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  1. Answered Experience Points
  2. Answered 7k Traffic Surge : Out of Curiosity
  3. Fixed Small request to fix a mistake.
  4. Fixed Awards - Irregularity?
  5. Fixed Security questions fucked !
  6. Fixed The time seems to stopped to be...
  7. Fixed Activation code
  8. Answered activation email, please Resend the activation email
  9. Answered Where to post requests for eroge cracks/No-CD/activation code patches?
  10. Answered Activation again
  11. Fixed There may be a bug in the search function on these forums
  12. Fixed Activation Problem
  13. Answered Username Change
  14. Answered How i input [hidden content] in my post?
  15. Denied An official ASF image( additional also video)-host service (Or whatever you mean would...)
  16. Denied ANIME FIGURES,GUNPLA,PLASTIC MODEL ,Nendoroid ,Figma and PVC
  17. Answered Labeling for Trusted and Not Trusted
  18. Fixed Malicious Web Site Blocked
  19. Denied Removing the rule that allow bump by adding mirrors
  20. Implemented Thread title character limit
  21. Answered wiki.anime-sharing.com
  22. Fixed Search common or too short
  23. Fixed Broken Announcement Links
  24. Answered Activation/confirmation e-mail not sent?
  25. Fixed An old problem again...
  26. Answered How to see hidden content? (2)
  27. Fixed Moving Stickers
  28. Answered ASF Down?
  29. Answered Slow ASF again...???
  30. Fixed Late (some of) Quote and mention notification?
  31. Fixed Thank you for posting! Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it for posting.
  32. Regarding Account Deletion
  33. Answered DELETE
  34. Answered post forum
  35. Answered uploader??
  36. Fixed Bug viewing last post
  37. Fixed Profile Avatars Not Visible, Access Denied
  38. Answered The most important question of questions about ASF's destiny.
  39. Fixed Confirmation Email not going through for new account
  40. Fixed Main page issue.
  41. Answered Boxes In Threads.
  42. Fixed Remember me option?
  43. Answered Anyone getting this problem?
  44. Implemented sound files in wiki
  45. Answered about dead links
  46. Answered New Posts Panel
  47. Answered A question regarding links.
  48. Fixed New Account
  49. Fixed thumbnails in the forum list
  50. Fixed AS is kinda slow recently... (or just me ?)
  51. Answered XDCC Not Working Anymore?
  52. Answered Percentage bars are unaligned
  53. Answered How to see hidden contest
  54. Not a Bug Tabs not parsing properly
  55. Answered opening a wiki
  56. Answered Question regarding creating new threads
  57. Answered uploader?
  58. Answered Where can i posts requests for visual novels?
  59. Fixed #anime-sharing: Cannot join channel (+b)
  60. Answered Regarding remove account
  61. Answered how to become a uploader ?
  62. Answered Send Message
  63. Answered how do I post a topic
  64. Answered Ask about AS deal???
  65. Answered Account Deletion
  66. Answered Can't post in any board
  67. Answered Uploading
  68. Not a Bug Registration Incomplete
  69. Answered Progressbar Name not hidden propely with tooltip shown inside "resized" signature
  70. Answered Post a picture
  71. Implemented Tapatalk issue
  72. Implemented Username Change Request
  73. Answered Can someone post a link for me please?
  74. Answered Request and Response (Satisfied or not)
  75. Answered how can i write request posting?
  76. Denied Untouched blu-ray forum?
  77. Fixed XDCC Problems
  78. Answered Cool I am a member, what does it mean?
  79. Answered Question regarding this forum.
  80. Denied Moving of threads
  81. Not a Bug i can't see new topic
  82. Fixed Activation code does not arrive
  83. Denied Suggestions and feedback
  84. Fixed Misspelling
  85. Denied Feedback!!!!!!!!!
  86. Denied Releases SPAM
  87. Answered H-Game Guide
  88. Answered Thank you for posting! Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it for posting.
  89. Fixed Network issue after registration
  90. Answered Thread Display options
  91. Fixed attached images display
  92. Answered searching on this forum
  93. Answered Is An Avaaz petition cosiderered a Political Topic?
  94. Fixed suspicious activity from my network???
  95. Implemented Voice works section
  96. Not a Bug Activation email has not been sent
  97. Answered About making albums in control panel
  98. Answered Quick Reply Smilies.
  99. Denied ASF-stream page.
  100. Answered Using Safelinking or any similar site
  101. Denied Add RSS Delay / Disable RSS
  102. Answered Dark style for the forum?
  103. Answered Policy about hide tag
  104. Answered Need A Little Help.
  105. Denied Improved calender with release dates
  106. Denied Subscriptions
  107. Implemented Birthday And Holiday Forum?
  108. Answered Please move a post for me & a question about having the first post at the top of every page
  109. Answered Group Mentions?
  110. Answered How to edit a poll ?
  111. Answered Thread Tags
  112. Fixed Multi-quote button overlaps post number link
  113. Answered Disappeared enlarger-system
  114. Not a Bug Irregularity when parsing the text
  115. Answered Can I put DeposiFiles Gold Keys in my post?
  116. Answered Can't post
  117. Answered How exactly did i gain the Member Status ?
  118. Answered accédez au telechargement
  119. Answered Uploading Etiquette?
  120. Not a Bug Incorrect Checking of Message Text Length
  121. Answered Post needs to be approved by a moderator
  122. Answered Where can I upload a self-made hentai game ?
  123. Denied Please can share me skin anime-sharing?
  124. Answered The easier way to edit main title ?
  125. Answered Help!Why I cant create a new thread in anime section?
  126. Answered Can't create an Album
  127. Not a Bug Can't change thread title
