuchi Lesson~: /HBC*0@4044C0 /KF
    -[Kuro-Hina] Taiiku Choukyoushi: /HBC*0@4044B0 /KF
    -[La'cryma] True Tears: (apply TT_Pach101) /HBC*0@424280
    -[Lapis Blue] BIFRONTE: /HB-4*0@42CA50 or /HB10*0@42CA50
    -[Lapis lazuli] Areas ~Koisuru Otome no 3H~: /HA-10:58@4ABD58
    -[Le Chocolat] Answer Dead: (use update patch) /HA-4@40F530 /FDialogue@424CAB /KS /KF
    -[Le Chocolat] Ayatsuri Bloomer: /HBC*0@4042B0 /KF
    -[Leaf] Kimi ga Yobu, Megiddo no Oka de: /HS-8@5D001B or /HBN-8*0@4FC681
    -[Leaf] Kizuato (Re-release): Use loader located here
    -[Leaf] Kusari DVD: /HB4*0@4179D0 (Must patch with this NoDVD patch first)
    -[Leaf] Manaka de Iku no! ~Leaf Amusement Soft Vol. 5~: Dragon Chronicle Guilty Requiem: /HWN-8@40138F or /HWN-8@100138F | Mananatsu: /HSN-1C@410217
    -[Leaf] Routes: (DVD) /HB14@47CA20 /kf | (CD) /HS1C@476999 /KF
    -[Leaf] Shizuku DVD: /HB14@47D460 /kf
    -[Leaf] Shizuku (Re-release w/ Kizuato): Use loader located here
    -[Leaf] Tasogare: /HB30@485440 /KF
    -[Leaf] Tears to Tiara: /HSN1C@410EBD /KF
    -[Leaf] ToHeart2 X-Rated: Use this loader and instructions found here
    -[Leaf] ToHeart2 Another Days: Use this loader or follow the instructions found here | (Ver. 1.02) /HSC@38286:AnotherDays.dll (use /pn)
    -[Liebe] Hitozuma Ryokan: /HS-4*0@45BC40 /KF
    -[Liebe] Sensei! Aigasete: /HS-4*0@45BC40 /KF
    -[Light] Ars Magna: /HW-C@47735C | (ars_update1201) /HWC*0@4087D0 or /HWN-C*0@408CBC /KF
    -[Light] Dear My Friend Complete Version: (Ver1.00) /HA-88@40DBA0 | (Ver1.02) /HA-88@40DCB0
    -[Light] Dies irae Also sprach Zarathstra: /HWN-10*-8@46B0FA
    -[Light] Dies irae Also sprach Zarathustra -die Wiederkunft-: /HWN-10*-8:-10*10@46AC08 /KF
    -[Light] Dies irea ~Acta esta Fabula~: /HWN-10*-8:-10*10@46AE28 /KF | /HWN-10*-8:-10*10@46AE01 /KF
    -[Light] Dies irae ~Acta esta Fabula~ -Scharlachrot Grun-: /HWN-10*-8:-10*10@46BF32 /KF
    -[Light] Doki Doki Sister Paradise 2: /HA8@40CDA0
    -[Light] Donchan ga Kyu~: /HWN-4:-8@E168:tools.dll /KF /FDialogue@1:3;Choices(BreakKeytoHalt)@1:1 (use /pn)
    -[Light] Kurenai: /HA8@40BC30
    -[Light] Lightbox 2008 Dear My Friend Complete Version: /HW-C@46EFAA
    -[Light] Lightbox 2008 Gunjou no Sora o Koete: /HW-C@4677DA
    -[Light] Lightbox 2008 Imitation Lover: /HW-C@46E39A
    -[Light] Paradise Lost: /HAN-4@40CD70 /FText@1
    -[Light] R.U.R.U.R: /HW-C@45C9FA
    -[Light] Sakashiki Hito ni Miru Kokoro: /HW-C@46F914 or /HWN-C*0@408D20 /KF
    -[Light] Shiokaze no Kieru Umi ni: /HW-C@458E9B
    -[Light] Shopan!: /HWN8@408EA0
    -[Light] Soranica Ele: /HQ-8@5157A1
    -[Light] Tapestry -you will meet yourself-: /HWN-4:-8@C4F8:tools.dll /KF /FDialogue@1:3;Choices(BreakKeytoHalt)@1:1 (use /pn)
    -[Lilim] Ai Kyan (I Can): /HB8*0@4442C0 /Ftext@457FA6;names@457E9A
    -[Lilim] Blue Box: /HBN-18*0@430BD7 /W1
    -[Lilim] Houousenki Maimu: /HAN4@411850 /KS /Ftext@1
    -[Lilim] Ijoku: /HA4:-14@4105C0
    -[Lilim] Innocent Blue: /HBN-10*0@429313 /W1
    -[Lilim] Megami Taisen: /HA-4@412F40 /KF /KS
    -[Lilim] Shoujo Kari: /HB10*0@41174B or /HB-10*0@40F716
    -[Lilim] Shouryuu Senki Tenmu: /HAN-4@413FA0 /KS /KF /Ftext@1 (use /pn)
    -[Lilim] Toraburu!: (Ver. 1.00) /HB8*0@413550 /KS or /HA-4@413550 /KS | (Ver. 1.01) /HB8*0@413590 /KS
    -[Lilim] True Blue: /HS100C@42FF4E /W1
    -[Lilim/Choir] Aion Garden: /HB8*0@413790 /KS | (AG_up11) /HA-4@413790 /KS or /HA4@413790 /KS
    -[Lilim Darkness] Triangle Blue: /HB8*0@413230
    -[Lillian] Twinkle Crusaders: (Ver. 1.30) /HBN-C@464123 (kurukuru.exe 60FPS version) or /HBN-C@463033 (kurukuru30.exe 30FPS version)
    -[Lillian] Twinkle Crusaders Kurukuru Miracle Disk: /HBN-C@463CE3
    -[Lime] Maximum Magic Quirk of Destiny: /HS204:-8@4E6A14 /KF (use /pn)
    -[Lime] Petapeta: Use program here
    -[Little Princess] Furufuru Full Moon: /HB4*0@430F80 /KF or /HB-1C*0@430F80
    -[Little Witch] Little Witch Fandisk: /HA-8@41F010 | (Ver. 1.2) /HA-8@41EED0
    -[Little Witch] Period: /HBN4*0@4ADACC | (Ver. 1.1) /HBN4*0@4ADC7C
    -[Little Witch] Period Sweet Drops: /HBN4*0@4B1EBC
    -[Little Witch] Quartett! Standard Edition: /HA-8@46C620
    -[Little Witch] Rondo Leaflet: /HA-8@46A6B0
    -[Little Witch] Shoujo Mahougaku Littlewitch ROMANESQUE: /HA-C@426430
    -[Little Witch] Shoujo Mahougaku Littlewitch Romanesque Editio Perfecta: /HBN4*0@4B2D7C
    -[Little Witch] Sugar Coat Freak: /HBN-8*4@4ACEE1 /Ftext@1
    -[Little Witch Velvet] Seiken no Faeries: /HB48@4AC1B0
    -[Love Cherry] Ane wa Gravure Idol: /HSNC@413AE0
    -[Love Cherry] Dain Miko: /HB-18*0@40FDF0
    -[Love Cherry] Mama to Imouto to Boku to Sensei: /HB4@410350
    -[Love Cherry] Migomo Hime: Use patch found here
    -[Love Juice] Endleep ~Furitsumoru Koibito no Kioku~: /HB-4*0@432AAD
    -[Love Juice/Lilim] Jokuane: /HB-4*0@42E1AC
    -[Love Juice] Jokushima: /HB-4*0@4326AD
    -[Love Juice] Tonari no Sekai -Fumihazushita Inbi na Nichijou-: /HB-4*0@432A1D
    -[Lucca] Mama-san Baree: (Ver /HA-C@4250E0
    -[Lump of Sugar] Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni: /HA-4@418C30 /KS or /HAC@41C050 | (after update patch) /HAC@41C220
    -[Lump of Sugar] Nursery Rhyme: /HA8:-10@414810 or /HA-8@419484
