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  1. Anyone still using or creating with Emotion Creators?
  2. Man Trades Car For Toilet Paper!
  3. Shopping Mall Japan closed?
  4. Can you send a Canvas Painting from Japan to USA??
  5. exhentai/sad panda down again?
  6. Does WonderGoo have Mail order?
  7. Does Anime Sharing Have a Discord?
  8. Where can I find the downloadable animations for this hentai game from dmm r18?
  9. Hongfire down?
  10. Discord
  11. [HELP]
  12. Tech Gian and BugBug
  13. need help to find game name please .
  14. what is H code?
  15. How badly do you need to organize your anime/harddrive collections?
  16. Japanese download sies
  17. How do you create a media library that looks like netflix/crunchyroll?
  18. Hentaigames from Triangle
  19. I am getting worried about Japan anime/manga/hentai against global
  20. torrent
  21. The Christmas Story I Did Not Write.
  22. Stiens Gate 0, Good or Bad
  23. New to Cracks and site
  24. BBS.MIKOCON dead?
  25. Stan Lee Passes Away At 95
  26. Alright, how you get commission exactly?
  27. Anyone know wtf is going on with Hongfire?
  28. how to convert kanji to romanji?
  29. Most recommended translation program for untranslated otome.
  30. Help viewing japanese exclusive websites
  31. I have no idea what I'm doing lol
  32. I need a Japanese SIM card that can receive SMS(メール) but……
  33. Which Harry Potter character would you date?
  34. cna you find script?
  35. Is Earth a giant extraterrestrial experiment?
  36. Does anyone know the name of this song or which anime does it belong?
  37. Do you have any pets? O:
  38. What is your 5 year plan?
  39. How do i know if the hentai game is translated to English?
  40. Lol I dreamed that I met an alien
  41. Does anyone know how to unlock .zip folders needing password?
  42. Pet Community
  43. Helping me Taking a Difficult Decision: to Go and Risk in Japan? Studying IB and Colleges
  44. Where do you guys come from and where are you living now?
  45. hentaibedta problems
  46. Thinking about the disappearance of a lot of download sites
  47. Anyone know where I can get the animation scenes for this?
  48. Where to get anime and/or japanese live concerts?
  49. Where do you get full anime/japanese concerts?
  50. Where to watch Fate/Heaven's Feel presage flower I in Japan??
  51. Any help with making a small VN using html/js?
  52. Free Music Resources
  53. [Help] How do I use this Internet cable??
  54. Questions About AmiAmi
  55. Visual Novel Reader/Translation Tool
  56. Just checking in & i hope you all stay safe when & if hurricanes & during & after the season
  57. Should Kpop Dancing Be Sexy?
  58. Is it safe to download adult vns and anime and films and stuff in uni dorm
  59. Question about Osaka and the surrounding towns/cities
  60. Need help in translating something from Russian to English
  61. Connection problems to japanese sites
  62. Is Getchu blocking foreign IPs again?
  63. Looking for a New Chair for PC use, gaming, work, casual, etc. Any suggestions?
  64. Need some assistance with identifying a few things~
  65. [Help] What are the Songs in this Video? 2017 July
  66. It's been 5 years since I last came to this site. o_o
  67. share-films.net is down?
  68. Batman Has Died.
  69. Where does Anime-sharing's Emote list come from?
  70. Music Search App
  71. Want to check the status of some websites
  72. Any info on Sakuradite.com?
  73. Anyone knows what concert this video is from? (May'n singing Only My Railgun)
  74. Manga author Satou Daisuke has been passed away.
  75. Creating an anime forum
  76. Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?
