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  1. The meaning of this (help)
  2. Question about similar sounding phrases that are said at the end of sentences.
  3. Translation help.
  4. How do you interpret this phrase?
  5. could someone translate this please?:)
  6. PLease translate. TY
  7. I lost my Atlas dictionary. Any VN hobbyists willing to donate theirs?
  8. please translate
  9. How to switch on my apartment's electricity? [九州電力で]
  10. Correct pronunciation
  11. Please translate these for me.
  12. Song translation help...?
  13. Where can I get フッ化物練り歯磨き in Japan ? (Fluoride Toothpaste)
  14. JPBANK登録された電話番号をどうやって変わりますか?How do I change my JP Bank registered Phone Number?
  15. What does しったぱ mean? (Pokemon Games JP version)
  16. What does this Amazon information say? /このAMAZONのインフォは何を言ってるのですか?
  17. What is シャケトラ?? (Girlish Number episode 2)
  18. What is サクッと? (slang?)
  19. What is this "-の字" honorific? (JP Ace Attorney 5/逆転裁判5)
  20. What does 集中制御 mean? (Airconditioning symbol)
  21. What does "理科離れ" mean?
  22. Game walkthrough translate
  23. What does "抜かれくってる" mean?
  24. please, translate me this about sengo muramasa.
  25. Please Translate this for me.
  26. Translation Help, Please ^^
  27. Trying to learn JPN "R/L": Wwhich one am I trying to say?
  28. Plz translate this film title
  29. Translate Help: File with text in game and program for edit
  30. Is anybody willing to QC the translation I did of the song THX! by Mai Kotouge (C-CLAYS)
  31. [Translation Request] character names of 真・恋姫†英雄譚.
  32. Can someone help me with translating these sentences?
  33. A little help with this sentence
  34. True meaning of of this kanjis.
  35. Which JPN verb of "Wear clothes" to use for a Muffler???
  36. How does this sentence translate? (JPN >> ENG)
  37. Japanese sentence translation
  38. Need a answer?
  39. Question about kanji readings
  40. Books for learning specific aspects of Japanese?
  41. Usage of particles が and は In JPN grammar?
  42. Phrase Usage Question : "なんで私がこんな目に"
  43. Are there any Japanese forums
  44. Looking for a good Dictionary
  45. Japanese Speaking Style: "-da ze" ???
  46. I need help in 燐光のレムリア
  47. Someone Translate This Post Into Proper Sense?
  48. Help with translating japanese hentai rpg maker games.
  49. Ordering Food/Drinks in Japanese ?
  50. Tell me about this word Usage? (Boya)
  51. Is this Line Grammatically Correct?
  52. Help in Translating Amazon Japan Email?
  53. Convenience Store Talk & Replies?
  54. Short note translation
  55. The difference between Miru and Miteru ?
  56. Thoughts on JLPT? (Japanese Language Proficiency test)
  57. Random Translation
  58. Help A-S cummunity with plot translation
  59. Help with translation
  60. Help with finding what type of Japanese dialect is it based from
  61. Help with Translation - Nightmare Maker
  62. Can't download purchased gallery, help!
  63. Help Me!!! Problem when try to run Majikoi S!!!
  64. need help with a japanese translation
  65. Some random questions...
  66. easy japanese psp otome game???
  67. Confirmation regarding a very simple reading
  68. Anyone able to teach me to Read Kanji and Hiranga?
  69. quick question about the use of ni wa in my lessons
  70. more tanslation help
  71. Help with some translation please
  72. Some one Help me (about japanese)
  73. How do you post on 2ch?
  74. Pimsleur Japanese for learning japanese, anyone used it ?
  75. Can someone give this used JPN sentence in this trailer in written form?
  76. Translation help for Jeffrey
  77. new to japanese translating, need some advice...
  78. Need Help translating this
  79. help with words that trouble me
  80. How/when did you start learning Japanese?
  81. Help me please
  82. Self teaching vs Class with teacher. Learning Japanese.
  83. Starters Guide To Japanese
  84. Kanji Study Questions
  85. Learning two language at the same time: Chinese and Japanese
  86. Anyone mind answering a some questions?
  87. Particle and Conjugation's
  88. What is this Kanji?
  89. How should I start learning Kanji?
  90. I have a question about kanji
  91. Im so noob and i have no idea what these things means
  92. How would you translate this?
  93. Where are These Samples From?
  94. Explain だが……。 to me
  95. Japanese Hip-Hop Lyrics in English
  96. Translation setting help?
  97. Japanese Input for Android Devices
  98. learning japanese!!!!!
  99. what does this say
  100. How would i say these...
  101. please help me decide which kanji dictionary i should buy
  102. [JP] Need someone to translate error messages
  103. help
  104. I really hope you can help me. PLEASE!
  105. phrase translation help
  106. Question markers
  107. Commonly used Kanji's
  108. Japanese Contractions
  109. Other ways to learn Japanese?
  110. [Q&A] -Hiragana(平仮名)-