    -[Lump of Sugar] PrismRhythm: /HAC@423790 or /HS4@425510 (for ruby text)
    -[Lump of Sugar] Tayutama -kiss on my deity-: /HAC@420680
    -[Lump of Sugar] Tayutama -It's Happy Days-: /HAC:-14@405F50
    -[Lune] Aku no Onna Kanbu: /HA-C@419A3C
    -[Lune] Elf no Futagohime Willan to Arsura: /HA-C@419DDC
    -[Lune] Fuwakanyama: /HA-C@418DC0
    -[Lune] Kijoku -Princess Double Kairi-: /HA-C@410498
    -[Lune] Ikusa Otome Valkyrie: /HA-C@412AAC or /HA-C@412A80
    -[Lune] Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2: /HA-C@41962C
    -[Lune] Ikusa Otome Valkyrie G: /HA-C@419B40 /Ftext@41A0B6
    -[Lune] In Yume Gakuen: /HA-C@418EE8 or /HABC@440D36
    -[Lune] Joyuu Nanako: /HA-C@4152C0
    -[Lune] Kunoichi Sakuya: /HA-C@418B80
    -[Lune] Mofuku Tsuma: /HA-C@41744C
    -[Lune] Onsoku Hishou Sonikku Merusedesu ~Futago Hiroin Choukyou Shirei!~: /HA-C@4196C8
    -[Lune] Shoujo Senki Souleater: /HA-C@418FA7#1 or /HA-C@418DA0
    -[Lune] Shoukoujo Charlotte "Goshujin-sama no Shojo Ningyou": /HA-C@4199C0
    -[Lune Team Bitters] Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake: /HA-C@419D08 /Ftext@41A27E
    -[Lune Team Bitters] Onna Kyoshi: /HA-C@4176D8
    -[Lune Team Bitters] Ore wa Kanojo wo Shinjinteru: /HA-C@418DC0
    -[Lune Team Bitters] Rinkan Byoutou: /HA-C@417350
    -[Lusterise] Shokku ~Gakuen Youshokutan~: /PNshock.000 /HA-C@418E34 /w4193AA (read above for info on the /PN parameter)
    -[M ni Aqua] Minami no Shima ni Furuyuki: /HB10*0@4234D0
    -[Madusa] Incest Lover: /HA-C@F45F8
    -[Makura] After and Another: (aaa_v101) /HB4@40F5A8 or /HBC*0@413C4A or /HB-4*0@413C4A
    -[Makura] H20: /HA8:-20@4151B0
    -[Makura] Supreme Candy ~Oudou ni wa Oudoutaru Riyuu ga Arundesu!~: /HAC@421000
    -[Mana] Mare Mare Mare SP (Sister Plus): /HW8@4C5C40 /KF
    -[Marine] Binkan Asuriito: /HB-C*0@419BAC
    -[Marine] Hitozuma: /HA-C@418CF4
    -[Marine] Oshaburi Announcer "Sonna ni Nomaseretara... H Shitakunachau": /HB-C*0@41A28C
    -[Marine] Shiofuki Mermaid "Dame...... Kochi! Nanika ga Dechau!": /HA-C#1@419045 or /HA-C#1@418FBB
    -[Marine] Trouble Succubus: /HB-C*0@41939C
    -[Marine] Tsurutsuru Nurse: /HB-C*0@419DF8
    -[MarryBell] Kanboku Suiei Bu: /HSC@4044C0 /KF
    -[Masurao] Suzuka no Melody: /HAN-C@F81BC /Ftext@1
    -[May-be Soft] Grope: (Ver. 1.2) /HA-C@4AE444
    -[MBS TRUTH] Chuu Dashi Igai Ha Kousoku Ihan: /HAN4:C@408B12
    -[MBS Truth] DOOP ADVANCE: /HA-C@4AE460
    -[MBS Truth] Miboujin: /HA-C@4B01BC
    -[Mekujura] Kanojo no Uwaki Kenba: /HA-C@F8D98
    -[Meteor] Shinju no Yakata: /HBN*@41567D (to filter out furigana)
    -[Micro] CooL!! : /HAC@47E66E
    -[Micro] Sortie Anju Mahou Kurabusortie_patch101) /HB18*0@4A6780
    -[Milk Crown] Ane Nimomakezu ~Oneechan zu ha Shigeki Teki!~: /HSN-1C@414527
    -[Milk Crown] Love Kiss! Anchor ~Anata no Kiss de Tsukamaete~: /HBN24*0@4174C4 or /HSNC@413AC0
    -[Milk Soft] Chijoku no Uzu ~Nerawareta Futarino Niiduma~: /HAN-C@F3D54 /Ftext@1
    -[Milk Soft] Kawareru Shimai: /HA-C@E81BC:かわれる姉妹.exe
    -[Milk Soft] Mind Control Lover: /HAN-C@F81BC /Ftext@1
    -[Milk Soft] Zetsubou no Kotou DL Version: /HAN-C@F3F28 /Ftext@1
    -[Mini] Kissy Kissy: /HAC@47B53E or /HB18*0@47B448
    -[Mini] Natsukashi: /HB-4@4C971F (must use exe found here)
    -[Mini] Shimai Kyoushi Donburi: /HA-8@48FA42
    -[mini-mam] Okami Sayaka: /HB-C*0@4C9958
    -[Mink] Bi-ga-ku Yurika & Asuna: /HSN4:64@40BED8 /FText@1
    -[Mink] Lingeries: (lingeries_update_ver2.exe) /HB-4*0@40FDB2 /C250
    -[Mink] Maid in Oshigoto: /HB10*0@422F50
    -[Mink] Sister Scheme (ver. 002): /HB10*0:2@422B50
    -[Mink] Sister Scheme 2: /HB-C*0@40706F
    -[Mink] Swindle: /HB10*0:2@4234E0
    -[Minori/Aeris] ANGEL TYPE: /HA-1C@434BB0
    -[Minori] Haru no Ashioto: /HA-1C@4395C0
    -[Mixwill Soft] One-Papa ~Onegai Papa!~: /HS-1C@403171
    -[Moco Pro] Houmon Han Bai: /HBN-8*038@45A715 /w1:4263FE
    -[Moe-Hina] Gohoushi Shimasu! Kosuroido: /HSC@4044C0 /KF
    -[Moe-Hina] Majokko Toriko Roll: /HSC@4044C0 /KF
    -[Moedan Project] Moedan: /HS4@420F30 /KF
    -[Momo-Hina] Tappun Beach: /HBC*0@4044C0 /KF
    -[Momo-Hina] Tappun Oneechaa: /HBC*0@4044B0 /KF
    -[Moonstone] Gift: /HA18:-1C@4053E0
    -[Moonstone] Gift Niji-iro Stories: /HA18:24@407870 or /HA18:28@407870 or /HA14@44B8AE
    -[Morning] Otose... Kiraigaru Ano Musume wo Biyaku de Otose!: /HBN-C*0@40FB17
    -[Morning] Seido Koukan Shidou ~Toaru Gakuenchou no Yokubougeki~: /HBN-C*0@41A6B4 /Ftext@1
    -[Morning Light] Binkan Ecchi ~Futari no Oyatsu wa Tokunou Milk~: /HB18*0@40FE98
    -[Morning Star] Shojokan Hatsutaiken wo Ryoujokusareta Otometachi: /HW4@0:msvcp80.dll:#2631
    -[Morning Star] Shukujo no Kokuhaku: /HW4@0:msvcp80.dll:#2631
    -[Mu] Ao-iro Rinne: /HBC*0@41EF63
    -[Mu] Shoushitsukyo: /HBN-1C*0@42422E
    -[Muscadet] Jukuren Ganbou: /HBC*0@4044F0 /KF or /HB4:-14@404290 /KF (use /pn)
    -[Muscadet] Manin Sharyou: /HBC*0@4044F0 /kf
    -[Muscadet] Nachtmusik: /HB4:-14@404290 /KF (use /pn)
    -[Muscadet] Nachtmusik Zero: /HS-8@43CEF2 /KF (use /pn)
    -[Muscadet] Sweetest Mamam!: /HBC*0@4044F0 /kf or /HB4:-14@404290 /KF (use /pn)
    -[Navel] Shuffle! (.exe version /HA4@406FC0
