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Thread: Real life sucks sometimes! xD A national newspaper published lies about me o.O

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    Real life sucks sometimes! xD A national newspaper published lies about me o.O

    Ok so I've been gone for what seems like ages! (Not that I would imagine anyone really cares haha). Pretty much because of real life problems. Been fighting a losing battle with a national newspaper in my country who published a story full of lies about me without my consent o.O I used to think that was the sorta shit that only happened to celebrities, not bloomin normal folk...

    It was supposed to be an article about people in the UK who are into Japanese culture in different ways. I was approached because of my large dakimakura collection xD but I was only supposed to be a little side bit of a bigger article with multiple people in it, with the main focus being on a semi-famous cosplayer.

    Well the interview was going ok, was mostly over the phone, then I had to do a photoshoot which was reeeeeeeaaaaally embarrassing and not something I ever want to repeat again xD Then after that a few more interview questions came, this time they were more personal. I started to get uncomfortable so I told the journalist I wasn't really ok with the new line of questioning. He assured me it was fine and that they just had to ask everyone these last few bits and that he would run through my little bit with me before he sent it off to the editor and we could take out any bits I wasn't happy with. He said that since I was only a small part of the article overall that they wouldn't need to write much on me anyhow.

    Soooo I was like fine, but just know that I'm not amused xD Then they said they needed to re-do the photoshoot, didn't even give me a proper reason, just said that I needed to wear different clothes. They said they would bring their own clothes. I was like uuuuuhhhm no I'm not cool with that, I said I was sorry but it wasn't gunna happen, and sorry to have wasted their time, if they needed to find someone else then I was ok with that, or they could just use the photos from the first shoot.

    After that I didn't hear from them for about 3-4 months, I just figured that because I'd said I wasn't happy with the latest questions, and didn't do the second photoshoot; that they had just dropped me from the article and found someone else OR they just scrapped the entire thing. Boy was I wrong T_T The day after my little brother's birthday his best mate came round and said, you know there's an article about you online right? I was like, what?! He told me to go check their site.

    I was shocked, upset and very very very fucking angry all at once. They had published an entire article JUST ABOUT ME! But that's not what got me, it was an article saying that I'm ADDICTED TO CARTOON PORN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Like WTF O.O They'd used the photos from the original shoot and just made an entire article about me being obsessed with hentai pretty much. They even say that I made a shrine in my room to porn..... my room is tiny and is 65% occupied by a massive guinea pig cage, the rest is a bed and a TV, pretty average room really! Almost all of the article is just utterly bullshit. They took one or two things I said and just ran with them. They even filled it with QUOTES, of things I've never once uttered in my life!! They listed my REAL NAME and my fucking town........ The journalist who put her name to it I'd never even spoken to, she wasn't the one who did the interview. I couldn't believe they went behind my back and did something like this to me. I'll put a link to the article at the bottom so you can see the level of bullshittery that has occurred here.

    I mean yeah I'm a kinky person, yeah I do like to watch hentai sometimes, yeah I do like anime guys and yeah in certain ways sex with actual guys does repulse me, because my fist sexual experience was a fucking rape (didn't bother to mention that did they?!) so I need to be with someone I'm super duper comfortable with for it to work! But I'm in no way addicted to porn, jesus, they made it out like porn is my life o.O and I've had 3 long term relationships with guys so clearly I don't have a problem getting a boyfriend (though 2/3 of those were abusive relationships but that's in the past and not the point!) And then my family read it and thankfully we're close enough that they knew straight away that it was all nonsense and lies. But my poor mum got barraged with messages from her friends saying things like "Oh I'm so sorry for you, it must be really embarrassing!" and my mum said she was just setting them all straight telling them it wasn't true, but it started to get to her that everyone who read it and didn't know me was just believing it all straight away without question! She got even more upset when she said she read some of the comments. She said women were calling me a freak and men were saying I needed a good fucking.... >.>

    So ofc I started researching how I could fight this straight away. Had to call citizens advice to find out how to, even they were shocked and said they'd never had to advise a case like that before. I managed to find (with their help) the regulating board and submitted a complaint to be investigated by an ombudsman. I thought phew, but it turned out more agony was just coming my way. The ombudsman came back to me in a bout a month (great fucking going now the article is old news anyways!!) and said that the paper hadn't done anything wrong and that they just printed what I'd said and agreed to be printed. I was stunned, she sent me a copy of a document with my signature on it that basically consented to everything.... only I had never signed ANYTHING! So they were just fabricating evidence to defend themselves now O.O I had nothing to come back with, nothing to prove I hadn't said those things, how could I? All the interviews were conducted over the phone and it's not like I recorded the calls.

    For months now I've been going back and fourth with the ombudsman and getting nowhere The article is still out there and I still haven't gotten an apology. I can't even take the matter to court because citizens advice said that the burden of proof is on me so without evidence to support my case I'm pretty much shafted.

    So yeah, moral of the story... don't ever trust journalists even if they come from an official newspaper cos they might just bend you over and fuck you for all you've got, just to write some juicy gossip and get stupid social media hits!
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