  77. Are the forums laggy or Is it just me?
  78. Let's talk about torrent safety
  79. Writer Questions
  80. A Stroy Of Christmas, by Leggy!
  81. What do you say to get copy/copies of a doujin at an Event?
  82. Bishounen with glasses in otome games
  83. English patch request???
  84. New Member of Community and Many Questions
  85. im new here..have a few questions
  86. Problem with(this)site
  87. Anyone know what this Song's Name is?
  88. How do I Pre-order Game at a Japanese Store? (Geo Store, JP)
  89. What is this English Lyrics Song? (unlisted Leaf)
  90. Seiyuu (Eng.: Voice Accress) Tanaka Kazunari passed away...
  91. Band member and vocalist of the Boom Boom Satellites, Kawashima Michiyuki passed away...
  92. Where to buy earplugs in Japan?
  93. How can I request a series to be uploaded?
  94. Cheap cellphone plans in Japan? (Beppu Oita stores?)
  95. Can anyone identify the hentai from this panel?
  96. Least Expensive Amazon.co.jp Proxy Service?
  97. File factory??
  98. Free Vashikaran~~+919779208027~~ Mantra To Get Lost Love Back in ~~America~~
  99. Some OST recognition help.
  100. [Request] A Cute bishoujo team name ideas
  101. Why does the files no longer exist for a lot of adult games?
  102. Computer Nightmares!
  103. japanese goods websites
  104. Ideas for Japanese workshops
  105. Is Visual Novel Reader no longer being updated?
  106. Hongfire offline?
  107. Mizutani Yuuko has passed away...
  108. I'm a guy but I like otome game is it weird?
  109. Place To Buy/Pirate Japanese Kindle Books?
  110. Tomohiro Matsu passed away...
  111. Pet Peeves
  112. Anisong performer Kouji Wada has been passed!
  113. Who's your Waifu/Husbando? And why?
  114. Motion Comics what do you think?
  115. Chinese admiral heard bad news
  116. 1=0.99999 (math thingy) ?
  117. Looks like Nyaa is off the air again
  118. DDM.com cg packs
  119. How to make a request?
  120. Attempting to Transfer to Japan/UK College?
  121. Any advice for the first time in Japan?
  122. What is the author of this picture?
  123. How do you feel about Private data collection?
  124. Someone help me reply to this troublesome question!! >X<'
  125. Need Anime-Sharing advice
  126. Voice Actress Matsuki Miyu has passed away..
  127. Hentai game install instructions
  128. Do you guys keep your iso files after installing a game?
  129. I dont know where to put this thread so i just leave it here
  130. Does anyone have a copy of that old header picture that was replaced by the word anime-sharing in rainbow colors?
  131. Is MEGA shunned by uploaders? Why does no one seem to use it?
  132. Taiwan Culture for Book Reference
  133. 10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Committed Horrible Crimes! D:
  134. Cup Noodles Re-Invents Ramen as Ice Cream!!! O_O
  135. Life on Mars? Nasa's Rover captures "woman".
  137. Is there a way to download archieve in g.e-hentai that don't cost credits ???
  138. What do you think of Windows 10?
  139. How can I treat a infected scar in Japan?
  140. Do you know polyphasic sleep.
  141. Deleting Post
  142. Link in signature
  143. torrent tracker for hentai games?
  144. Made a random generator that spews out usernames and other random things
  145. Where are any Currency Changers in Kyoto?
  146. Where are the Animates near Kyoto Station?
  147. Why call your own music "Original Mix"??
  148. Is the Confederate flag really racist?
  149. Terabyte Down
  150. March 31st NCD...National Cleavage Day!? D: *-*
  151. Why can't I see my signatue?
  152. What hentai is this from???
  153. Need help with music?
  154. How to tie a muffler? (ninja style)
  155. The Best Non-Tourist places/things to do in Japan
  156. Anime or Manga?
  157. A good website to generate links?
  158. Which Laptop series to get? (Thinkpad preferably)
  159. How to use these formulas/concepts to to Compare population proportions?
  160. How can I join sukebei.nyaa.se's IRC channel?
  161. How do you ignore threads by user?
  162. Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II Fan Translation
  163. What happened to Nihonomaru.com?!
  164. Question regarding japanese sites with forbidden access
  165. An interesting fact about this website
  166. How can I go from OSAKA Airport to Kyoto?
  167. Downloading anime illegal?
  168. Japan's Anti-Piracy Act
  169. Japan's Best Tourist Attraction
  170. Polyamory and monogamous opinions
  171. Are these Amazon Anime DVD/BD the limited first press edition?
  172. Best method of uploading anime?
  173. Uploaded vs Rapidgator
  174. Your favourite games by genre?
  175. someone help me pls... Do you know takara tomy arts in japan?