    -[Navel] Shuffle Anniversary Edition: /HA4@406FC0 /KS
    -[Navel] Soul Link: /HA-8@40B8B0 or /HA-8@407370 /KS2 or /HA4@407370 /KS2
    -[Navel] Tick Tack! (Ver 1.01): /HAC@45AB48
    -[Neko Neko Soft] Scarlett: (scarlett_fix0523) /HB10*0@411ADB | (scarlett_fix0720v) /HB10*0@411AEB
    -[Neko Neko Soft] Sorairo: /HS-1C@418F42
    -[NEL] Narikiri Bakappuru!: /HBN-8*0@44B684
    -[NEL] Nasuna ga Suki: /HA-C@417658
    -[NEL] Yoi Machi Hime: /HA-C@414554
    -[Nitro+] CHAOS;HEAD: /HAN4@403680 or /HAN-C@45A576 (use /pn)
    -[Nitro+] Soukou Akki Muramasa: /HA-8@46E340
    -[Nitro+] Sumaga: /HAN4@4036D0 or /HAN-C@47E15A (use /pn)
    -[Nitro+] Sumaga Special: /HA-4@441AA0 or /HA-4@487190
    -[Nitro+] Tsuzuki - Satsuriku no Jango: /HA-C@451DD4 or /HA-4@403230
    -[Nigred] Calling: Use .exe found here and /HBN-4*0@42770F /KF
    -[Nomad] Dedou Yuusha: /HA-C@418C9C
    -[Nomad] Nise Kyoushi: /HAN-20@4119B9
    -[Ohgetsu] Palmyra: /HBN-8*0@410E5E | (Ver. 1.1) /HBN-8*0@4108BB | (Ver. 1.2) /HA-4@410830 or /HA4@410830 (use /pn)
    -[Ohgetsu] Silvery White: /HSN-8@41495F
    -[OLE-M] Oppai no Ouja 48 ~Nanimo Kangae Zume no Mae no Oppai Zenbu Shabure!~: /HAN4:-4@40924F
    -[Overdress] Asemere Shoujo Miki: /HB-4*0@43297D
    -[OVERDRIVE] Edelweiss: (use edelweiss_update105) /HB4*0@412C80 or /HA1C@412C80
    -[OVERDRIVE] Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia: /HAN-18:20@405750 /Ftext@1:0
    -[OVERDRIVE] Kira Kira: /HA-4@41B010 /KS
    -[OVERDRIVE] Kira Kira Curtain Call: /HAN-18:20@405850
    -[Overflow] School Days: Instructions here (additional tips here)
    -[Overflow] Cross Days: /HWN-4@41EED8 | (v1.00a) /HWN-4@41F068 (use /pn)
    -[Oz Project] Musabetsu Renai ~Bokutte Gangu?~: /HAN-C:-14@445578 (use /pn)
    -[P-factory] Amai Koku -Sweet Time-: /HS4@424BD0
    -[P-Factory] Ano Machi no Koi no Uta: /HA-8@419694
    -[Pajamas EX] Momichupa Teacher! ~Kyonyu Shimai to Sankaku Kankei~: /HBC@452390
    -[Pajamas EX] Michiru To Love Ero Onsenryokou: /HBC@4523E0
    -[Pajama Soft] Aneimo: /HBC@439900
    -[Pajama Soft] Piano no Mori no Mankai no Shita: /HB-4@44A750
    -[Pajama Soft] Princess Witches EXCELLENT: /HBC@459EE0
    -[Pajama Soft] Prism Ark: (ver. 1.00) /HBC@479600 | (ver. 1.01) /HBC@479ca0 | (ver. 1.02b) /HBC@479ce0 | (ver. 1.02c) /HBC@479D10
    -[Pajama Soft] Prism Ark Love Love Maximum!: /HBC@44CCF0
    -[Pajama Soft] Pure Maid: /HBC@43B060
    -[Pajama Soft] Theresa to Heart: /HBC@444940
    -[Palette] Emupi ~Maid Promotion Master~: /HA-4@03976E1E /KF or /HA-4@6E1E:Graphics.dll: /KF (use /pn)
    -[Palette] Moshimo Ashita ga Hare Naraba: /HSNC@E164A:Graphics.dll /KF1:200 | /hsn-4@0134ADE6 | /HSNC@038E164A /KF1:200 (use /pn)
    -[Palette] Sakura Strasse: /HA-4@40AB50
    -[Palette] Sakuranbo Strasse: /HA-4@40A970
    -[Peas Soft] Tsukushite Ageru no ni!: /HB8*0@40DE40 | (Ver. 1.01) /HB8*0@40DE60
    -[Petit Ferret] Popotan DVD Version: /HAN4:48@4180A0
    -[Petit Pajama] Papetto Princess: /HBC@43CFF0
    -[PIL] France Shoujo ~Une fill blanche~: /HAN8:54@42BB30 or use (this patch
    -[Plas+tic] Kisumimi! ~Kiss! Me! Me!~: /HB10*0@411D5B
    -[Plum Zero] Inraku no Kusari ~Chat Lady Kanraku~: /HBC*0@417FE0
    -[Ponyori Densetsu] Himekishi Kainin ~Shikyuu Seifuku Keikaku~: /HWN-4*0@5DD906 /Ftext@1
    -[Powerful Soft] You~gaku~: /HB8*04@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A
    -[Primrose] Choujikuu Bakuren Monogatari ~door-pi-chu~: /HS4@424BD0
    -[PULLTOP] Haruka ni Aogi, Urashi no: /HBEC*0@40E97C or /HA4@44F293
    -[PULLTOP] Natsu Shoujo: /HA-C@423B2C
    -[PULLTOP] Princess Waltz: /HBE4*0@40EE13 or /HA4@471C13
    -[PULLTOP] Te to Te Try On!: /HSN20@4131E0
    -[PULLTOP] Toracapu!: /HAN-8@417110
    -[purple heart] Polygon Love 2 Okawari: /HS-C@403A62 /KF
    -[Purple Software] Akibako: /HA-4@40A3D0
    -[Purple Software] Aki-iro Renka: /HA8@407250 | (Ver 1.20) /HA8@407C10
    -[Purple Software] Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni: /HA-4@433550 | (Ver. 1.02) /HA-4@4337E0
    -[Purple Software] Ashita no Nanami to Au Tame ni: /HA-4@435AF0
    -[Purple Software] Haru-iro Ouse: /HA-4@435910
    -[Purple Software] Natsu ni Kanaderu Bokura no Shi: /HA-4@43AA50
    -[Purple Software] Primitive Link: /HA-4@426B90 | (ver. 1.01) /HA-4@426EF0
    -[Purple Software] Signal Heart: /HB-C*0@4889C8 | (Ver. 1.1) /HB-C*0@488A00
    -[Purple Software] Signal Heart Plus: /HA18@48BF80 /KS /Ftext@48BC81 | (Ver. 1.1) /HB-C*0@48B368
    -[Puzzlebox] Ni~zuma wa Sailor Fuku: /HA-C@417C20
    -[Q-X] Gengetsu no Pandora: /HW-4*0@5D313E
    -[Raccoon] Koijibashi: /HA14@404EEC
    -[raiL-soft] Kagerou Touryuuki: /HA4@45FD60
    -[Rasen] Assault Angel Kanon: /HA-C@412F60 /Ftext@4139B1
    -[Rasen] Cafe-Aqua: /HA-C@4143C4
    -[Rasen] Hime Miko: /HABC@43D027
    -[Rasen] Kizumono no Shoujo: /HA-C@40E7AC
    -[Rasen] Kizumono no Gakuen: /HA18@004211B0
    -[Rasen] Kizumono no Gakuen 3 - Heaven's Door-: /HA-C@418798 or /HB-C@43F968
    -[Rasen] Mahou Tenshi Misaki: /HA-C@41173C (use /pn)
    -[Rasen] Mahou Tenshi Misaki 2: /HAN-C@418CA0 /Ftext@1
    -[Rasen] Wa "Imouto" Kan ~Kizu Mono no Imouto~: /HA4@4174C8
    -[Raspberry] Goboushi Kissa ~Tenshi-tachi ni Omakase~ Airi-hen: /HS-4*0@45BC40 /KF
