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    2005 powerbook g4 mac os x laptop apple logo can not get past , need help fixing problem , dont know or can find out the problem!

    i have old mac os x that turns on but is stuck always at the apple logo and that loading circle.
    i tried holding power , ctrl , option and shift keys on the mac and it brough me to open firmware.

    is there anything i can do in order to make the mac os x work normally again?
    even if i lose all data on the pc , that is ok as long as the computer is usable

    anyone knows any commands to imput in order to force the mac to fix any sram or corrupt files that is preventing the mac from booting?

    to continue booting type "mac-boot" and press return.
    to shut down type "shut-down" and press return.

    i already tried both "shut-down" and "mac-boot" options , but nothing fix the problem

    this mac os x is from 2005 , so apple store can not help. i already called apple support and they said the current staff is only trained to handle the most recent mac os x and apple devices , and they only have tools and parts for the most recent apple computers and phones so 2014-2019 apple products.

    anything 2011 and older they can not help with.

    warrenty on this mac expired over a decade ago.

    i tried single user mode and /sbin/fsck -fy and it said file system has been modified and the volume appears to be ok , so i typed reboot and i still am stuck on the apple logo loading screen!

    my mac os x can charge its battery and i can have the pc powered on without being plugged in to charge , so i do not think this mac issue is caused by either the charger or the mac os x battery.

    i am asking for tech help with an 2005 mac os x powerbook g4 laptop.
    i seek any methods in either the open firmware screen/mode or single user mode commands that will fix any corrupted files or sram issues the pc may have " i do not know for sure what exactly the issue is , i am only guessing what it could be"

    a command can be typed under this field on the mac os x computer
    0 > _

    for example :
    0 > "mac-boot"_

    if anyone knows any commands or someone or some place to ask , please tell me!

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    Red face Re: 2005 powerbook g4 mac os x laptop apple logo can not get past , need help fixing problem , dont know or can find out the problem!

    Hi, :) Dont you think little wrong forum for this questions?..
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