  176. Why does my VN say "Japanese Only"?
  177. Reason For Playing Eroge/Visual Novels
  178. Best and Worst Uploader Sites
  179. "Like" to see download links ???
  180. "Thanks / Like "
  181. Getting VN script from the game program?
  182. Looking for people to talk with
  183. H game with best Maker ?
  184. Is Bitshare down>?
  185. Doubt about Blu ray releases of Golden time
  186. You choose to ban Naruto or not ban
  187. Where can this Chinese Manhua be bought?
  188. Audio Gear
  189. Commenting on a Japanese Tweet,Blog or Website
  190. Darkness Anime Songs
  191. what kind of lifestyle do you have?
  192. Post your MAL/HB
  193. Real Cat Ear Headphones!
  194. What Websites Sell These Manga Internationally?
  195. A question about Debit card.
  196. From private for private free proxy service?
  197. My new site design (Need feedback)
  198. Collection and stuff
  199. Baidu error
  200. In Japan, where are these Arcade machines?....
  201. Where can I buy these "Duel Terminal OCG" cards?
  202. Well, summarize your summer experiences of 2014.
  203. Nyaa situation
  204. MangaGamer's password database hacked and leaked!
  205. What Sites Still Sell These Wafers?
  206. What Are Tala Shoots? (Plant-related)
  207. Any Japanese Gameshow Recommendations?
  208. What Sites Are Still Selling Ultra Jump September 2014 Issue?
  209. A Mecha Visual Novel
  210. How to Input Animate Points?
  211. What are the Amazon Japan Delivery Times?
  212. What Kyoto Shops Sell These Wafers?
  213. Anime streaming websites and manga reader will get shut down
  214. Internet Crisis : between Legal & Piracy
  215. anime and manga
  216. Where Can I Buy Hirari Anthology Book?
  217. Using a VISA debit in Japan?
  218. Are these shops close to Kyoto Station?
  219. Where in Kyoto can I buy Cardfight Vanguard cards?
  220. "Fujoshi" Term Applications
  221. Why is September's Yurihime so thin?
  222. AmazonJP Address Input?
  223. What Sites Sell and Deliver Manhwa to the US? (Manhwa: Korean comics)
  224. Where to get Harisen? (Japanese Tsukkomi Paper Fan)
  225. What Kyoto Shops Sell Playstation Network Cards?
  226. Japanese Money Fan Meaning?
  227. Where can I get this magazine series in Japan?
  228. Quality Anime that you want to download the most ?
  229. COMIC ZIN Site Registration Help!
  230. Do you like Fripside?
  231. Any Yuri Forum Sites On The 'Net?
  232. Is Getchu dot com down ?
  233. What is Our Favorite Eushully Game ?
  234. Any good Vocaloid music sharing sites?
  235. Do you thinks this pictures is a good/masterpiece art? What made it so (your opinion)
  236. Why only Illusion? Many H-Games are being published, how can I enjoy it with English Patch?
  237. What are the origins of this quote? (referred in Akuma No Riddle)
  238. The Dead of Ryushare
  239. You using Android and love Anime? Check out my blog!
  240. "Moe/OtakuTargeted" Radio Channels in Japan?
  241. What translation software is DMM using for its website?
  242. No reason for war!
  243. Anime you support as inductee to hall of fame.
  244. Looking a trade...
  245. Be Very Careful at NYAA ...a major Trojan Attack underway in Hentai games and anime
  246. How2Debate
  247. I'm Truly Torn!
  248. Chronic urticaria advice...
  249. Question about death penalty
  250. Anyone Know Some Good Artbooks Guns/Weapons With Or Out Girls?