    -[Raspberry] Goboushi Kissa ~Tenshi-tachi ni Omakase~ Kaori-hen: /HS-4*0@45BC40 /KF
    -[Red Label] Chiamoe: /HBC*0@4044C0 /KF
    -[Red Label] In DAYS: /HSC@4044C0 /KF
    -[Red Label] Gakuen Tengoku: /HBC*0@4044E0 /KF
    -[Red Label] Maho-gaku: /HBC*0@4042B0 /KF
    -[Red Label] Oukoku Kyousei Seijoku Oujo: /HBN0:3C@40458D /Ftext@1 /KF (use /pn)
    -[Rio] Zettai Ryouiki!: /HA14@49E690 (names and dialogue separated) or /HAN14@49E690 (name and dialogue together, but name displayed twice)
    -[Rococo Works] airy[F]airy: /HSN-1C:4C@4150AA /KF1:200 or use this .exe
    -[Rococo Works] Volume7: /HSN-1C:-4@414947 /KF1:200 /KS /FDiag@1:210;Choice@1:240 or use this .exe
    -[Roll] Oshikake Osanazuma 3: /HA-8@48C220
    -[Roll] School Festa: /HA-8@48FBB4
    -[Roll] Sister Sister: /HA14@47FEF0 /KS8
    -[Rose Tiara] Ane Tsuma ~Shitei Soukan Yuugi~: /HA-C@4192E0
    -[Rose Tiara] Kankin Idol Recital ~Idol Ryoujoku Nikki~: /HA4@418F54
    -[Rose Tiara] Kounai Ecchi Cosplay Kaichou Rinkan Club: /HAN4@419004 /Ftext@1 (use /pn)
    -[Rose Tiara] Kounai Ecchi Imouto Haramase Tokubetsu Juukyou: /HA4@418F54 or /HB-C*0@43CFC0
    -[Rose Tiara] Midabo ~Miboujin Haha no Ureta Nikutai~: /HA4@418F54 or /HBN-C*0@419478
    -[Rose Tiara] Oshiego no Yuuwaku ~Kateikyoushi Inwai Lesson~: /HBN-C*0@419478
    -[Rose Tiara] Oshikake Gohoushi! ~Boku no H na Maid-san~: /HA4@418F54
    -[Rose Tiara] Ranbo -Miboujin Haha no Nare ta Nikutai-: /HA#1@419154
    -[Rose Tiara] Tsumugurui: /HA4@418F54
    -[ruf] Renaissance (DVD): /HA-C@423988
    -[ruf] Salem no Majotachi: /HA-C@426408
    -[RUNE] 8665^2 Haruruko no Jijou: /HA-4@4752A0
    -[RUNE] Kamisama no Iutoori Kujibiki AI-BIKI Scramble: /HA-4@4DA7C1
    -[RUNE] Konya no Okazu wa Renji de Marine: (marine_101) /HA8*0@46AD80 or /HAN-20@46D815
    -[RUNE] Koyoi mo Meshimase Alicetale (Ver. 1.03): /HA-4@498F38
    -[RUNE] Koyoi mo Meshimase Alicetale Okawari (Ver. 1.00): /HA-4@498958 (use /pn)
    -[RUNE] Night Wizard: (wiz_v105) /HA-4@50A2B9
    -[RUNE] Purely: (purely_101) /HAN-4@46E441 or /HA-4@46C640
    -[RUNE] Ricotte: (ricotte_v103) /HA-4@4941BB
    -[RUNE] Shishunki: /HA-4@4E9191 /FDialogue@46028A | (shishunki_102) /HAN24@4603B3 (use /pn)
    -[RUNE] Yuki Nochi, Fururu!: (fururu_v101) /HA8*0@47A570 or /HAN2C@47CED6
    -[RUNRUNSOFT] Mankitsu! : /HA-C@412AAC
    -[RUNRUNSOFT] Utsuto Kikaku: /HA-8@4157C5
    - Kimi no Chinchin, Shame Rasete: /HA-C@F8088 or /HA-C@E8088:キミのちんちん、写メらせて♪.exe
    -[SAGA PLANETS] Natsu Yume Nagisa: /HAN-C:-14@4458F8 (use /pn)
    -[SAGA PLANETS] Seien Tenshi Eleanor: /HA14@40FF40
    -[Sakuradog] Ayase Ie no Onna ~Inka no Kechimyaku~: /HAN-1C:E4@41F519
    -[Sega] Sakura Taisen 2 XP Version: (sakura2xp_ver101.exe) /HANC@5BF20:TITLE2_D.BIN: /C400
    -[Serene] Ryoujoku Katei Kyoushi: /HS4*0@40d128 /KF1:100
    -[Serene] Yuri-iro no Shoujo: /HS-4*0@45BC08 /KF
    -[Shakunage] Mimi wo Sumaseba: /HB8*04@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A
    -[Shakunage] Pyuara!: /HB8*04@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A
    -[Shakunage] Otopuri: /HSC@4044F0 /KF (use /pn)
    -[Shakunage] Prawf Clwyd: /HBN-14*0:3C@40456D /KF | (prawf_Patch_ver101) /HSC@4044D0 /KF (use /pn)
    -[Shallot] Happy Wardrobe: /HW8*04@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32W /KS (use /pn)
    -[Shall Luck Plus] Interlude: /HA14@40AA60
    -[Shiratama] Hapihosu ~Osewa Saremasu Nyuuin Seikatsu~: /HAN-1C@40F563 or /HSN1C@40F270
    -[Shiratama] Niji-iro Aruke Mikan ~Magic of Alchemy~: /HA4@44F9B6
    -[Shiratama] Tsuma Youji ~Boku wa Hitozuma Kanrinin~: /HB1C*0@40F1F0 or /HB-8*0@40F2C8 | (with tyouji_update.exe) /HA4@454E28
    -[ShiruZaru] Bijin Tsuma no Chitai ~Ani no Tsuma wa Ore no Yome~: /HA-C@41A10C
    -[SIESTA] Alpeggio ~Kimi Iro no Melody~: /HB10*0@411D5B or /HB-18*0@40FCE0
    -[SIESTA] MOON CHILDe: /HB10*0@41104B
    -[SIESTA] Pastel: /HSNC@413AE0
    -[Silky's] Ai Shimai: /HA-C@40C21B
    -[Silky's] Ai Shimai Tsubomi... Yogoreshite Kudasai: /HB-8*0@445765
    -[Silky's] Dorei Kaigo: /HA-C@401591
    -[Silky's] Flutter of Birds II: /HA4@40A3A0 /KF
    -[Silky's] Hime Kishi Angelica: /HAN8:58@41926C
    -[Silky's] Jokei Kazoku: /HA-4@410C42 or /HA-C@410C36 or /HA-C@410C39
    -[Silky's] Nikutai Teni: /HA4@409BF0 /KF
    -[Silky's] Shitai wo Arau: /HB-1C@429EC0
    -[SKUNKWORKS] Narimono: /HB-18*0@40FDF0
    -[Skysphere] Tsubasa wo Kudasai: /HWN8:20@0:GDI32.dll:GetCharABCWidthsW
    -[Softhouse Chara] DAISOUNAN: /HA-8@18460:Ags.dll or /HB-1C*0@18460:Ags.dll or /HA-8@18390:Ags.dll or /HB-1C*0@18390:Ags.dll or /HB8*0@18390:Ags.dll
    -[Softhouse Chara] Greensvale: /HA-C@1001BC63 or /HA-C#1@1001BDF5
    -[Softhouse Chara] Ouzoku: /HB-20*0@1001755F or /HA-8@16A20:ags.dll or /HA-1C*0@16A20:ags.dll
    -[Softhouse Chara] Shinobi Ryuu: /HA4@11E70:ags.dll
    -[Softhouse Chara] Wizards Climber: /HA-8@10017390 or /HA-8@17390:ags.dll
    -[Sol-fa-soft] Suku Mizubu Yourun: /HA4@4AD140
    -[SPEED] Ginkou Mida: /HA-8@412C07
    -[Sphere] Yosuga no Sora: /HWN4:-4@4B23ED
    -[SQUEEZ] Ryoujyoku Seifuku Shogakuen: /HA-C@4AE97C
    -[Studio Air] Kurenai Tsuki: /HAC@404BA0
    -[Studio Jaren] Gonin! Pitari to Tekicyu! Kyousei Uranai: /HA-18*0@41F810
