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  1. Suggestion 301 Moved Permanently
  2. Bug Базы предприятий, организаций и ИП России для Вашего бизнеса
  3. Question I need help in deleting a specific thread
  4. Bug Activation Email Not sending and Resending link not working
  5. Question Dark Mode?
  6. Bug Still not received the activation mail
  7. Answered binarycleric phishing Website
  8. Suggestion Too many threads in the download forum
  9. Suggestion Add SSL
  10. Suggestion Otome Voice Sub Forum
  11. Suggestion Reduce number of stickies
  12. Not a Bug Issue with default search engine
  13. Denied VR Sub-Forum
  14. Answered Am I allowed to advertise free stories?(in the correct section)
  15. Bug IWant.tf Upload
  16. Could Not Reproduce Unable to re-register (name taken)
  17. Not a Bug After one of the updates of the root post in my thread, it disappeared (the first post).
  18. Not a Bug Lost the ability to send PMs
  19. In Progess Otome corner bug?
  20. Answered "homemade"sex games forum
  21. Answered Hi, Why I cannot send PM
  22. Answered Where do I get the CONFIRMATION CODE from?
  23. Answered Hello, I need help with some rules in the forums.
  24. In Progess HTTPS please
  25. Could Not Reproduce Is this a glitch?
  26. Answered Regarding PMs
  27. Denied Different views?
  28. Answered I am punished for spam?
  29. Could Not Reproduce No activation mail received
  30. Answered Moderator Review.
  31. Answered Chinese anime games and links to external sites.
  32. Not a Bug Can't send DMs anymore?
  33. Fixed Commands not working?
  34. Answered About pm
  35. Not a Bug No permission to send private message
  36. In Progess What is this random PM all about?
  37. Answered Is this website safe?
  38. Answered Translations: Where would one post them?
  39. Answered account activation
  40. Answered validated or not
  41. Answered i.want.tf now needing account?
  42. Fixed Database Error Page
  43. Answered Where post BL doujin?
  44. Answered couldnt post into "voice works - requests"
  45. Answered Spam protection for the wiki
  46. Answered The situation of download area
  47. Answered Other site domains?
  48. Denied Please adding "Go to last page" on Latest Discussions-popup.
  49. Fixed Cant see the thread
  50. Answered Advertising
  51. Answered Anime Downloads Section
  52. Fixed Can't Change Avatar?
  53. In Progess Suggestion about Hentai Games forum
  54. Answered Created a Thread in the wrong place
  55. Answered Account name hacked?
  56. Not a Bug Quote Notification when not quoted
  57. Fixed Activation problem
  58. Not a Bug made two accounts
  59. Answered Possible delay for my first post?
  60. Fixed Cannot access certain reply commands
  61. Fixed Forum Problem, again.
  62. Answered How do you block veiwing threads from a specific user?
  63. Answered Help me answer the post
  64. Answered Why i-m-g-u-r host is banned here
  65. Answered Undercategorize The >Torrent< Page
  66. Not a Bug No activation email?
  67. Fixed Activation e-mail
  68. Answered How do I download an hentai game with broken direct download links and without torrent?
  69. Answered Posts deleted
  70. Question Purpose of the download area
  71. Answered I don't know how to use this website? Is it even safe?
  72. Answered Hentai Patreon Promotion
  73. Could Not Reproduce Email activation problem
  74. Fixed Activation e-mail
  75. Answered how to put images and make a better post
  76. Answered Anime-Sharing Future Status
  77. Not a Bug [170428][938342][hibiki works] 新妻LOVELY×CATION 初回限定版 PlayDRM認証回避 I cannot do it
  78. Not a Bug Profile page bug?
  79. Question Regarding Account Deletion
  81. Answered Download links.
  82. Not a Bug Test, just a test
  83. Not a Bug Activity bar is broken
  84. Fixed Latest Reputation Received Bug
  85. Could Not Reproduce Notification notice is broken!
  86. Not a Bug Test, just a test
  87. Answered Test, just a test
  88. Answered A few questions, if I may. ( ;´Д`)
  89. Fixed Forum Problem
  90. Answered Twitter-videos (format) to post here...
  91. Answered Signature Problem
  92. Answered Broken Image Link
  93. Answered A delayed thread to stick...
  94. Answered Test, just a test
  95. Answered thumbnail is dosen't working
  96. Answered how to let preview image working
  97. Denied Attachments - Total size
  98. Answered Can't mention?
  99. Answered Can't see my own thread after modifying it once.
  100. Answered Username Change Request
  101. In Progess Some Suggestions^^
  102. Implemented Why I can't find or use <spoil> in group discussion
  103. Denied Subsection
  104. In Progess New Themes/ New Design
  105. In Progess Any chances for an HTTPS version of AS ?
  106. Not a Bug Hmm... May a little error in the system?
  107. Answered otome game download/ otome language ??
  108. Not a Bug I don't receve Activation email
  109. In Progess The Anime Talk section in two subsections split up.
  110. Answered Game Problem (Eushully)
  111. Not a Bug Virus もんむすらいふ! ~ゴブリン娘とイチャラブ生活~ [RJ186714]
  112. Answered Why are the counting games from Game-sec. to Spam-sec. moved?
  113. Fixed Social Network Achievements
  114. Fixed In some threads I can't change the page
  115. Answered Thanks vs. Like
  116. Answered Anime mixed with Game on Eroge or Hentai?
  117. Implemented Two new leaders for the modding club
  118. Answered Fancy BB codes
  119. In Progess First post on every page's thread
  120. Fixed Activation email
  121. Could Not Reproduce Created thread wasn't actually submitted and other various bugs
  122. Answered How to become a donor
  123. Answered How to stop becoming a member (as for Future References)
  124. Fixed Did ASF maybe some bugs get?
  125. Answered Where i can post cosplay jav?
  126. Answered Why can't I post in any of the forums?
