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  1. Answered Improving the download request section
  2. Fixed Site acting strange
  3. Fixed 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
  4. Answered Site block pictures?
  5. Fixed Wrong Username
  6. Fixed Smiley's (onions) order keep change in high frequency
  7. Answered This is what I want to do; is this allowed?
  8. Fixed Missing Security Token
  9. Answered Invalid Files?
  10. Denied Put qwebirc in here.
  11. Implemented add more icons and features to the site
  12. Answered I don't want to always follow/subscribe to threads.
  13. Denied Preview images alongside Game Request threads
  14. Contacting Staff
  15. Fixed My signature won't appear!
  16. Answered Reporting in Download threads
  17. Answered Can`t change profile background.
  18. Answered The birthdate... dot
  19. Fixed Request for account activation
  20. Answered i dun get some of the stuff here idk if this is the write place but i saw place questions here so i made it xD
  21. Denied Scanlated Manga prefix
  22. Fixed these type of signatures allowed?
  23. Fixed Better Preview Image Alignment?
  24. Fixed Help with account acctivation
  25. Fixed How can I activated
  26. Fixed Help I Can not activate account
  27. Fixed Excuse me~ I Can not activate account
  28. Fixed Can not activate account
  29. Answered About topic title
  30. Fixed delete this account
  31. Answered Big Problem
  32. Answered Problem diplaying the forum.
  33. Denied new host suggestion (DDLA)
  34. Fixed Problems on Anime-Sharing
  35. Answered Member... Title... Thingys.
  36. Fixed Not receiving registration email
  37. Downloading via XDCC
  38. Answered Why no "real" debate section?
  39. Fixed Website Offline, No Cached Version Available
  40. Denied Separate forums for anime series and general anime discussions.
  41. Fixed site loading problems
  42. Fixed Username Help?
  43. Denied Torrent section too strict
  44. Answered Cloud Sharing? wont let me on the site
  45. Answered where
  46. Implemented New Forum Background
  47. Answered History for notifications
  48. Answered In the “Hentai OVAs” can't post a new thread?
  49. Fixed Glitch?
  50. Answered ASF's background girl
  51. Answered Question about the fourm's frontpage
  52. Implemented Allow to edit thread titles
  53. Answered My mailbox is being spammed, how do i disable this ?
  54. Answered Umm.. Can normal member delete their own threads?
  55. Denied Music Section?
  56. Implemented Against fillers or dummies inside archives and dishonesty
  57. Answered need some guidance to the board
  58. Answered Where to see which threads you thanked
  59. Denied Why nto bigger avatars?
  60. Answered Question
  61. Implemented This site must have anime emoticons.
  62. Answered Re: Hello!!!!
  63. Answered 60 sec too long
  64. Answered Hosts I Won't Use
  65. Answered um how to I get one of those things like members, administrator, ASL staff and etc?
  66. Answered Why i can't create new thread
  67. Answered Help Please!!!
  68. Answered Why AS did not receive the donation from members in forum?
  69. Answered About the new uploader applicant guidelines..
  70. Answered Download rules.
  71. Fixed Errors on the site?
  72. Answered Rules
  73. Answered Spoilers
  74. Answered Regarding The Website's Front Page
  75. Answered new
  76. Answered Excuse me ~
  77. Answered [Question] Anime-Sharing origins.
  78. Denied Sub forum for fan subbers.
  79. Fixed Thread subscriptions.
  80. Answered A question.
  81. What This Section Is Meant for
  82. Answered How do I open multiple .rar files? I keep getting errors...(details inside)
  83. Answered Whats the anime in the backround picture?? thanks!
  84. Denied 3D distinguish Standard
  85. Answered Need Help with Katahane installation(Not applelocale/unicode related)
  86. Answered How to change Phrase below Nickname
  87. Fixed installation problem
  88. Answered Visual Novel Upload
  89. Answered About AS Background Pic
  90. Answered help !!!
  91. Denied Fatter Thanks Icon
  92. Answered Uploading files to multiupload services
  93. Fixed Login problem
  94. Answered FLAC files
  95. Answered Can't creat new Thread in Download Sections?
  96. Implemented Anyone want a Role Playing Group???
  97. Denied Uploaders permission group.
  98. Answered Torrents
  99. Fixed The "search" button
  100. Fixed Username - Mistaken Identity
  101. Answered Translation Software
  102. Fixed Linked Thumbnails
  103. Denied Hide Shoutbox from Guests
  104. Fixed Login sometimes not working
  105. Implemented Game Walkthrough thread
  106. Answered Mediafire?
  107. Fixed What's New? Function displaying your own posts
  108. Fixed Auto resize in profile comments
  109. Implemented Smilies
  110. Implemented Regarding Forum Search
  111. Fixed Premature Thread Termination
  112. Fixed Avatar Issues and Smilies?!
  113. Implemented What else to add? & To-do list
  114. Implemented Having our MIRC channel?
  115. Implemented Shoutbox in the Forum, Japanese Learning Section
  116. Fixed Report Style Related Bugs!