    -[Studio Mebius] Akumu Zetsubou ~Aoi Kajitsu no Sanka~: /HAN14@4A1630 /Ftext@1
    -[Studio Ryokucha] Katakoi no Tsuki: /HA-4@547D90
    -[Studio Ryokucha] Katakoi no Tsuki Extra: /HA-4@5C1C40 /KS
    -[Studio Ryokucha] Koi-iro Soramoyou: /HA-4@6F7E20 /KS (use patch here on Vista and Win7) or /HAN10:6C@6F7A30 /KS /w1
    -[Studio Ryokucha] Magica Ride: /HA-4@6F62B0
    -[Studio Ryokucha] Mikosan Fighter Ryouko-chan: /HA4@41F8E0
    -[Success] Aoi Shiro for Windows: /HA-4:-18@44FDF2
    -[Sugar Pot] Wizard Girl Ambitious: /HA-4@414160 /KS (use /pn)
    -[Sumikko] Zettai Karen! Ojousama!: /HW-4*0@5D331E
    -[Tabibito no Heya] Jiyoku Dorei Tsuma ~ Musuko no Tomodachi ni Okasare Tsuzuketa 3 Nichikan~: /HSN14:10@4121BE
    -[TAIL WIND] Maria ~Tenshi no Kiss to Akuma no Hanayome~: /HB4@4112F1
    -[TAIL WIND] Trample on Schatten!!: /HB-1C*14@29170:schatten.exe
    -[TAIL WIND] Tsurugi Otome Noah: /HB4@4119EC
    -[TakeOut] Boku to 4 Nin no Onna Kyoushi: /HB-4*0@42A564
    -[Tama Soft] Eien no Owari ni: /HA-C@419F9C
    -[Tamamo] Hitozuma Swapping Game: /HANC@43CB40 /KF
    -[Tamamo] Mezase My Home! ~Niizuma wo Mamore~: /HANC@455F80 /KF | (ver. 1.1) /HANC@456C10 /KF
    -[Tarte] Hinata Bokko: (Ver1.00) /HA-8@404C9D | (Ver1.00)
    /HA14@404CAC | (Ver1.02) /HA14@404DFC
    -[Tarte] Hinatarte: /HA8@413F40 or /HAN8@413F40 | (Ver. 1.02) /HA8@4150C0 or /HAN8@4150C0
    -[Tarte] Katahane: (Ver 1.10) /HB10*0@411E2B or /HB-18*0@40FD90
    -[Tarte] Moemama: /HBC*0@4044E0 /KF
    -[Tarte] School Panic!: /HSN38@404E7B
    -[Teatime] Ero Eroi: /HSN4:C*44@4ED953 /KF
    -[Terios] Happy Princess: /HSNC@413AC0
    -[Terios] Happy Princess ~Another Fairytale~: /HSNC@414100
    -[Terios] Majikaru Kanon -RISEA-: /HA4@42EAC0
    -[Terra Lunar] Hoshikoku no Konata: /HAN-C@40FEE8
    -[Tinkerbell] Aneboku ~Oneechan ha Bijin 3 Shimai~: /HBC*0@463220 (use /pn)
    -[Tinkerbell] Harami no Tane: /HBC*0@463220
    -[Tinkerbell] Hitozuma Kasumi-san ~Oyako to Kyoudou Seikatsu~: /HBN14*0:10@412369
    -[TinkerBell] Inyou Mushi Etsu: /HBNC*0@4697D0
    -[Tinkerbell] Natsudoki! Harem: /HBC*0@4675C0 (use /pn)
    -[TOP] Moeru Downhill Night: /HA-4@40B0A4 /kf
    -[TranceSoft] Nightmare Knight: /HSN1C@40E9E0
    -[Triangle] Executer Script: /HSN4@435F40 (use /pn)
    -[Twinkle] Tropical Kiss: /HBN-1C*0@40CF1A
    -[Undermoon] Amai Seikatsu: /HA-C@419DDC /Ftext@41A352
    -[Undermoon] Ayatsuri Haramase Dream Note: /HB-4*0@43216D
    -[Undermoon] D-spray: (dsprayUpdate) /HB-4*0@42D05C
    -[Undermoon] D-spray 2: /HB-4*0@430FCD
    -[Undermoon] Saiinharamase Keyword: /HBN-C*0@432AE2
    -[Unisonshift] Peace@Pieces: /HB-4*0@402DE3 /KF
    -[Unisonshift] Peace@Pieces Fandisk: /HB-4*0@402E63 /KF
    -[Unisonshift] Wagamama Cappricio: /HB-4*0@4030F0 /KF
    -[Unisonshift Accent] Oshiete Re: Maid : /HBC@43E6E0
    -[Unisonshift Blossom] ALICE Parade ~Futari no Alice to Fushigi no Otome-tachi~: /HB4*0@401D31
    -[Unisonshift Blossom] Nanatsu-iro Drops: (Before patch) /HBC@43FE50 | (After patch) /HBC@43FCC0
    -[Unknown] ABANDONER: /HB4*0@408BC0 | (with XP fullscreen patch) /HB4*0@408BA0
    -[VEGA] Chin Manai Tsuki: /HB-4*0@404F23 (use with game.exe)
    -[Vitamin Soft] Doushite? Ijitte Princess Final Road: /HBC*0@44DC70
    -[Vitamin Soft] Netotte Megami NEO: /HSN4@459E10
    -[w star] Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo: /HS-4@4044D0 /KF | (kano3_Patch_ver101) /HSC@4044D0 /KF
    -[w star] Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo Doki Doki Full Throttle: /HSC@4044F0 /KF
    -[Waffle] Inchiki Reibaishi: /HBN-4*0@46BE08 | (Vista only) /HBN-4*0@E1BE08
    -[Waffle] Kyonyuu Fantasy: /HBN-4*0@46BFF1 or /HBN-8*0@6BFEC:巨乳ファンタジー.exe (use /pn)
    -[Waffle] Midarete Majiwaru Ore to Hime: (XP) /HBN-4*0@46BE94 | (Vista) /HBN-4*0@C9BE94
    -[Waffle] Migite ga Tomaranai Boku to Osananajimi no Shimai: /HB8*4@C3F65:右手がとまらない僕と、幼なじみの姉妹.exe
    -[White Soft] Little Rabbits ~Wagamama Twintail~: /HB8*0:2@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A
    -[Willow] Okaa-san ga Ippai: (v1.00) /KS /HBN10*0@401796 | (v1.01) /KS /HBN10*0@401476 | (v1.03) /KS /HBN10*0@401476 | (v1.06) /KS /HBN10*0@4015A6
    -[Willow] Okaa-san wa Oresenyou!: /HSN-4@43F3DA
    -[Windmill] Happiness!: /HA4@45D860
    -[Winters] KISS x 300: /HS20@4813D0
    -[Winters] KISS x 400: /HS-C@4848FAB9 or /HS28@48FAB9
    -[Winters] KISS x 500: /HWN-4*0@476253
    -[Winters] Unbalance ~Kanojo no Kokoro wa Ubaenai?~: /HW-4*0@4761D2
    -[WitchFlame] Hitomi no Rakuin: /HB-4*0@432A2D
    -[Xuse] Seinarukana Gaiden Seirei Tenshou: /HWN-4*14:4@4CD4CC
    -[Xuse] Shino Sensei no Yuuwaku Jugyou: See details here
    -[yuukari] Black-Teacher-Core: /HB8*04@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextExtentPoint32A
    -[Yuzu Soft] Tenshin Ranman LUCKY or UNLUCKY!?: /HW-4*0@5D331E
    -[Zero] Ore no Imouto no Erosa ga Uchouten de Todomaru Koto wo Shiranai: /HA-10:50@4ABD58
    -[ZyX] Kaminari no Senshi Raidi Complete Pack (use this AlphaROM patch first): Kaminari no Senshi Raidi 1 = /HB14*0@40B2A0 / Kaminari no Senshi Raidi 2 = /HB14*0@40C7E0
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    Re: AGTH text grab basics