  127. Answered Password Protected Downloads
  128. Implemented Sub Section For Otome Game Requests
  129. Answered Editing comments will it show up for others?
  130. Answered Why are some posts highlighted green?
  131. Answered help
  132. Denied Most Replied
  133. Answered How can we download Otome game?
  134. Answered Random Question
  135. Answered About Page Customisation
  136. Denied A few suggestions to share
  137. Answered Thread - Image attachments
  138. Answered Regarding Admin Replying Voice Work Request
  139. Answered So I just posted a thread on a request subsection that still requires approval
  141. Denied Add-on music for profile?
  142. Answered Authenicty of FLAC Rips
  143. Fixed Can't Change Avatar
  144. Fixed Problem With Anime Downloads?
  145. Not a Bug Impossible post number...
  146. Not a Bug Confirming
  147. Fixed need help
  148. Not a Bug Probably a bug...?
  149. Fixed auto-redirection on torrents page
  150. Answered Bug? Activity Meter
  151. Answered Can't Find Notification
  152. Answered Not Your Usual Name Change Question.
  153. Answered Mention Someone
  154. Fixed The same problem like yesterday, but this time with WOW...
  155. Answered A bug while liking certain post?
  156. Answered Imgur
  157. Answered Question regarding links
  158. Fixed Maybe a bug at SOTM banner?
  159. Could Not Reproduce A thread seems broken
  160. Not a Bug A thread disappeared
  161. Answered are people allowed
  162. Answered Are loli allowed here?
  163. Answered my thread now open is blank
  164. Denied A way to customize table
  165. Answered Some question concerning uploader
  166. In Progess Has this site been reported as a malware speader?
  167. Not a Bug Posting thread in download section
  168. Fixed Very slow/stuck loading
  169. Answered Might not be the only one, but...
  170. Denied A Chatbox for the forum?
  171. Not a Bug My thread went completely blank
  172. Fixed My threads went missing!
  173. Answered Massive Ads on ASF - Fu** what to do?
  174. Answered how to change the avatar (noob question)
  175. Not a Bug Bug??
  176. Fixed Notification - Unread Visitor Message
  177. Not a Bug Can't reply...
  178. Answered Help creating new thread in H-Game section
  179. Not a Bug posible virus in this web admins take care!!!!
  180. Denied MegaUpload
  181. Answered I need an answer for my questions...
  182. Fixed Phantom Sound
  183. Answered how to show Mega Links?
  184. Answered Could you please my attachment folder clean...?
  185. Fixed Can't Create Thread in Voice Works Request
  186. Answered I can't change my username, is something wrong?
  187. Answered How to request a reseed
  188. Answered hidden contact 見る方法がわかりません
  189. Answered Changing Username
  190. Answered filejoker why not allowed in this forum
  191. Not a Bug Issue with Profile Page Customisation
  192. Answered Not to accept topics
  193. Not a Bug When I search "Hayate no Gotoku!" it brings up
  194. Answered help with game Maro no kanja wa Gatenkei
  195. Answered How do I get points on this site? :/
  196. Answered Hmm... "A bit" too much points or...0.o???
  197. Answered uploader inactive
  198. Answered Uploaders application guidelines thread vanished
  199. Not a Bug No email activation link..
  200. Fixed Double Like from the same person...
  201. Answered how to delete my own thread?
  202. In Progess Just a Simple Question
  203. Answered Stucking SOTM-progress... (The question will by also an request followed...)
  204. Answered Help with the Forum
  205. Answered some questions to corocoro !
  206. Not a Bug Creating Thread
  207. Answered Hidden content despite pressing like
  208. Fixed What is this??
  209. Not a Bug game does not work
  210. Answered First post still in moderation queue?
  211. Not a Bug First post disappeared?
  212. Answered I've created a New Thread on "Hentai Games Request". It didn't appear.
  213. Not a Bug I cant receive activation email
  214. Denied Subscribed threads in My Subscriptions -- thread category column?
  215. Answered 3600 seconds for 1 post, very long
  216. Not a Bug Message: syntax error, unexpected... query is non-computable...
  217. Not a Bug Registration problem
  218. Not a Bug after almost 2 months of my visit has been like this?
  219. Answered CloudFlare error 502
  220. Fixed Can this a bug be...?
  221. Fixed Malware
  222. Fixed I haven't received an activation email.
  223. Not a Bug Search Engine skips some of the Forum Sections
  224. Fixed Do I Want To Leave This Page & Duplicate Post.
  225. Answered normal member and uploader?
  226. Fixed I can't access my profile or other's profile!
  227. Not a Bug The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.
  228. Not a Bug number of search results
  229. Answered Profile Info not showing
  230. Not a Bug can't post? (outside of this forum)
  231. Answered Rename a thread
  232. Denied A little Suggestion
  233. Fixed Anime-Sharing Site Down?
  234. Not a Bug No activation mail
  235. Could Not Reproduce Insert Image button occasionally grayed out
  236. Answered Is my avatar a rule violation?
  237. Answered Experience Points
  238. Answered 7k Traffic Surge : Out of Curiosity
  239. Fixed Small request to fix a mistake.
  240. Fixed Awards - Irregularity?
  241. Fixed Security questions fucked !
  242. Fixed The time seems to stopped to be...
  243. Fixed Activation code
  244. Answered activation email, please Resend the activation email
  245. Answered Where to post requests for eroge cracks/No-CD/activation code patches?
  246. Answered Activation again
  247. Fixed There may be a bug in the search function on these forums
  248. Fixed Activation Problem
  249. Answered Username Change
  250. Answered How i input [hidden content] in my post?