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    10 or 36 TB cloud storage for FREE?!

    I searched around the web for a convenient way to store my files in a cloud. If possible as cheapest as possible (best would be for free) and then I found a "tutorial". I'll just copypaste it for now (source):

    I opened time a go a thread where you could get 10 TBytes free and synchronized:
    Tencent was behind this service and its eternal rival Qihoo countered with a service that allows you to obtain more than 36 TBytes. Also free and also with synchronized tool.

    Leaving aside confidence issues and service continuity, this solution is better than Tencent's one and not only because the increase in disk space.
    The synchronization tool is better with more available information about the process.
    Qihoo also provides a desktop tool that allows you to access to your cloud disk as it were a USB external hard disk.
    Another difference is that when you share a folder, the guest can see the content before download.

    Some of the features included:

    36 TBytes free
    Desktop tool
    Synchonization tool with Explorer plugin
    Android and iPhone app
    Audio/Video streaming (web content)
    Recycle Bin (web)
    Time machine: File control version (web)
    Fast upload/download
    Android and iPhone app

    And some that needs to be improved

    Only available in Chinese.
    Desktop and synchronization applications only for Windows.

    Probably the first point is the most annoying for people like me that doesn't understand this language.
    I've written a full review in my blog:
    The post is in Spanish and the link redirects you to an automatic translation to English so don't expect a perfect result.

    The problem with the language is that I'm not being able to translate the synchronized tool for Windows. Sentences are not in an XML file so it's hard to get it in other language.
    As for the Android app, I tried to decompile and compile it again but the apk detects itself it has been modified and doesn't starts up.
    Fortunately, @imapk found a breakthrough in a previous build and he managed to translate it to English.

    So, these are the steps if you want to get 36 TBytes for free:

    Register here: You'll receive 5 GB
    Install the desktop application from here: and sign in into your account. I installed the client for Windows. Not sure if it works if only installs the Synchronization tool. This will give you 10 TBytes
    Install the Android app from here: and sign in again in your account. You'll receive 26 TBytes.
    So, now to my experiences regarding both of them. I used the first one and a friend of mine both of them.
    To the first one: Firstly, yes, it works. After you registered an account (you can use a trash mail too) you need to download the Android app, login and after around 10min I got my 10 TB for free.
    My max downloadspeed is 1.5 mb/s and my max uploadspeed 130 kb/s. The upload was permanently around 80-85 kb/s and the download 900 kb/s (1 mb/s max for me).
    My friend has 3.5 mb/s max downloadspeed and 280 kb/s max upload speed. The files were uploaded with 220 kb/s average and downloaded with 2.8 mb/s average.

    To the second one: I'll try it out in the next days, for now just my friend tried it out (same speeds as above since it's the same friend). On the phone he said the following to me.
    He just got the 10 TB since he haven't installed the Android app until now. The desktop app works "somehow".
    With the browser upload from Firefox he reached "just" 100-120 kb/s and then he used the desktop app to upload the files. Result: Around 300 kb/s. Then he repeated both upload methodes and he said he can upload faster if he uses the app.
    In case of downloads it was "awful". The download from Firefox varied between 300 kb/s and 1.2 mb/s and the download with the desktop app was even more awful ... max around 300 kb/s.

    That was my experience with both of them. Btw, for the Android app I used a prepaid mobile I never used until now (I have it around 10 months or so). Yunpan.360 is mostly available in Chinese for now, maybe this will change, but if you have problems, you can find a translated apk and other translations on the site I copypasted from (link is at the beginning).

    What do you think about these two ways of cloud storage or do you even have experiences with them? Would be great to hear your opinion since I really considered using them and I don't want to open up around 40 free accounts on MEGA (or other filehosts) to store my files on

    PS: If anybody knows if there are things like "files are deleted after x days after the last download" or so on these two clouds pls say it to me I found out nothing and I can't read Chinese, haha.
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