    Target: "C:\Program Files\AGTH\agth.exe" /c "C:\Games\Cool Game\game.exe"

    Newest Version of AGTH: 2008.11.20
    (read about changes in the newest update here)

    AGTH Quick Links:

    AGTH Home Page - Official site for AGTH. Go here to download the most recent version of AGTH.
    Hongfire AGTH Thread - The main discussion thread for everything AGTH-related. If you have questions about AGTH, please post them there.
    BLGHQ's Complete Idiot's Guide to Japanese Gaming - Tutorial by Mastress Alita covering many aspects of Japanese gaming, including AGTH usage. Has lots of screencap examples.
    FHC's Tutorial @ Hongfire or FHC's Tutorial @ Shibuyabashi - An AGTH tutorial with screencaps provided by FHC.
    Freaka's Advanced AGTH Tutorials - Download tutorial videos on finding /h codes for use with AGTH.
    Freaka's Atlas Mods - Get modified files for Atlas Ver. 13 or 14 to ease Atlas usage with AGTH.
    Superpanzeta's Clipboard Hooker for SYSTRAN6 - Creates an "automatic clipboard translation" function for the SYSTRAN6 translation software.
    Scumsuckingpig's Translation Aggregator - A translation interface that simultaneously translates using Atlas and various different online translation sites.

