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    64-bit Chrome finally available to download: Faster, more secure, twice as stable.


    At long last, Google has released a stable 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows. A download link is available at the bottom of this story. According to Google, 64-bit Chrome for Windows has three major advantages over its 32-bit cousin: It’s faster, more secure, and more stable. Some tasks, such as decoding HD video on YouTube, are 15% faster under the 64-bit version of Chrome. The only major caveat seems to be a lack of support for 32-bit NPAPI plug-ins — but with the exception of a few lesser-known plug-ins, most major plug-ins, including Silverlight, Java, and Flash have all been updated to 64-bit. That’s a small price to pay for increased speed, security, and (according to Google) twice the stability of 32-bit Chrome, though.
    It's time to update~ Hopefully this would solve all that memory hog.
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    Re: 64-bit Chrome finally available to download: Faster, more secure, twice as stable.

    That almost sounds like a shill piece. It's probably better than Firefox, which still doesn't have a 64-bit version on Windows, but now that Chrome has one, Firefox may follow up soon... Mozilla loves Chrome so much it made me leave Firefox.

    What's conveniently left out is the supposed move to a plugin-free World Wide Web with the exchange of having DRM capabilities in your browser. See, as some browser plugins have the worst security in the Milky Way, the premise is supposed to be that the web is in favour of abandoning plugins like Silverlight (e.g. Netflix) and Flash (e.g. YouTube) and move to a plugin-free world, largely utilising HTML5 instead of Flash to deliver content.

    But, says Hollywood, we can't have a DRM-free web (plugins like Silverlight and Flash do support DRM, while HTML5 is by and large open). So, under pressure, some of the largest players in the W3C (World Wide Web Convention) are introducing a form of DRM they euphemistically refer to as "Encrypted Media Extensions". One of them is Google. But, while already having EME support, it chose to keep supporting those problematic plugins instead of actually abandoning them.

    The bottom is line is that it looks like we're going to have mainstream browsers that both have built-in DRM capabilities and still not abandoning plugins. It's just great.

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