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    Question [Tutorial] Ecm tools (What is Ecm?)

    Credits goes to Neil Corlett.

    You may have noticed that some of the games on our forum have a file extension--a suffix if you will--of ".ecm". If you are unaware of how to reverse the process, please read this.


    The ECM format allows you to reduce the size of a typical CD image file
    (BIN, CDI, NRG, CCD, or any other format that uses raw sectors; results may

    It works by eliminating the Error Correction/Detection Codes (ECC/EDC) from
    each sector whenever possible. The encoder automatically adjusts to
    different sector types and automatically skips any headers it encounters.

    The results will vary depending on how much redundant ECC/EDC data is
    present. Note that for "cooked" ISO files, there will be no reduction.

    Setup / Usage

    Compile ecm.c and unecm.c if necessary, or use the included Win32 EXE files.

    Run ECM with no parameters to see a simple usage reference:

    usage: ecm cdimagefile [ecmfile]

    Where "cdimagefile" is the name of the CD image file, and "ecmfile"
    (optional) is the name of the ECM file. If you don't specify ecmfile, it
    defaults to cdimagefile plus a .ecm suffix.

    UNECM works the same way, but in reverse:

    usage: unecm ecmfile [outputfile]

    "ecmfile" must end in .ecm. If outputfile is not specified, it defaults
    to ecmfile minus the .ecm suffix.

    Dummy guide

    To uncompress:
    1. Drag the image file .ecm to the program "unecm.exe"

    To compress:
    1. Drag the image file to the "ecm.exe"

    And there you have it. Here are the tools you'll need. Ecm tools click
    Mirror download: Click

    Happy gaming.
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