    Basic Tutorial

    I found out about this great little program from Hongfire. Anime Games Text Hooker is similar in usage (but completely different program coding) to Oh! Text Hooker, but from what I have found so far, works much better. It hooks text in different threads, which helps seperate out system code, option screens, ect. from the game dialogue, while O!TH dumped it all together. Also, it seems to not repeat lines and put in garbage text as much as O!TH did. Many have found it even works on games that O!TH wouldn't work on, though doesn't work with others. However, it has lots of different command variables that can be used to help run the program with different games.

    However, unlike O!TH, AGTH does not have its own translation module. Though for those that have ever used the built-in translation module for O!TH, it sucks anyway. :-P AGTH is made for extracting the Japanese script, but it can automatically copy that to the clipboard, and then using the Japanese translation software Atlas, you can set it to automatically translate data copied from the clipboard... giving you instant translation in the Quick Atlas window. Atlas uses the same translation programming as the Excite translation website. So yes, it isn't that great, but it can be a helpful tool to understanding what is going on just a little bit better. You can get a trial version of Atlas from their website.

    Anyway, here is the website for Anime Game Text Hooker:

    And here is the Hongfire thread about the program:

    Many questions about how to run the program, how command parameters work, compatibility with certain games, ect. are answered in these threads, and questions can be posted there.

    In simplest terms, it works like this:

    1. You create a shortcut of the game .exe file. Just right-click the real game.exe file, drag it, and click "Create Shortcut here". It'll be a copy with an arrow added in the corner of the icon.

    2. Right-click the shortcut game.exe and in the "Target" field, add the location of the agth.exe file. A /c variable is added so it'll automatically put extracted game text on the clipboard, so that Quick Atlas can translate it. Example:

    Target: "C:\Program Files\AGTH\agth.exe" /c "C:\Games\Cool Game\game.exe"

    3. Open Quick Atlas. It'll run as an icon of a mouse in your system tray that says "Quick Atlas Mouse Translation". Right click on that icon and put a check next to "Automatic Clipboard Translation". It'll open up a little split-screen box.

    4. Double-click the shortcut game.exe (the copy made with the arrow in the corner). It'll load the game with AGTH with it.

    5. At the top of the AGTH window, it may by default start hooking system text, ect. Hit the down arrow and select a different process until you find the one that is hooking the game dialogue. Usually this is "TextOut" or "GetGlyphOutline" (but could be others... just check through them).

    6. Now on each dialogue screen, AGTH will copy the Japanese text to the clipboard -- it is then automatically sent to the Quick Atlas window you have opened, where the Japanese text will display on the top half of the split-screen, and the translation on the bottom. (I find it is sometimes helpful to change the speed of the text display within the game options, such as setting it to max so it immediately appears instead of writing across the dialogue box -- this makes Quick Atlas able to process it quicker and can fix some problems with text repetition).

    Remember, it is the same as Excite translation, so it isn't the best -- you'll get plenty of Engrish and incomprehensible stuff, but on the other hand, some stuff will come out that may just "click" with you with what is currently happening and help make sense of the story. If you only understand 5% normally and it helps you understand 15%, that's an improvement, right? (And honestly, on average I find I understand probably a good 70% or more using AGTH).

