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    Agth Keeps Crashing / ITH not hooking properly...

    Hey. Basically, my hdd died and I lost all my shit on it. Now, when I try to start a game using agth, this error pops up:

    As for my ITH (folder looks like this:, and after I attach the game with ITH, it only says "Inject process XXXX. Module base XXXXXXXX". It doesn't say the usual stuff afterwards. Here is a screenshot of the situation:

    I tried with many different games with no success. I tried running everything in admin mode and in compatibility without success.

    If anyone could help, it'd be great.

    Thanks a lot.

    EDIT: I tried running the game shortcut with agth with the "/L /R" "commands" and two errors popped up: and one after the other. Afterwards, the game actually launched without crashing but the agth window stays blank. I can select any hook or anything. It's like if it's not detecting the game.

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