  128. Implemented Extended PM length ? And while at it VM as well perhaps ?
  129. Answered Is my signature ok?
  130. Answered What happens to the Online Activity
  131. Answered Maybe a glitch in post editing?
  132. Answered Creating a new thread failed with 504 Gateway timeout
  133. Fixed I think, that the mentions and quotes a bug have.
  134. Implemented Username Change?
  135. Answered Bug maybe? Automatically being subscribed to threads.
  136. Answered Got 1 notification but nothing ?
  137. Implemented "Invisible Mode" missing?
  138. Answered Where is the old theme of the forum?
  139. Implemented VM Bug
  140. Fixed Visitor Messages can't be deleted
  141. Fixed Navigation Links
  142. Fixed Since update the forum seems to be very slow
  143. Fixed Thread Glitch.
  144. Fixed Why to hell lets me ASF log out?!
  145. Implemented Username Change Request
  146. Denied Recommendation Central
  147. Answered hello admin, please help me
  148. Fixed Started Thread 2 hours ago and the Thread hasnt been checked by admin
  149. Denied Sticky requests for Titles/Sources search
  150. Implemented Name Change
  151. Answered i am want to uploader
  152. Implemented Username change request
  153. Implemented Username Change?
  154. Answered can't play games i download.
  155. Answered Activation
  156. Implemented About a new member class badge question.
  157. Denied About File Hosting on Anime Download Section
  158. Implemented Username change
  159. Implemented Username change please?
  160. Answered How can I make new threads in Hentai OVAs section?
  161. How to Unlock Hidden Content / 「Hidden Content」(隠されたポストの中身)の明かし方
  162. Denied A automatic system for LPWs.
  163. Answered Invalid pics
  164. Answered Regarding using 'search' in order to find 'users' not 'content' (or regardless of it).
  165. Answered How to posting new thread?
  166. Answered Username Change
  167. Implemented Request: Name Change
  168. Implemented Username Change
  169. Implemented Activation
  170. Implemented No activation email?
  171. Answered Can not create new thread in manga download box
  172. Implemented PM Extend
  173. Answered Why cant i start a thread in the downloads section?
  174. Answered I've the 12 month Achi. earlier get.
  175. Fixed super slow page loads, znc down too?
  176. Answered Can't Access Page 68
  177. Answered want to Post Game in DDL Hentai Games, but unable to
  178. Answered Can't create or reply to threads.
  179. Implemented PM/inbox changes?
  180. Answered Hi, I have a question regarding posting new threads on forums.
  181. Implemented Username change
  182. Answered New Member: How do I Like Threads?
  183. Answered A wrong message to me...(?)
  184. Answered underlining "as" ?
  185. Answered Uploader user group
  186. Answered Sorting A Forum.
  187. Answered How to mention somebody on forums.
  188. Answered cant post a thread in...
  189. Implemented Could This Thread Be Moved?
  190. Answered Admin Activation
  191. Answered Why cant see hidden content
  192. Answered Does this site offer only heterosexual-based games?
  193. Denied Light novel section?
  194. Denied I'm new member, I want posting please help me
  195. Answered Friends?
  196. Answered I think I suck at using "Search"
  197. Answered How to sort the thread based on their creation date?
  198. Denied Random page button?
  199. Denied Release blog for Eroge
  200. Denied Better rss feeds
  201. Denied How can I receive a pacht for the game?
  202. Answered Spoiler tag doesnt work for me or I just dont know what i am doing. help?
  203. Answered error in quick replies ?!
  204. Denied Some Suggestions
  205. Answered activation problem
  206. Answered Account Disabled or...?
  207. Implemented Username Change
  208. Answered A technical question on Anime-Sharing forum
  209. Answered activating e-mail??
  210. Answered No confirmation email
  211. Fixed No confirmation email
  212. Answered My avatar isn't showing.
  213. Answered BBcode errors x-x
  214. Answered Japanese language section
  215. Answered Raw Anime download
  216. Answered Questions on Uploading Soundtracks
  217. Answered Some doubts after reading the rules
  218. Answered Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted
  219. Implemented Username Change
  220. Answered Where ask?
  221. Fixed Forum malware?
  222. Denied Sub-sections for spam section~
  223. Answered Username Change
  224. Answered Graveyard
  225. Fixed Images are broken
  226. Answered The background on my profile...
  227. Answered torrent downloads
  228. Answered Am I Doing Something Wrong With the @ Function?
  229. Answered how to use @ without mentioning?
  230. Answered What Are The Requirements For Requesting An Anime series?
  231. Answered Auto Logout?
  232. Implemented Dedicated Otome Game in Downloads and Requests / Eroge corner
  233. Fixed PHP Version Reverted to 5.3
  234. Denied Text goes outside boundaries in group posts
  235. Implemented Username Change
  236. Answered About the ads?
  237. Answered New Group Badges~ (contest?)
  238. Answered "Like" Button Problems
  239. Fixed AS unreachable with Mozilla Firefox?
  240. Answered Don't Have the Option to create an Album on My Profile Settings, Why ???
  241. Answered Posting in threads with files not available for free users (FF size limit change)
  242. Answered About Graphics works and AE Works
  243. Denied Organise download sections (create indexes)
  244. Answered When can I post in the Downloads area?
  245. Answered Quick question about where to post X
  246. Answered Membership Positions (ASL, AST, Uploaders, etc)
  247. Denied fansubber recruitment allowed?
  248. Answered Image Hosting/Linking?
  249. Answered applications
  250. Answered Posting links in request forum