    Here is an example of me running AGTH with the game "Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru": EXAMPLE

    Some games require other triggers to be added to the Target line in the shortcut (just like the /c command), to make it run smooth on some games. Double-clicking the agth.exe file by itself and then going to the Help menu will display a list of some of the commands. Most of these are discussed in later sections of this thread. You can also check the Hongfire AGTH thread for command usage.

    For more help with AGTH, I have created a tutorial on playing Japanese games, which includes a section dedicated to AGTH, full of step-by-step instructions with screencaps to show you exactly how to set up and use this program, and how many of the command features work. You may download the tutorial here: BLGHQ's Complete Idiot's Guide to Japanese Gaming

    You can also find another AGTH tutorial made by FHC: Guide @ Hongfire and Updated Guide @ Shibuyabashi

    Other Usage Tips

    * Always set the message speed of the text in the game settings to maximum speed. Sometimes if the speed is not set to maximum, AGTH will repeat or miss characters (if text speed is set to maximum and characters are still repeated, this can be fixed using the /ks parameter which is explained in this guide below). Note that occassionally using the fastest speed may cause problems and using a lower speed fixes the issue, but as a rule of thumb, always try the text speed at maximum first.

    * If no threads are hooking the game text by default (or are hooking incorrect text), add the /x parameter and look through the added threads. If still nothing, change /x to /x2 and look through these added threads. If still nothing, change /x2 to /v and look through all the threads again. Sometimes text is being extracted to a "hidden" thread that doesn't come up in AGTH by default and these commands bring up more threads. (The /x, /x2 and /v parameters are explained in this guide below).

    * If no text is being extracted, sometimes it is the font being used by the game. Try seeing if the game allows you to change the display font, and try different fonts to see if this allows text to be hooked. A biggy it if the game has an option for anti-aliasing (????????). Look for any font options related to anti-aliasing, and try toggling them; sometimes once it is shut off, AGTH can pull the text just fine.

    * If Atlas is only receiving question marks, do the following: on Windows XP, go into Control Panel > Regional and Language Options, and make sure your Language tab you have east Asian language support installed and on the Advanced tab the language for non-unicode programs is set to Japanese. Then go back to the Languages tab, click Details, and on the Settings tab under Preferences click the Language Bar button. Checkmark "Show Language Bar on the Desktop". With your AGTH window open, make it the active window, and change the language bar from EN to JP (you may also need to activate the Atlas window and change it from EN to JP as well). It should now send texts fine.

    * If Atlas is stealing the focus from the game window, then please try the following (from backup1723 @ Hongfire): You can fix that by editing the windows registry: Start regedit (start->run->regedit), go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop, look for the Key ForegroundLockTimeout and set it to a high value, then reboot Windows so that the changes can take effect. (Additional information can be found here from ChronosAI @ Hongfire).

    * I had an issue before where suddenly AGTH no longer worked with any of my game shortcuts, even though it had worked before previously with no problem. After clicking a game shortcut, AGTH would load, but the game would not load. After going into the Windows registry (Start > Run > regedit) I searched for "agth" and deleted all instances. After that, everything started working again great.

    NOTE: Troubleshooting AGTH for you is not my job! If you are having issues, ask on the Hongfire AGTH thread!



    Current AGTH version: 2011.5.9

    Before asking something make sure you've read this first post, guides and searched in this thread.

    Related links

    AGTH home site:

    Guide by mastress:

    Screenshot guide by fhc:

    Advanced AGTH Video Tutorials by Freaka:

    Itadaki (external toolset for adding furigana (reading) to kanji):

    Translation Aggregator (tool for querying many translation engines):

    AGTH general information

    AGTH is a tool for capturing text from running programs. Main purpose - extracting text from japanese games for translation.

    AGTH requires Windows 2000 or newer NT-based system, x64 and server variants are also supported. Recommended operation system - Windows 2003 and newer (yes, some features won't work on XP). With Vista/Win7 you would likely want to run AGTH with elevated rights or disable UAC.

    Running program under AGTH

    AGTH consists of hook module agth.dll and loader agth.exe.
    To load application - pass its name to agth.exe as command line argument.

    Example for running from shortcut:
    1) Create shortcut for game.
    2) Open properties of created shortcut. In "Target" field will be something like

    "C:\Games\Maou no Musume-tachi\twins.exe"

    3) Append to the start of "Target" field full path to where you extracted AGTH, so it will be like

    "C:\AGTH\agth.exe" "C:\Games\Maou no Musume-tachi\twins.exe"

    4) Make sure that "Start in" filed hasn't changed after you changed the "Target" and there is space between AGTH and game exe paths.
    5) Run game from this shortcut.

    Before name of game exe you can specify some options for AGTH. Each option must be separated by spaces from both sides.

    Example of running the same game but also automaticaly copy captured text to clipboard:

    "C:\AGTH\agth.exe" /C "C:\Games\Maou no Musume-tachi\twins.exe"

    Working with loaded AGTH

    After load AGTH will create its window, where it will show captured text.

    AGTH separetes text into several 'text threads' based on 'context' (to avoid mess from mixing text of game, menu, title...).
    Displayed text thread could be chosen by drop-down list in the upper part of AGTH window. As game runs, new text threads could be found and added to list.

    If you close AGTH window it will not detach it's hook from the running applications, so if AGTH is started again it will continue to hook the text, hook options will be unchaged too.

    Additional features

    AGTH can try to correct locale of programs - useful for running japanese games with system locale set to non-japanese.

    /R option tries to correct locale the AGTH-way - minor visual glitches are possible, but overall program should run like started on system with specified locale.
    /L option works exactly as running program under AppLocale (also this option requires installed AppLocale).

    Both options can be used together.

    AGTH can be used just for fixing locale without any text hooking.
    Example of starting QuickATLAS with locale overriden to japanese (useful in case when you see only '?????' in it instead of characters):

    C:\AGTH\agth.exe /L /NH "C:\Program Files\Atlas\QuickATLAS.exe"

    If you can't find useful text - try options /X3 and/or /V with loading by /P
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    Re: AGTH text grab basics

    The H Codes are for using when the standard set up wont work with the text grabbers...

    and you place the code into the shortcut for the game thus:

    C:\agth\agth.exe /HBN-40@46BE94 C:WAFFLE/歪んだ恋愛模様\歪んだ恋愛模様.exe

    another member here helped me with this, as it is not easy to find some of the basic things you need to know about this process, if AGTH wont work you can try ITF.
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