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    [Help] VNR Internet Issue.

    I there, you would like some help with VNR (Visual novel reader). I know it is now pretty old but I think there are some good features built-in.
    So basically, when I have my VNR running, it just makes my PC lost internet connection every 10~15sec.
    So what ? Well, if I want to play a Japanese VN while I'm on discord, it will just make them unaudible for like 1~2seconds or even worse, because I tried to fix it by reinstalling VNR and its components (like MeCab), I wanted to take back the dictionnaries but because of it's internet issues, I can't even reinstall them ! (by the built-in downloader, so in fact I redownloaded it manually)
    So Yeah, I really want to fix this so it's why i'm asking for you guys here. Since now, here is what I tried, for at least, a clean uninstall:

    1. Using the "Remove VNR Profiles.cmd" and the "Remove VNR Settings.reg" scripts.
    2. Deleting VNR's folder.
    3. Manually removing dictionnaries (and other stuff) residual folder
    4. Manually removing VNR's registry key
    5. Manually removing Roaming\org.sukaradite folder
    6. And well, all of this before re-unzipping VNR.

    I know that when I first used it (it's a while ago but I didn't really used it) there wasn't any issues (I can tell it because I could download the dictionnaries and other stuff) so I don't think it's because of my Window's installation but anyway I have a windows 10 home edition x64. Also I know that I lost my net thanks to a Rainmeter skin that show my current ping and there i see some radom 30k ms peaks (and that's when it can't compute the ping).

    So yeah I really would like any tips on how to fix this because I'd really like to play some not-yet-translated VNs and also because I find this issue just frustrating.

    I've also been told that there are some modded VNR versions that could maybe fix this so If you can't help me to fix but you know some names/links about these you're welcome.

    Also, about substitutes for VNR like ITH (well first, ITH didn't worked for one of my games I wanted to play so I gave up but maybe now, because I know a bit more about all these stuff) it's a valiable option but could anyone tell me if it as features like the instant-ingame-translation thing wich I find good

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